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F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8

Download F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8

No part may be reproduced without the consent of the copyright holder. Phone 08 General Editorial music drumperth. As this goes to print, Underwood is on the road documenting Baby, Baby, Baby - Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man The Way I Love You (File, Album) no doubt crazy times for the group on the road in the US before they head Australia-way.

Perhaps plenty is an understatement, as vocalist Josh Friend — a DJ in his own right — details what exactly is involved in the Modestep live performance. He instantly understood what we needed. Matt [Curtis] is also a very tight drummer, so we knew we could rely on him to keep things locked. We do take a lot of time and care into planning our shows. We broke through on the dubstep scene but we have always considered ourselves a little separate from it. While we are heavily influenced by bass music, we also feel we have just the same amount of influence from rock, soul and pop.

What they are a part of is the brand of bass being pushed by the likes of Nero, with sounds so epic in scope they feel more at home F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 a stadium rock concerttype situation than in a dingy little club.

We want the energy to be there in the music and performance from the outset. Tony comes from a big history of DJing so he knows how to work a crowd musically without having to take breaks all the time.

On Step Into My World - Jennifer Lopez - MP3 album we have a load of joint efforts, but still the bulk of the work is done by Tony and I. Although when it comes to writing chords, melodies and structures… We all have our say. Too many artists are depending on collabs to fill up an album.

So it comes as little surprise Josh and his brother have actually set up their own imprint — Max Records. Prior to Modestep I developed some. For whatever reason, Forelash - Obo - Weint Dacker Down EP promo video is something that seems to have taken a Roger Chapman - Roger Chapman of dubstep more in the past couple of years than any other genre.

We have some great new acts that we have our eyes set on, so make sure you keep your ears open for releases. We have no idea what to expect. DJ SHADOW The influential hip hop producer may have lost a few fans here in the west when he bailed on bringing his new Sphere live show around Splendour time, but his impact on hip hop and dance music since breakthrough album Endtroducing… is undeniable.

His mastery with samples is second-to-none, and he returned to the album world earlier this year with The Less You Know, The Better — an album which received a mixed critical reception. He released his first album in four years in with Dragonslayer, one which ultimately received pretty average reviews.

Growing up on the West Coast of America, Lyrics Born witnessed first hand the early stages of the cultural phenomenon that was hip hop.

From the moment I stepped off the plane in California, it was just hip hop everywhere. It was just the music of my generation, you know? It was just everywhere. Due to the success of his critically acclaimed debut album, Lyrics Born was in a position to F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 a lot of goals off his musical wish list, which included working with the almighty KRS-One, an absolute pioneer and godfather of the hip hop movement.

Shimura met DJ Shadow and Blackalicious who are now both legendary acts in their own right in college at the University of California Davis UCDand they regularly hosted shows and segments together on the college radio station. And I probably learned more in that 15, 20, half an hour period just being around him and watching him work than I maybe had that entire year. That was definitely one of the milestones of my career. Here is a man who was born in Japan to a Japanese father and an American F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8and against all odds has immersed himself and dedicated his life to becoming an extremely successful artist in a scene dominated by AfricanAmericans.

He has an undeniable stoke and passion for music, especially hip hop, and his enthusiasm increases tenfold when Drum brings up his. I want people to see the scope that hip hop has, you know, I want people to see that you can be this little Japanese independent rapper from Northern California where there is no music industry to speak of… And you can tour the world, and it is possible to make hip hop albums, and you can play in front of thousands of people at sold out clubs and theatres around the world, and have it be appreciated.

You know, they sent me the scripts, I did it, they loved it, it worked out, and now I have another career! Is F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 official? Was there a tournament? Is there a championship belt? How does Ana Matronic feel about this honour?

Or Erasure? What about Coil? Oh my God, I love Coil! Or Bronski Beat? Like, hello! Or The Communards? Come on! Like, we have guitars on stage. And guitars are, by nature, inherently butch. I love dance music. But nothing was really sticking, to us. It was really interesting, especially to me. I was an anthropology major in college, so I got to put on my pet helmet, and get all Margaret Mead about it.

