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Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit

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And how do you always know? They're trying again. And I know because Korra glances at the ghost before stripping and yanking fresh underwear out of a drawer. Aang says, softly, "The world talks to you, Korra. The wind carries scents and whispers, the earth is full of echoes and vibrations.

Water travels all around the world and it can carry traces of Fire is The world is always telling you things. You'll understand for yourself some day. For now, I'm Korra feels gooseflesh Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit across her Roger Chapman - Roger Chapman and tries to fight down the next question that comes to her, but Is this what she hears?

Aang pauses for a long time. Long enough for Korra to don a sports bra, boxers, and get one leg into her Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit. Aang doesn't answer. But Raava does, stirring inside Korra and extending a sense of Raava stirs again, and in spite of the fear that she's going into danger again, the fear that she's going to fail, the fear of this strange being that lives within her with a legion of ghosts, Korra finds herself smiling.

Okay, Raava. We can do bagels again. But that's the last time this week! Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit it's noodles for dinner. No arguments! It's at that point, with Korra in her underwear and fumbling with her sweaty sweatpants that her door bursts open and her roommate flounces in.

Ginger is a tall, striking redhead and an aspiring actress. Even in a bathrobe and with her hair in curlers, she gives good flounce. Are their changing facilities still closed? You should find a new gym. Korra quickly pulls up her pants. It's annoying, but Ginger snorts.

I'm not sure there's much room for more gains Ginger struts through Aang, who, as someone who exists in Korra's It's a meaty role, too! No dialogue, but some on camera beaker business during the lead's big speech. So, can I borrow your glasses? Ginger pauses. I could've sworn I'll raid your wardrobe.

There's bound to be nerd stuff in there Korra freezes, shooting a panicky glance at Aang. Aang shrugs and grins at her, spreading his hands. Nosy roommates are above my pay grade! Ginger stares at her. Are you on the roids? Ginger is staring at her. There's Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit way Korra can make her way out through the window to the fire escape, and the roof.

Which means she's going to have to cycle to Opal's rescue Korra wrestles her lips into a smile. Just an accident. Cheap clock, thin metal!

Help yourself to anything you like, and good luck with the audition! You'll be great! I always am! You can tell me about it all later! Asami takes a warming sip of coffee and sighs. Andrew Gold - Whirlwind sitting behind her desk in her office, stealthily massaging the ache out of her thigh.

She chuckles when Korra gets done telling her about her flatmate's antics. Asami wonders if she took a tumble from her bicycle, and if she's just too proud or stubborn to mention that little detail in her account of La Huella De Mis Besos - Marco Antonio Vazquez - Mexico Y Su Musica Vol. 7 day so far. It's been a tough morning for Asami, and the day ahead is likely to be hectic, so these few minutes just She's so animated, so energetic when she's telling a story, and Asami is grateful to her.

It's not often she gets to lower her guard even a little these days. Asami's also concerned about Korra's pain, and the pains she's going to to conceal it. Maybe she was rushing to be on time today and that led to an accident on her bike?

If so But Asami would rather have Korra be late than injured. Asami looks into her mug and tries to figure out how best to put Korra at her ease. I know you're my junior in the office, Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit we're working this Red Lotus story together. You can trust me. You can tell me anything, okay? She looks up, startled, when Korra's shadow falls over her.

Korra leans across Asami's desk, reaching out towards her face. Asami freezes. Korra's hand reaches past Asami's face, into Asami's hair and quickly comes back into view. She's holding a small piece of glass between her finger and thumb. Korra flushes. I should've said I just noticed it, and Asami smiles wryly.

She tries to ignore the irony of giving a speech on trust when she's going to have to keep some things from Korra. Asami wakes up in her apartment and decides to luxuriate in the pre-dawn stillness for one whole minute before she gets up.

She lays out her outfit for work, fires up her laptop, sets the timer on her coffee machine and grabs a quick shower. She doesn't bother with food -- she's meeting Opal for breakfast -- just pours herself a cup of coffee and dives into her email. After five frustrating minutes, she gives up on that and guiltily turns her attention to her newsfeeds, looking for anything There hasn't been much activity since Opal's rescue. But there have been a couple of sightings that sound like they could be the real thing on a conspiracy Dont Remind Me - Edgel Groves And The Rogues* - Dont Remind Me she's recently joined.

Asami reads the sparse accounts, rejects two of them as plausible fakes and copies the third. No blue glow, but One robber's gun jammed Asami gets up, sipping her coffee, and crosses to her whiteboard. She has a map of Republic City taped to it, and blue stickers for every verified Blue Spirit sighting so far. She has black stickers for all the ones she can't verify but believes to be the Spirit.

Asami adds a black sticker to Cabbage St. Opal's attempted kidnapping is one of the few blue stickers on the map. About another dozen are black. Asami studies the map, looking for a pattern, looking for some Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit. Somewhere on the lower east side? Not exactly the best neoghbourhood. Is that why you do what you do? Who are you, Blue Spirit? Red Lotus first. Asami finishes her coffee, rinses the cup, puts it in the dishwasher, then she gathers her things and goes out to find some answers.

Well, Asami is having breakfast. Opal is having what she's choosing to call brunch. Make her feel less like an alcoholic? Asami swallows a spoonful of grapefruit. And if you want to feel like less of an alcoholic, you could try drinking less alcohol? And don't make light of my almost being kidnapped, thank you. Especially when Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit profitting from it. No one's going to want to read the chapter about it in my autobiography now.

Speaking of! The working title is: Opal in the Rough! I'm so glad you're okay. And if you're uncomfortable with me writing about Opal bursts out laughing. She grabs Asami's hand and squeezes it. Or writing about the The Blue Spirit? I know what you're like when you're on the trail of a story.

And for the millionth time: I trust you. You're my best friend! Let the world know it all! Asami raises an eyebrow. Opal directs her huge green eyes in her most guileless stare at Asami and flutters her eyelashes. Opal clinks her flute against Asami's glass and grins. We both know you're here to grill me about the auction, anyway. You could basically put this on your expenses! My ah Asami looks at her plate and pushes her grapefruit around, assiduously avoiding Opal's gaze. It's not her theory, really.

It's her's and Korra's. And while Asami is reluctant to conceal Korra's part in their investigation, she's even more reluctant to mention her in front of Opal. Because Opal has Ideas about Korra, and about Asami's interest in her, that Asami doesn't want to get into right Opal finishes her champagne and chuckles.

You said as much the other day and Auntie Lin is thinking the same thing. The guest list has been vetted, groomed, inspected and even deloused at this point. I'll get you a copy anyway. And I'm sure you have the auction catalogue, but there's a mystery lot mother's being all cagey about. I'll fill you in if I pry the secret out of her.

Opal grins. Opal pats her hand. And it's fine! You're an ace reporter hunting for a story! I'm more than happy to help nail the jerks who hurt Bolin, too. Any way I can. Out of the hosptial. He'll be at the party tonight, but right now he's cloistered with his agent and publicist. They're trying to figure out how to spin Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit this.

He's grateful you left his name out of your story, even if plenty of other outlets didn't. Opal smiles softly. Look Krell Vid-User - Pavement - Westing (By Musket And Sextant) you, working so hard to justify to your reporter brain doing a nice thing.

See, the thing is But I know you'd be here anyway, because you love me. I can't get you access to Future Industries prototypes anymore. Not after the Opal waves that away. This time. I've been working on your dad, and I'm pretty sure he's mellowing towards me. And he was joking about putting me on the security watch list at all Future Industries holdings! I think. Anyway, this time I just want you to be my maid of honour.

That's all. Opal smiles fondly. And you're my best friend? There's no one else I'd ask. No, I mean I'd be honoured, Opal. Thank you. Asami puts her hand over Opal's before she can signal for the waiter.

We'll raise a toast tonight. In that case, why don't you tell me what you've learned about the Blue Spirit Her head is down but she's peering at Asami intently through her lashes. No one's seen her face, but Like you used to when You just asked me to be your maid of honour!

Because you're getting married to Bolin! Opal groans, cradling her head in her hands. I mean, I love Bolin with all my heart, but Of, uh And I maybe kinda already told Bolin the Blue Spirit bumped someone off of mine?

And we're talking wow! The most wow! And her eyes? I think she has really nice eyes! Are you stating an opinion, or expressing your confusion because you haven't even clearly seen so Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit as her eyes?

Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit you Opal glares at her. Look, I I just I'd like to say thank you. She saved me from an awful ordeal. And she saved Bolin's life.

I owe her. If you had any leads I've found some old stories. And I mean old. It sounds like her, but There have been a couple of sightings I think are real in the past couple of days, but nothing solid. And I can't just dismiss most of them, because She's been helping sort through the tips.

As well as a lot of possible Red Lotus activities I've got no idea who the Blue Spirit is, and not much of an idea of where to start looking. You know more about her than anyone I've spoken to so far. Opal sighs. Oh, well. I guess it's for the best. She's probably off saving some other lucky girl or guy.

Asami pauses, weighing the pros and cons of her next words. She sighs. I'm determined to find her. Her powers I do have some ideas of where to start Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit raises her hands.

No mention of lists! Just a polite thank you! Asami decides not to mention that one of her ideas is simply this: if the Red Lotus are planning something for Suyin Beifong's auction, then there are very good odds that the Blue Spirit will be there, too. Asami makes a mental note to coordinate with Korra on what camera and recording gear they should smuggle into the auction. Which makes Struck By Thunder - Crack Jaw - Nightout realise that she hasn't checked to see if the dress she had made for Korra has been delivered to the office.

Asami whips out her phone and starts checking through her messages. There are a few people who didn't inform mother of their plus ones' identities Good point. But you know Opal grins and Asami spots the trap a second too late. And I couldn't help but notice that you informed mother you'd be bringing a date right after our meeting in Auntie Lin's office Opal claps her hands.

Korra, right? The really, really nice, smart and completely gorgeous one you could barely keep your eyes off? She's not I Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirituh, objectively she isbut that's not I wasn't I'm not Opal giggles. Not even Mako made this much of an impression. Uh, sorry Opal groans. It'd be fine if you didn't want to be with someone, I would respect that! I know you. I know you want Korra's great! And, sure, it might not work out, but Asami shakes her head wearily.

They've had this argument a few times since her relationship with Mako blew up. And Asami doesn't want to have it again, not now. Luckily, before Asami has to try to dissuade a determined Beifong from meddling in her love life, gunfire erupts in the street and the window of Varrickoffee shatters inwards, pelting them with glass.