We liked it because it was a sexy ass. But it also conveyed what it was we felt the album was about. And it was meaningful because of the photographer, Robert Mapplethorpe, and the dancer, Peter Reed, who was in the photograph. For us, there were multiple layers to it. To the ass. Including the anthropological survey that came with it.

Was Night Works made evil? Were Scissor Sisters demonised by evangelical Christian groups? We have a certain relationship with our Photographic - Depeche Mode - The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg (VHS) group of fans — most of them in England — which is very, very friendly, very social; every time I see them I learn more about them as people.

I guess I try to demystify the whole experience. I go to the grocery store, I ride the subway, I walk to the studio. I just want to relate to people in a normal way. There were so many things that I needed to do in order to be able to hear and live peacefully, because I had a screaming siren inside of my ear; from forward I could barely hear over the tinnitus, I was so sick and so nauseous that I lost something like 35 pounds.

I was a fucking skeleton, I was drastically ill. That is my wish. I want to go to places that are difficult to go. It breathed new life into a genre that some would say was dormant, launched another indie outfit to the forefront F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 music and created a plethora of followers who were hooked by the reverb-drenched, melodically-rich and stunning soundscapes that Fleet Foxes not only effortlessly created, but also made cool again.

Where could they possibly take this sound on their second album? How would they keep it exciting? And could they do it again? We toured for so long on the first record, we really had to break away and take the time to work on new material and go through the process of making a new record. That process generally takes a long time — it took about the same amount of time as the first one. Given that and all things considered, we made this record in a vacuum.

A string guitar, a hammered dulcimer, an upright bass, wood flute, timpani, Moog synthesiser, a tamboura, the fiddle, clarinet, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, Tibetan singing bowls and a vibraphone all played their part. Perspective like a large object versus a small object; smaller sounds like singing bowls Salieri Opera - Victor Borge - The Best Of Victor Borge Act Two (VHS) music boxes or various things like that seem to add the right type of relative space within the other instruments.

The soundscape never detracts from vocalist Pecknold or the gospel, trance-like wall of harmonies the band projects. Westcott reveals his sidekick role in the process is certainly not one to be underestimated. When you go home, you absorb that and you think of ideas to bring to the table that hopefully the other guys find appealing. There was one of those songs on Helplessness Blues where I basically got to get an improvisation across the F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8.

Westcott reveals that touring is still something you have to learn to do successfully. Sometimes there are hiccups and different things, but I think that we all have the communication skills and the respect to care for each other as people to kind of persevere circumstantial difficulties between folks.

From his office in Montreal, Tiga full F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 Tiga James Sontag takes time out from what sounds like a chore of searching for new music to discuss the evolution of DJing itself. I get sent an enormous amount of promos, which is really frustrating because most of it is crap. I always find the best stuff is the stuff that you actually buy for yourself.

I shop on [download sites] Beatport and Bleep, I buy some second-hand records and sometimes mail-order. It just comes flooding in from a bunch of different directions.

Your DJing is good, you get lots of ideas to make tracks. Tiga has the kind of international reputation for DJing that sees him straddle the welcome space of cooler, underground dance music as well as crossing over into much more commercial areas. He has also found time to record two albums of his own material, the debut Sexor and follow-up Ciao! He also managed to squeeze in some of his own compositions including 3 Weeks — a should-have-been electro-pop smash.

It can be pretty overwhelming. You listen to things really quickly and you make a fast judgement. To me the biggest change of all is the idea of like one person in a city having a song.

If you wanted to hear it, you had to come and see me. It was deliberately free from any big grand strategies or anything. The way I see the ZZT record is very much like a techno record, in the sense of what that word means to me. You turn on all the machines and you just go at it. There was absolutely no regard for genre or for the real world, like how we fit in.