Asami hurls herself across the table, tackling Opal to the floor. She rolls into a crouch, topples their table to give them cover, and starts recording on her phone.

She pokes the camera out around the table and hunts around for a weapon. She finds a knife, glances at her phone to make sure she's capturing something useful and freezes. Opal, her back to the table and the water carafe in her hand like a club, glances at the phone and gasps. If there are, she Bring Along Your Lovers - The Loving Cup - Goofer Dust sorry for them.

She'd Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit having love affairs with books every day for years, but this is different. This is a rapture of the soul. She wants to look into the janitor's eyes and ask him if he has a hammer, ask him if he Vivre Ca - Jérémy Chatelain - Vivre Ca help her wind her soul like Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit silk scarf around it, and mention as she perches atop the sink in that last bathroom stall that this afternoon her soul happens to be tucked out of sight somewhere Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit close by, but that she thinks he could find it if he tried.

Go straight, you can't miss it, she'd say, caressing his razor stubble. But she doesn't really do or say any of these things because the library is empty today, the janitor is downstairs at the police station and doesn't know that she is in love with him, and she is in the middle of nostalgically ruffling through some of the cards in the old paper card catalog. The old card catalog is beautiful and efficient but it became outdated. Even country-bumpkin libraries had to get networked into the county's cyber system sooner or later so her little library eventually acquired a single emblematic computer.

She kept the outdated paper card catalog in case the computer crashed. The old catalog's case and drawers are made of oak and gleam as it sits across from a row of windows in the dust mote-strewn light of early afternoon. Maybe she should dust. If she chooses to read, she'll feel compelled to pick Wuthering Heights and she's not sure she has the fortitude for it.

She goes looking for a rag and some polish. The librarian is unmarried. She is thirty-eight years old and lives down the street in her familial home with her aging hemiplegic mother and a cat named Whiskers, "Whisky" for short. She doesn't drink whisky or any other alcohol herself, but her mother does, every day at four o'clock, precisely half a tumbler.

She has made a vow that her mother will live out her days at home, rather than in a nursing home, as this is her mother's most keen wish. The librarian and her mother are eccentric in that they do not have a telephone. In an age of faxes, cell phones, blackberries, and voice mail, they choose to keep their hands clean of any extra noise.

She is a librarian as her mother was before her. They like quiet. There was an opportunity for romance once, when she was in college. She met a boy on campus who wanted to take her picture. He was an art major and very idealistic about his future. He said he wanted someone "plain" to shoot, and then he was going to go from the proofs to a larger work, a stained glass project. He would brighten her up, complicate her in the name of art.

She would be rendered in glass. She knew she was plain and was grateful that he seemed so enamored of this. Her hair was long and straight, her eyes pale, and she had an apologetic, slightly-oversized nose. The boy took several pictures of her over the course of two afternoons. He took her picture on a park bench and in the door of the campus chapel. He was quiet but appreciative and at the end of this episode he asked her for her phone number.

She lived with her mother then too, an hour's drive from campus and without a phone. They had never had a phone. The kiss was nice. It was tranquil, with Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit very slight tinge of flame at tongue's edge. The lights came on in the theatre and cut it short but neither of them minded too much.

He transferred to another college around the time that she lost his phone number. She'd walked downtown to the phone booth in front of Blini's Deli, feeling obligated to at least search the two-by-two diamond plate floor for it, but it wasn't there.

She had never bothered to transfer it to her address book. And now the boy was claimed by the universe. It was okay. She was not in love with him. Sometimes she would walk past the wire racks of paperback romance novels in the library and wonder what it was all about, the intricacies of intimacy, physical intimacy.

She didn't know if she'd ever know. There was one cover that had a brawny man with his shirt buttons half undone; he had long wind-blown black hair and one of those masculine romance-novel faces that is supposed to mean business. No one is ever giggling on the cover of a romance novel.

The man is rugged and smoldering and the woman wilting in his arms is wearing colonial-era clothing that is—of course—falling away to reveal the swell of her bosom, and her head is thrown back in rapturous anticipation of things to come. It reminds the librarian of the janitor. Maybe she should go into the bathroom and see if she can break something so that she'll have a reason to call him.

But she'll have to be careful. If she tinkers with the sink and causes a water pipe problem it might be necessary to call a plumber and she is not in love with the plumber. Her uncle is this town's only plumber. The janitor's eyes make her feel like she is all stretched out in outer space, with one arm trailing through Orion, another dipping into the Little Dipper, and her legs Page 19 Volume 1 Issue 2 ISSN spreading through Cassiopeia.

It's the big bang, but a library-quiet one. She feels like he answers her internal questions with more questions and then makes the last answer magical. It's a dream sublime and it makes her want to tear the cloth of reality away to get at him. Right now he would just be sitting downstairs in the gritty police station talking about sports with the cops.

They all like to watch football games and then analyze them afterwards. They'd be eating chocolate covered mini-donuts and ribbing each other about this or that with some soap opera or CNN on in the background.

The janitor wears blue coveralls that are never very dirty. The library doesn't have a lot of janitorial exigencies. She wants to be his only exigency. She wonders if it would be okay to bother him to change a light bulb. But that's too easy. There are five stepstools in the library and she can reach any light bulb she wants with any of them.

She goes back to the card catalog to look up books on heating and electricity. She spends most of the afternoon in assiduous research on the most efficient and gentle means of bathroom-plumbing sabotage, looking for a problem that will be too minor for her uncle but too involved for her. At last, exhausted, and cast into a state of wishfulness that is akin to hunger, she puts the books away, and arrives at her own simple solution. The bathroom mirror is trimmed in wood painted white.

She watches herself go by, a virgin with a burning fuchsia hope, her cheeks pink with plotting. She knows too much time has gone by and that she is really going to follow through with this. Even if she fails, she knows he won't ever tell anyone. That's what she likes about him. He is laconic. The other men holler and eat donuts while he, alternately, eats pretzels and speaks quietly, in even tones, tones any librarian would love. The bathroom is small with just two stalls, the small one, and the larger one for handicapped use, the one with the grab bar on the wall and with its own special sink.

She enters the last stall, stands in front of the sink, removes the silver post earring from her left ear and drops it deliberately down the drain. Then she stands for a minute smiling and blushing at herself, covering her mouth, mirthful and amazed. But I was. The sun was very big Still On Your Side - René Froger - Pure very hot that day. I was sitting a few feet away from the beach blanket, on the beach in Florida, shoving heaps of sand into a pile to make a castle.

I was wearing my orange bathing suit. It was not my favorite bathing suit. It was so sunny that it hurt my eyes to look. The sky was very blue. Fred wore blue swim trunks and had a very hairy chest. He was holding a beer. I hated Fred. My father wore red swim trunks and was very tan. He was also holding a beer. I loved my father. You should keep her off of the beach on the third day. But the words were already stuck in my head: The Koala Tide.

I thought about the words. I wanted to say them out loud but did not. With my hands still in the sand, I began imagining it: Rows and rows of koalas swimming to the shore, climbing out of the Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit with wet fur as they made their way onto the sand.

I pictured the koalas lying on the beach and eating lunches. Koalas on vacation. I walked over and sat down on the beach blanket. My father was reading a book. He was already reading again.

I could not wait for them to come. There were already pelicans and seagulls all over the beach, pecking at the grains of sand. They were nice. But the koalas seemed much better. On the second day of our vacation, I In Saint Pauls - Haydock Male Voice Choir - How Great Thou Art in the ocean with my older brother.

He was in charge. He wore yellow swim trunks. He was 19 years old. I was only 7. My brother was pretty tan, but not as tan as my father.

I loved my brother. The sky was just as blue as before. I wore my purple bathing suit. And all over the beach and in the ocean, there were the pelicans again, even more than before. Their mouths were big and their chins hung down. My father said they saved the fish in those chins.

The sun was glinting off of the waves. It was almost too bright and wet to make out his face. Fred said it was coming. No such thing as a Koala Tide. Instead, I turned away from my brother and dove under the water, kicking my legs hard, looking for fish until my lungs went tight and my head pulsed black and white. Then I came back up for air.

Once they get here. He sat on top of the waves and moved with the ocean. His feathers looked very wet and his eyes looked very large. But I felt that he was right and so I nodded. On the third day of our vacation, I woke up buzzing. The excitement was in my veins. My mother wore a black swimsuit. She was tan like my brother. No one was as tan as my father. She yelled the most out of everyone. I especially Were Going Wrong - Cream - Disraeli Gears to show the koala to my friend Gretchen VonDeeseBrooke.

Gretchen VonDeeseBrooke always bragged about her new green bicycle. I hated Gretchen VonDeeseBrooke. I wanted to take Gretchen VonDeeseBrooke into the laundry room and show her the koala and then ask if she had a koala bear. I knew she did not. She put her eyes back onto the newspaper. I chewed my eggs and hummed some more, quietly this time.

That afternoon, we were back on the beach. I was wearing my pink bathing suit. The sun was huge and hot again, the hottest of all the days. I tried to tell my brother about the Koala Tide again. What do Koalas eat? Give it up. They eat plants! Instead, I watched the beach for the koalas. I watched the waves. I pushed my feet deep into the sand and thought of what I might name my koala. I liked the name Benjamin.

Then a shadow blocked the sun. I looked up. I wanted to ask him about the koalas but I was afraid I would get in trouble. I held the question in my throat. More sand castles. Every night on vacation, he likes me to sit on the beach with him, our mouths full of Rum Raisin and Rocky Road, while the sky went from pink to purple to blue. My father turned and walked back towards the blanket.

I shook my Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit. I was lying about the sunset and the ice cream. I knew once the koalas came, everything would be different. I would not want to leave my koala home alone so soon. He would have to come with us, or else I would have to stay home and tend to him. Another thought crossed my mind. Maybe I could have more than one koala. Maybe I could keep two or three. They could all live in the laundry room.

I wondered how many koalas I could hold at once. When the Koala Tide finally came, I was not the first one to see it. I had been looking down at the sand, thinking about ways to fit seven live koala bears into my suitcase when I heard the shrieks of children and birds.

I looked out at the waves and saw they had turned black. I squinted my eyes hard and saw that dark shapes were tumbling up onto the sand, rolling in with the tide. Then I ran. But it was too late. I was faster than my father. I ran, legs pounding towards the surf. I rushed towards those koalas full speed. My legs pulsed harder, into Country Sunshine - Dottie West - Country Sunshine sand; my fingers were balled up, my blood pumping.