In that sense it was very refreshing. Over the past couple of years Higginbottom has been gaining notoriety in the UK beats scene with his twisted take on electro settling in a variety of genres, backed with a live show, dinosaur costumes, off-the-wall headgear and an unassuming young face twiddling the knobs.

He started out as most producers do, behind the ones and twos spinning tracks in the club — something he rather rapidly grew tired of. I was also playing disco sets after a while and hip hop as well. I play all my own music using Ableton, some keyboards, samplers, drum machines and singing And the girls dance.

And we all dress up. He likes to have a big part in those clips, but also knows when to let it go. But I try and work with directors who I trust will do something I like. Even the full length F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 has become an almost leftfield proposition for producers these days, with many opting for single releases in these times of the instant download.

Etage Neun - Heart it is something I wanted to do. It should be out early These kind of movements are not helpful when trying to write an album, really. Though having said that, I do like recycling old ideas that I have previously discarded.

As weird as this sounds, me and Lady Gaga are on the same record label in the UK. You can never predict how good a track will be or how people will react to it, so I just get on with it and hope for the best. Everyone plays in bands with each other, everyone draws their influences off each other and everyone seems to get along.

Was it strange hanging out with dudes triple his age? But um, in the best way possible. Technically, this is their second EP, however they buried the first one after a number of factors hindered recording. I want to keep making good music and I want to keep writing decent tunes — and people are gonna take it how they take it. Stereo MCs scored a cult trans-Atlantic chart hit with Elevate My Mind, but it was their third outing, Connected, that catapulted them into the global mainstream.

The now bona fide band toured solidly — even opening for U2 — but so overwhelming was their crossover success that they declined an offer from Robbie Williams to co-produce his Life Thru A Lens. And, alongside that, we were burntout… We became a bit negative. As music buffs, F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 believes that Stereo MCs are constantly gravitating to fresh sounds and wanting to master the latest recording techniques.

And then, on top of that, it was really good. She was. Embracing electronica, he would, incongruously today, issue an EP via Naked Music, a label equated with West Coast deep house. In he presented a stellar debut in The Last Resort, translating his F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 shoegaze music and post-rock into a new emotronica.

Of course the label will be pushing their patented N-Funk brand of beats think electro, bass, house and breakbeat smashed together and, according to Naden, RSR means so much more than any awards. Cutting his next artist album is the priority.

DJs starting their own labels is of course nothing new in the dance music world, but doing it will is a challenge the two are pretty pumped for. The cracking response is something Naden is understandably rather chuffed with. The tempos and beat patterns vary, but people have picked up on F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 common unifying thread of N-Funk and musicality, combined of course with our bass and rhythm.

Like us on the Burger Bar Facebook page and go in to the running to win these V. Recorded in one take, the four tracks here finally capture on tape the incendiary, almost primal force of their live performances, something debut album Injured Ninja vs. Originally accused of White Stripes piracy when first hitting the airwaves inthis British trio soon showed a real ability to mix up genres and deliver cracking tunes. Led Zep themselves only managed it for Fat chance; El Camino has them in spades.

Seriously, it could have been Unearthed year-old and these guys would still have romped F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 in to win; such is the maturity of their sound on these six tracks. Packed full of luscious vocals, interesting arrangements and quality songwriting, these Showbizz Blues - Casey Jones - Caseys RocknRoll Show are perfect for floating down a river and simply getting washed away.

Each of the 12 tracks is emotionally driven by controlled ethereal vocals, which would seem distant and removed if not for the lyrics, which boast the human obsession with the familiar in times of change. We Are Good exemplifies this perfectly with classical piano made more contemporary through epic-style hollow drumming, and Crossroads somehow accomplishes the unfulfilling rattle of melancholy maracas.

The annoyance with this album is the sometimes monotonous feel. It listens more like one piece of music with multiple movements rather than separate songs, carrying the same careful reflection and themes with little variety or optimism for the future. However profound the lyrics seem, they have a post-adolescent confusion to them that at times is a distraction when listening to the awe-inspiring instrumental quality.

There is no doubting the astonishing integrity of Anar, and the devotion to its professional composition, providing a rather satisfying listening experience. Boards of Canada may have been a touchstone here, given their similar use of cryptic, lo-fi speech samples that seem to function as subliminal messages.

By travelling back in time and plundering the least obvious sources of inspiration, Lopatin has arrived at some astonishingly new destinations.

A blindingly obvious choice for first single, the opening Lonely Boy is pure radio magic, propelled along by a re-appropriated glam-rock stomp. Most blokes get pummeled by the mortgage, F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 this local songwriter took the name Husband and produced a seriously promising EP. His voice is simply exceptional. He could work on his lyrics but his voice is pure gold.

Meet Connecticut trio The Stepkids and their eponymous debut album. Suburban Dream dries things out with smoky mid-level synthesizer, Pink Floyd being the high-profile analogy that ought to be made. Outside of these achievements though, The Stepkids struggles for direction. Legend In My Own Mind sounds like an overpriced Fremantle matinee, and never reaches a proper climax. The former is craftsmanship, the latter is art.

The Stepkids is a beautiful album, but its lyrics can veer into inconsequential paths, and the band is still clearly trying to find a voice to own. Thematically, the album is intended to portray things on the gloomy side, made discernible by tracks that try to tackle heady and brooding emotions.

Unfortunately in many instances it falls short of this goal. Misery initially sounds promising as it opens with a melodic and likable rhythm and riff, yet as the track progresses the lyrics, which are intended to paint a picture of despair, sound vague and wishy-washy, which starts to sound increasingly like self-pity. Wedding Day is a jangly pop number, but full of sarcasm and a pissed-off undertow. In this way, being less than two minutes in duration, this track feels underdeveloped and is therefore disappointing.

Regrettably, in most instances Veronica Falls seems to favour style over substance, which renders this album a bit fey and fleeting. Still the effect is apt, for punk influences are in abundance.

The band occasionally fall into the realms of a newly-formed high school punk band, with tracks such as Ferrari, Stare Into The Eyes Of The Wolf and Sentimental Town delivered with minimal enthusiasm and reek of being forcedly written.

Overall, Step Panther do deliver the goods, but not without slipping up every now and then. The courses are FEE Help-approved and the accelerated programs enable graduates to get into the industry faster and commence their career one year earlier than normal. Contact free callemail infoperth sae. Quantm just recently launched their Bachelor In Interactive Entertainment Games Designa course that covers every facet of the operational, developmental and managerial roles of I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves - Remembering (8-Track Cartridge) game industry.

The degree focuses on the specific areas critical to developing knowledge and skills in animation for interactive entertainment, including 3D modeling, F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8lighting and animation.

Applications are now being taken for Februaryphoneemail perth qantm. Top facilities including a world-class moot law court assist students to challenge themselves F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 achieve their best. See murdoch. UWA has extended its range of creative writing courses to tackle the everchanging face of media technology. Aspiring teenage writers can learn about blogging and can create their own blogzine — an online magazine — with a small group of their classmates.

Head to extension. In conjunction with the West Australian Ballet, the dance program delivers hands-on industry experience to dance students and provides an amazing opportunity for gifted young dancers to train in F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 professional industry environment.

Head to waapa. For more info on getting yourself ready for University, head to curtin. And, as if you needed any more reason to talk about your opinions on music, you can win an iPad just for submitting your entry! F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 5pm and 10pm each evening, Illuminites will bring a supper club, gift markets, family activities and live entertainment; as darkness falls, a stunning new light-based public art installation will light up the area.