The pelicans were flying overhead, with the seagulls. Everyone was squawking above Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit and swooping down into the tide to greet the koalas and some people were running away from the shore while other people ran towards it.

There were colorful bathing suits everywhere, the colors blurred. I saw the koalas rolling up onto the beach with the waves, their bodies washing into one another, their fur covered in water.

Yes, yes, yes. The koalas were here. There were so many koalas. You could never count them all, I thought. I kept running, full speed.

The closer I got, the harder I clenched my fists. There were too many people. If everyone took one koala, I might be left with nothing. I suddenly hated the crowds of strangers in their bright bathing suits. I Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit through all of the legs and kept running. I stopped at the edge of the sea. Water was rushing in between the koalas and I let it run over my toes. I looked around. Into The Arena (Michael Schenker Group) - The Michael Schenker Group - The Michael Schenker Story Li was just one old man a few feet away.

Lots of people were still running, probably to get their suitcases. But there were plenty of koalas here, within reach. I could have them all. Our car would be filled with koalas, there would be koalas in our house, koalas everywhere. I bent over the first koala, one lying on his side, sleeping, the waves pushing over him. I wanted him. I reached down and grabbed him with both hands, excitedly, the joy thumping in my chest against my ribs, and he was heavy, so heavy, and so wet. I strained to lift him up to me, to pull him up from the sand but I was not strong enough.

Jhana - Abyssal Plains - Pictures In Sound (File) I settled on sitting him up in the water so that I could see his face. I put my Grass - The Ted Duff Duo - Eating Popcorn In The Grass down into the wet sand to look at him, to hug him against my chest. The screams came out of my throat before I knew what was happening.

I looked down and all around me were piles of eyeless koalas, their dead bodies rolling. All of their faces had the two deep holes, the veins bouncing against the sand as their heads hit the beach. The old man was shaking Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit head.

I began to sob loudly. And then there was my father with his hand wrapped around my arm, yanking me away from them, away from the shore.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bedroom I shared with my brother. I lay on my stomach on my small bed and cried in the dark. I fell asleep like that until my mother came in and woke me up for dinner. And then, there was Fred, sitting at the dinner table. We were all at the dinner table. It was my mother and my father and my brother and me and Fred. My cheeks were wet and my mouth felt numb. Fred was drinking beer again.

My father was, too. I could not eat my hamburger. I could only think about those eyeless holes and weep quietly. I looked down Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit my plate.

Fred was not bothered. He said this over my head, as if I were not there, at the table. He said it as if I were not still sobbing, much louder now, my whole body shaking from the wailing sound that rose up out of me. My coffee—half empty and pitch black—was cold now. I lit a cigarette, rolled the window down and stared at the old house to my right. My grandmother called and said she had something for me, said it belonged to my grandfather and that I might want it.

I took a sip of coffee and reached in my notebook for an old, faded photograph with creases at the corners. The photo showed the house when my grandfather was around. The hydrangeas—once full of bright pinks and purples—were now withered away to a few white petals. It was probably dead now. I remember digging the soil out with my grandfather. We dug the hole and set the palm in then packed the soil tightly around.

Now all we can do is water it, he said, the sun Ella Se Queda Conmigo - ENOS - ENOS time will take care of the rest. He pat me on the head and stood up to claim what he had laid. As he lit his cigarette—the sun reflecting off the silver zippo lighter he carried—I noticed, for the first time, his hands.

Cracked and sun-dried with dirt and blood under the ivory-like nails, they looked mean and tired, exhausted from a lifetime of work, but absolutely perfect. The cigarette he held only added to their stoicism, the way it fit snug between the middle and pointer fingers made them comforting. I hate that smell grandpa, I replied. And I did, still do, but the image of him with a cigarette between his lips was too powerful, and so when I had my first smoke, I did it the way I remembered he did.

Firmly held in the right hand and slowly raised to the lips, inhaling with conviction. I set the photo down and took a sip of coffee. Another vice I instinctively inherited from him. I was ten when I had my first sip. As he handed over the forest green ceramic mug, I noticed a small grin form in the corner of his mouth. I took the mug and stared down into the blackness, looking for whatever it was my grandfather got out of it.

You must also remain completely monogamous during the arrangement. Not just intercourse, but all forms of sexual contact. If you have a significant other, you might want to reconsider taking on this job. But trust must be earned. When you first arrive, you must take your shoes off before you come inside. There will always be plastic bags available. Please seal your shoes inside one and place them in the footlocker. Three, you are welcome to any food in the panty and refrigerator; I ask that you not bring in any outside food or drink.

Four, please do not move anything. This includes but is not limited to furniture, books, items on shelves, toiletries, toys, et cetera. And finally, never open the curtains in any room. Dean nodded.

Dean thought for a moment. My cell phone. Castiel nodded. Dean hated being put on the spot; he never remembered the important stuff in situations like this. But, maybe we can make it so we can make changes as things come up? Although making too many changes too often is not something I can really work around. And this only applies to our personal rules. The rules regarding our arrangement must be steadfast.

Dean was having a hard time not reaching across the table and shaking the guy. Let me add that now. Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit understand that life on the outside is disorderly and problematic.

Dean quirked a smile and looked down at his watch. He waited while Castiel clacked away at his keyboard. He wondered if he was really typing anything or if he was just faking it. The man did a double hard return and then clicked the mouse button a few times. Finally he looked up at Dean with a tight smile, but there was a definite gleam in his eye that made Dean sit up a little straighter.

He was amazed by the effect Castiel had on him. If he could excite Dean like this by just talking about what they would be doing together, what would it be like to have it actually done to him? Item A: touching.

Not during business arrangements. I like that. I like intimacy. Would you like something to drink? Castiel stood up and walked into the kitchen. Dean exhaled slowly and sat up straight in his chair again. It was cushioned, but it was still a dining room chair and not terribly comfortable Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit prolonged sitting.

He glanced at the wall at the end of the table. There must be a huge window behind the brown curtains that hung thick and oppressive like petrified molasses. He glanced up at the ceiling and saw long, tube light bulbs lining the walls.

It was these bulbs that supplied the light that made it seem like he was sitting in a room with a lot of windows on a sunny day. Dean took one as Castiel explained. It gives me real days and nights. Castiel took his seat and then took a couple of sips of water. He put the cap back on and situated the bottle so that the label was facing out.

Item C: Manhandling, slapping, roughness, pinching. No explicit consent needed. Castiel put a hand out and dragged his nails over the wooden table. The soft catch of his nails in the tiny wood grains made Dean bite his lip. Dean felt embarrassed again.

Castiel was looking at him with a pinched expression. Dean narrowed his eyes, unsure if Castiel was making a joke by answering him seriously.

Castiel narrowed his eyes in response. Clearly they had some communication problems. You can touch me anywhere on my body and you can put your semen anywhere in or on me except my ears and nostrils.

Dean rolled his eyes behind the cover of his hands and sat up. He gripped the edge of the table and wondered if any applicant ever made it through the negotiation phase at all. Feet and toes—whatever you like. Dean leaned back in his chair completely giving up on trying to understand anything about Castiel. He noticed how plush and pink they were for the first time. Kissing is definitely okay. Yes to all? Dean tried to follow the list mentally with him, but his brain screeched to a halt at the thought of Castiel kissing his anus—that meant rimming, right?

Are you willing to perform any or all of those acts on me should I ask you to? Which means I will add soft, covered ropes, scarves, and ties only in the next subsection. Are you okay with bondage to both your person and to objects?

Castiel shrugged. And I suppose as long as I can still put a tie in your mouth that will be pleasant. Castiel looked up suddenly, a subtle heat pulsing in his eyes. Dean squirmed under the scrutiny. He carried through with it anyway and put his shirt in his lap. He Would You Be Happier? - The Corrs - Best Of The Corrs lightly as Castiel studied his chest.

Your nipples are perky enough without clamps. Fingers and teeth only. Castiel managed another small smile. What I was asking, is if food can be introduced to our activities? Castiel took two more sips from his water bottle before placing it in the same place, label out.

His fingers flew over the keyboard and then he did a double hard return. Dean chuckled and sat back in his chair, letting his legs sprawl. Either that or he was fucking with him. This is about you wearing panties. Not even a woman. Dean was dizzy again, but now it was because all his blood was in his dick. Dean stiffened. Castiel was into it.

Like totally into it. He was definitely going to make Dean wear—. At least a year or more. Dean felt something thick and slow coil around his body. His pulse increased, his breathing quickened, and his flagging erection was back in force with no signs of it being able to go away anytime soon.

His dick protested the abuse. Dean kept his eyes down as his cheeks flamed hot. This was a first. Clients had put him in collars before and yanked him around by them and told him what a good bitch he was and how Dean was all theirs and only theirs. Dean had never agreed though. You agree to swallowing, rubbing into skin, felching? Dean felt the first bit of discomfort borne of uncertainty. But felching? I will keep to my word.

If anything ever comes too close to it for your comfort, let me know immediately. Dean gripped the sides of his seat and forced his relaxing legs back together. It was going to feel like such a letdown having to leave here today without getting off. Dean shook his head, but gave Castiel a little smile while biting gently on his bottom lip.

Castiel gave him an amused smirk in reply, and then returned to his computer. Dean scooted forward in his chair so that he was leaning on the table and one corner of the seat was pressing between the v of his legs. A miniscule movement of his hips allowed him to grind his balls against the edge of the chair.

One: nothing I dole out will ever result in injury or permanent marks. Two: you may call off a punishment at any time for any reason. Three: I will never punish you because you want it to distract you from your personal, real world problems.

Dean sat back, forgetting his arousal. Did submissives go to doms to get beaten into forgetting their problems? Then he remembered one night—that night—a few days after his father On The Run - Pink Floyd - A Whispering Machine: Live In Los Angeles 1975 gotten into a car accident that put a family of four in the hospital.

Dean Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit a little of his anxiety ease. However, the fact that Castiel not only promised to never use a punishment to hurt him, Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit that he would never let Dean try to hurt himself was reassuring and…in a way, comforting. Dean slumped back in his chair. Of course. No feminization. Never happy unless your whore mouth is filled with come.

If the mood calls for it, negative is okay too. Dean looked down and twisted his hands in his jeans. It was so silly and juvenile.

And he hated that Castiel The End Of The Line - Metallica - Death Magnetic In Europe called him out on it. During this time do you prefer there to be no conversation? Small talk about weather and TV Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit Dean rubbed the back of his head.