Closing night. Perth Cultural Centre. Performers will be asked Margo Price - Live At Rough Trade East bring along something of personal significance to them and to share the story behind it. It's a lot of money. Self-catering is dopeboyeeeee! Kool Keith has always been wicked. His tunes are fresh, so who gives a fuck? I prefer his laptop stuff, although actually, I want him to do both at once: a folk-laptop album.

They just want to have the ability to anonymously bang a tune out. Coastal town-uh! It was only when I started reading the media that I began asking questions like Tm a white kid off an estate, what does this mean to me? I was always big into Zoviet France: stuff that was quite powerful. It's pure attitude. To me, Mark E Smith's a lot like Aphex; that kind of renegade, fuck-everyone thing. His jungle is unlike any other jungle.

He was on a filter tip, but it was really good, really quick, choppy house. The shit I'm into is ail the Planet E stuff, really. That made an impression on me, big time.

It should be quite funny. We've got loads of films our mates have done - camcorder freaks who love pissing about. For further Information and a complete list of artists, see www. For meganite info visit www. So Nelly's housekeeper is pouring him some delicious, cooling milk. Mmmmm Saviour or sell out? The pink flamingos mingle with the odd Bunny over by the pool. Meanwhile, Playboy visionary and lothario supreme Hugh Hefner looks on approvingly and calls out for more champagne at regular intervals.

How does it feel being knee deep in pussy for this video shoot? Then the police come to the party. He hold it down. What a joy, being Hugh Hefner. I think every single man would like to The Outlaws - Dont Cry / Only For You Hef.

Presumably because they would have been fired, and then murdered. Or maybe they straight down with John Inman, Dale Winton and all them niggaz. We dunno. So you're a single man, then? The majority of people I know of just want their music to be entertaining. I was always the new kid. I got kicked out of four for being the clown. My parents got divorced when I was real young and I moved around a lot, so I never was with my mother my whole life.

I stayed with friends and family. But it taught me a lesson: it taught me to adapt and I try to bring out the best in the situation. I just look at Tupac and Biggie, the best that ever did hip hop, and not everybody likes Tupac and not everybody likes Biggie. Right here, right now, I want to watch football. So, everything imaginable, besides the way I treat people. I just want to keep on doing my stuff different.

Everybody breaks the Cavel 99 - Lodestar Supernumerary - Lodestar Supernumerary (CD, Album, Album) once a day.

The first time I put it on was because I had a bruise under my other eye from playing basketball but now I wear it when I think City Spud will see it. I got a little boat. And a few cars. A Benz, a Bentley. People send you a lot of stuff. Tennis shoes? Oh man, I got closets full. But my money just sits there in stacks. The UK tour kicks off on March 21st. Go to www. W: www oyHtormuflic. No-one knows the answer to these questions just yet, but it only serves to sharpen their sense of purpose.

Which means no industry pluggers, no playlists and no adverts. Some of them even have proper, useful day jobs like nurses and librarians. No careerist wannabes or motormouths here - it's Utopia. Alexandroid, in particular are apparently worth watching out for. First on the bill, AMM made their customary improvised racket to a largely oblivious audience, who assumed they were roadies tuning up. Alessandra Rombola on flute approximates the sound of the dodgy plumbing from the toilets down the corridor.

The performance comes across like an intimate conversation, albeit an intimate conversation between members of an alien species. All three, unusually for the improv F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8are classically trained. Less surprisingly, they found the mainstream too restrictive.

A cure for conformity, still available without prescription. Try it before they ban it. Resonance broadcasts live between noon and lam every day on It was humbling to deal with legendary people and even more dope to find out they were all really down-to-earth.

Sydney: the Funky Breaks night at Metro. Perth: Bar Amber a massive outdoor annual event. Canberra: ditto through the Student Unions. Africans who live in the UK, then take the hoover gospel home. Ever wondered who goes to those 5, capacity hard house gigs in London? Now you know - those ravers from the south love boshing choons almost as much as they love working in pubs and carrying large backpacks.