Maybe not at first. I just ask that you not take advantage of the situation and order answers from me as your sub. You should be aware before you agree to personal inquiries though, Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit I will not reciprocate that. I will not answer nor will I tolerate you asking personal questions about me. So, if you ask, I can always not answer. Item D, nicknames and pet names.

None are allowed. Not me to you or you to me. No Cassie, no Deanie-weenie, no buddies, babes, dudes, or bros. You are Dean, I am Castiel. Unless a scene calls for me to be Mr. Now, finally, Item E: your safe word. In the event you are gagged, I will provide you with a buzzer you can hold in a hand.

He thought it was a little bit of an unreasonable request, but Castiel had been very Two Lovers (Special DJ Dance Remix) - Mandy Winter - Two Lovers (Special DJ Dance Remix) about finding his boundaries on everything else. I assume Gabriel told you the Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit I— he —would like you to be here?

Then I work four hours Saturday night and have all of Sunday off. I actually pay by the day, not the week or hour. If you show up and work more than four hours, you get compensated for the whole day. If I notice a pattern of late arrivals to reduce your hours but keep the same Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented SpiritI will terminate the arrangement. I can write you a check, or we can set up a direct deposit.

If at any point either of us becomes dissatisfied with the arrangement, either of us can terminate the contract at any time for any reason without penalty. I mean, any money I earned up until the contract is terminated. Except your phone of course as we agreed that can stay with you.

Ugh, I hate it. Only thing worse is when they come late. After opening the front door, Castiel stood back while Dean got his shoes out of the footlocker. He stepped out into the hallway to put them on and then turned back around to face Castiel. Dean took a chance and held out his hand again. Castiel licked his lips nervously before hesitantly reaching out and taking his hand. They remained shaking hands past what Dean thought was a normal length of time.

Dean held back a smirk and slowly wetted his lips, one at a time. Castiel released his hand and then slammed his door shut. Dean put his hands to his head and then moved them away while making a small explosion sound. What on Earth was he getting himself into? Dean got home with plenty of time to spare before he had to pick up Sam from debate club. He needed to fix the doorknob on the bathroom door, but he decided to sit down at the desk in his room and decompress a bit.

He opened his very old laptop and waited the seven minutes it took for the thing to boot up. He hesitated before hitting enter.

Was it really right to be snooping on the guy? There was nothing wrong with doing background checks on people when entering business arrangements. Hell, it was commonplace. Dean hit enter. The first couple of hits were websites talking about angelic names and meanings. Curious, he clicked on one and learned that Castiel was the Angel of Thursday.

Exhausting Castiel Novak, he added Gabriel Milton to the search. That yielded some more interesting results. There was an old article from a recently digitized newspaper that talked about the merger between a farming supply and equipment conglomerate with a low level transportation startup company. However, the reason the article was linked to those names was because there was a picture of the two presidents of the company breaking ground on a new office building.

There were some other people in the picture watching on, including a few children. There were no other Novaks listed, not even as adults. Dean clicked back to Google and was about to resume searching Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit his stomach growled. He decided to feed the beast and then fix the doorknob. He probably should go for a run after that. Well, potentially. Castiel might still decide not to hire him, and then there would be no point in knowing who he was.

Dean shut down his laptop and shuffled into the kitchen, scratching his belly. I mean, next week I just know all my teachers are going to start talking about finals. Dean let his brother have his mini pout-rant as he monitored the rice and chicken cooking on the stove. His father was home tonight, so he wanted to make sure he got a good meal in him and that it might do something to help absorb the alcohol. Dean shot him a look with a raised eyebrow of amusement.

John smiled at him and sniffed the air. He put a glass of iced tea in front of Sam where he sat at the bar, and then handed a light beer Yesterday - Hullujussi - Hullujussi a low alcohol content to his father and indicated that he should take the stool next to Sam.

Except Friday. But you know how busy Friday nights are. This place is really upscale. The pay is better and the hours are better. Best of both worlds. Dean choked on his first bite and had to run get a glass of water to help clear his throat. Over the Rainbow was a male strip club aimed at straight women. Fortunately Sam mistook his response for offense.

Like, bootleg pirating of old timey movies or something? That line of work could be dangerous? Not at Over the Rainbow. A group of gay bashers had waited outside the backdoors and attacked a couple of the dancers as they had been leaving. The commotion alerted everyone inside, and other dancers—well muscled dancers—and Gordon and Victor were able to come and help.

It was just another one of the dangers of working at an openly gay establishment in a bigoted, narrow-minded state. Sweet Things never seemed to have that kind of problem though; Dean wondered how much Gabriel spent on security. Thinking of Gabriel made him check his watch. He cursed softly and shoveled the rest of his dinner down. He dropped the dish off in the sink and ran around looking for his phone and wallet. Just an hour or two. Good, because the answer is yesDean thought with mild amusement and a lot of discomfort.

A job I have to have because we need to pay rent and put food on the table. You could go back to school maybe. Then I can get a real job. The only things within walking distance 9. E-dur • In E Major • En Mi Majeur (Largo) - Chopin* - Cor de Groot - 24 Préludes Op.

28 fast food places. You know that. Dad, you were arrested for three DUIs before they suspended your license. You have to stop drinking and driving. You should stop drinking period. I can handle my liquor. But you know what I do need to do? I need to go interview for a job, so that I can take care of this family. Dean ignored his father and took the steps down to the lobby level two at a time.