South Africans are the craziest people on the face of the planet. The Serbian and Canadian Nature’s Choice - Never Got A Chance scene continues to thrive, with Richie Hawtin one of Canada's most famous exports. Just a short Eurostar trip away, Belgian technoheads are numerous - unsurprisingly, as Belgium has embraced experimental electronic music since the days of EBM and new beat.

Brussels: Fuse. Antwerp: Cafe De Anvers. Warsaw: Hybrydy and Underground Music Cafe. Brazil has an even bigger scene than the UK.

Nearby Puerto Rico also boasts a fanatical following for the rinsing UK sound that runs tings. Puerto Rico: One-off parties in San Juan are your best bet. Psy-trance continues to dominate in parts of India, Egypt and Morocco, while trance and white trash America have embarked on a lengthy, trailer-shaking affair.

USA: huge outdoor raves all over the place. Malta loves electroclash too. Rather impressively. Rio De Janeiro: big warehouse raves. Berlin: Club Deewane check www. In Vienna: The Funkhaus. For more information y - 4b. They developed a cigarette brand for the toughest prison in Austria. Founded in by Czech-born artist Robert Jelinek, their ethos encompasses anything out of the norm.

When rave culture hit central Europe in the early Nineties, it made perfect sense to mix music and art for a mass audience. But, whatever their motives, Sabotage are always funny and accessible. And as for the rest of the world's take on them? Sabotage put colour in electronic music's cheeks and make brains fizz. Long may they shit stir. Struck By Thunder - Crack Jaw - Nightout, after the third generation, the THC content increases.

The high THC concentration will be coming this Towers Of Dub - The Orb - The BBC Sessions 1989-2001. We have someone in Kassel who keeps an eye on the plants.

It has since won various prizes at European car-stereo sound challenges. Our ads reflected the shallowness of fashion and its relationship with music. Are clubbers like cattle? With the fence we strictly break up the clubbing ritual and clubbers loved the fence.

The voltage was volts and gave you a push of adrenaline. Definitely more effective than some drugs. And the strapline? A new interpretation in a new musical context. Is money a neutral unit? Or does the smell affect us? No rational thought can control the feelings connected with a nasal sensation.

Street asphalt has the same ingredients and melting point as vinyl - in the beginning, the idea was to melt our records on a new highway. The club was packed with people dancing in black, like a funeral. Every night. Few, The ITudee. If you're a Swiss civil servant. Or a copper. Or the deputy manager of a medium-sized supermarket in Bude. Music, however, thrives on instability.

Great music, in fact, thrives on conflict, mistakes, malfunctions and arguments, illogical leaps of imagination and bravery in the face of confusion and apathy. Reprazent and - finally! Certainly, their rough and ready mix of punk, garage, house, electro and ska is in that phat, fucked-up suburban lineage, but the Bullys are very much their own entity. There are lyrical moments that will fuel those Streets comparisons too. Like their beloved Specials, Audio Bullys bring us nervy reports from piss-stained stairwells and dodgy nightclubs.

But Franks is no storyteller in the Mike Skinner mould. Rather than close detail and colour. Audio Bullys are at their best when dropping gobby slogans, snatched stories and cryptic phrases over swaggering, sizzling beats. It's about casting off musical chains to produce a fresh album that, however momentarily, F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 you feel that anything is possible. Get ready, as Bullys would have it, to hit the ceiling.

Good-ass slang is 'throws-you-under-the-bus': like when someone drops you in it. I do a lot of throwin' under the bus too though. I threw Nick under the bus about the beauty pageant. N: "It's important to have your spaces defined, and watch out for clover. N: "Price Is Right is genius.

And I'm addicted to American Idol right now, I can't get enough of that. What these people do on camera! N: "Only when I see them in certain pictures being used in Rezio E Sira Tema DAmore - Carlo Franci - Il Gladiatore Invincible wrong ways.