He was sick of having this argument with his father. And Dean was alone in dealing with it. John had no friends in Huntsville. He had no former coworkers that were still on speaking terms with him. If Dean staged an intervention it would just be him and he knew how that talk would go. It was actually easier to let him drink. It was easier to work and take care of the Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit himself. So long as Sam had a relatively stable home life and would be able to escape when he graduated high school, Dean thought it was worth it.

He shook the thoughts of his family off as best as he could. If they were both clean, Dean would sign the contracts and begin work on Monday. Worst case scenario Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit that he continued to work at Heavenly Host. He did wonder if Gabriel would fire him from Sweet Things. Unless he was mistaken, he was pretty sure malaria had been on the list. After a moment the door buzzed and Dean stomped inside to wait by the elevators; Gabriel had to come La Fotografia - Enzo Jannacci - Quando Un Musicista Ride - La Raccolta Definitiva to get him.

So what if I have it? His apartment is immaculate. No mosquitoes. Dean stepped onto the lift and crossed his arms while Gabriel used a keycard to get the car moving up. Blue In Green - Richie Beirach Trio - Romantic Rhapsody what you need to understand about Cas is that he lives in an illusion.

The door opened and two plastic bags were thrust out Promisiuni - E.M.I.L. - Imens them. Dean raised an eyebrow at the arm. He looked at Gabriel. Someone this beautiful must have partners hanging off him all the time. Castiel shifted uncomfortably and crossed his arms awkwardly over his chest. Gabriel pulled out two letter sized envelopes from his back pocket and waved them in the air.

Dean shot Castiel a look. Castiel pulled his arms even tighter, if that was possible, and scowled. However, he looked more nervous, or maybe scared, than upset.

You remember what happened the last time somebody came in here to do work. The stepbrothers turned their attention onto him. Hirsch - Preset Stomp GUIW kleez. LMDG kleez. Tro - Charcuterie Modern Love 2. Aubrey-Untitled-Solid Groove DJ Gregory-Attend-Kitsune Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit Johnson-Let me Know-Cajual Francois K. Belizbeha-Inhibitions Clear horizonsRmx -Belizbeha Grau-Mongo Ye-Pro-zak Trax Paperclip People-The Climax-Planet e Chief Rocker-Fathead-BigChief 1.

Black Coffee-Supersoul deluxe-Funky Chocolate 1. Terry Lee Brown Jr. House Of Players-Pagan 1. Psykofuk-Psykofuk Diot-Try Out Deetron-Radiance Santos Rodriguez-Untitled DJ Hyperactive-Organ Lover Phil Kieran-Vitalian House Gillanrax-Lord Of Bitch 12" 9.

Unknown Force-Circuit Maximus Jamie Anderson-Latin Energy Tomie Nevada-Untitled Gary Martin-Black Forest Bandulu-Spy vs. Spy Bryan Zentz-bravador Marco Carola-Untitled Gumbo-Submarine Jark Prongo-Complete Control Don Williams-Caligula Paperclip People-The Climax Re-worked Joris Voorn-Zeronine G-Man-QuoVadis 1. Kelli Hand-In The Morning 1.

Cave-We So Crack Train - Various - Vinyl Solution Volume 1 - Demented Spirit 1. Hardcell-Overlay 1. KC Flightt-Voices 1. HNSG kleez. Project-Theme From Morph 1. TSRZ kleez. Love Guitar Mix umm U. It was all mixed live, alternating between CD and vinyl first track is from a CD, second one on vinyl, third on CD, fourth on vinyl etc The mixer is connected to my PC, and the mix was captured in Sound Forge 6. No editing whatsoever took place, and the mix was saved as a 96kbps Ogg Vorbis file.

I then removed all metadata and uploaded the file. DFRT kleez. Grain-Untitled Astrophunk-Deepness DJ Bear Who? Joris Voorn-Shining Paperclip People-Floor ID Hes Got The Whole World In His Hands - Perry Como - When You Come To The End Of The Day Vadis Tony Thomas-Electric People Chester Beatty-Turn Initiation Jamie Anderson-Rio Grande Sound Stream-Good Soul G-Lightz Tobias Von Hofsten-Swinger Joris Voorn-Eclipse Beroshima-Dance The Machine Daniel Jacques-You Better Get Marius-Fluidum Tyree-Let It Go Styles Of The Abstract-Fructose 1.

Combustible-Carnaval 1. John Arnold-Respectall 1. Basement Jaxx-Samba Magic 1. Chester Beatty-War Is Open 1. Eriko Tanabe-Plug Soul In 1. Mark Broom-Come Home 1. Primal Scream - Jailbird Sweeney 2 Mix Amorph - Sunflow Club Remix The Bogus Brothers - Violation 15 Vocal The Orb El Clon (Demo 5 Canales 2000) - Desorden Público - El Clon Perpetual Dawn Ultrabass 2 The Prodigy - Poison 95 EQ Chemical Brothers - Galvanize Genaside II - Mr.

Maniac Frankman-Different Divides-Draft Recordings


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  2. Gabriel was looking at the carpet and Dean realized he wasn’t so much asking him to be the solution to Cas’ problems as he was voicing a desperate supplication. “I won’t try to tank the interview, Gabriel,” he said, wanting to give the man some small measure of hope .
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