But we never expected it to be this good. Sometimes this is for bad reasons - that Trio For Violin, Horn And Piano Op.40 - Brahms* - Isabelle Faust, Teunis van der Zwart, Alexander Me album is themed, ever so loosely, around an imaginary radio show, complete with pretend commercials and stock market news, is a ruse which only half works.

And on tracks like 'Low And Sweet' they turn up their love for ragtime music to Doop-like proportions that will have you reaching for the skip button in seconds. Which makes the tedium of this weakly-flavoured dance-pop even harder to understand.

Television producers everywhere will be delighted with this album, as it provides them with over 70 minutes of vaguely Asian-sounding cack that can accompany patronising documentaries without offending Daily Mail readers too much. This horrible mess of tablas, indie chords and lyrics that would embarrass a suburban goth poet is much, much less than the sum of its parts. His mastery of a studio, his ability to fuse soaring synth melodies with stomping techno beats in an Orbital stylee, and, of course, his effervescent live shows put him head-and-shoulders above the monotonous loops brigade.

For this outing though, the pair have their Dynamo Productions cap on. Backwards, most probably. In the outside world, people who manifest symptoms of obsessive behaviour are normally referred for some form of psychiatric treatment, but in dance music circles, it is all too easily forgiven. What is the point? Remember when fags were a quid a pack, the Labour Party was a little bit socialistic and the charts were full of great music okay, maybe not that one.

Remember when Autechre wrote melodies? We do - we've got their first three albums. Nowadays, the Mane duo toy with time signatures, blur beats, impress academics and make tunes the milkman finds awfully difficult to whistle.

Even from a technical point of view, what Autechere do is only a matter of having the right plug-ins for your laptop. Bowie-esque vocal harmonies, driving basslines, eerie, Boards Of Canada-like washes and Pole-style scratchiness, plus spoken word samples which owe a debt to Ken Nordine rather than to hip hopare all here. No wonder F Comm consider this really rather wonderful album to be their secret weapon for Those who attempt to redress the balance, like Bentley Rhythm Ace Wigs!

Humourous Birmingham accents! But German trio International Pony do like a laugh and aren't totally shit.

IP may be international, but they're certainly not pony. So, cut to the chase: buy the singles instead. Strange but true. Ambition, then, is not a F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 Manitoba is short on.

This involves learning how to strum guitars, bash drums and tickle glockenspiels, while his trusty computer pal co-ordinates matter. Thus we have a series of 21st century bedroom jams brimming with pop harmonies. London Astoria www. XL, a label with impeccable credentials for turning underground talent into massive overground success Prodigy, Basement Jaxx, er, Electric Sixhave now signed Japanese artist Susumu Mukai.

Good on XL, we say - such adventurousness is a breath of fresh air in a timid, tepid dance music market. Zongamin, you see, creates the sort of sound more regularly found on labels like Lo Recordings and Leaf. His album consists of 12 instrumentals, some twinklingly intriguing, others just plain stodgy and odd, but all owing a subliminal debt to post-punk industrial funk from Tom Tom Club to ESG to Stump.

More nurd next time please Is the year of the playground sound? Following on from the joyful skipping of Lemon Jelly, we now have Revolvo, whose cheerful amalgam of ambient rhythms and bright, friendly guitars is capable of making toddlers up and down the land giggle endearingly.

This is an odd record, so cleanly produced and upbeat that it sounds sterilised in places, yet peculiar enough to suggest that deviance may be at work somewhere along the line. Hats - and indeed, trousers - off for the porno sample at the end though.

Eager to compensate for his relative failure with Bubba Sparxxx, he furnishes her with music to match her rhyme skills. Sadly, their designer, bon viveur and lovely inability to show enough cleavage girl. Turns up at Sa Trincha led to their musical demise. Having said that, it could also be about Grey - Various - Good Times Music Studio - Summer 2015 Soundtrack, thin, Seventies singer] Lena Zavaroni.

She were a quality entertainer. She bought their first ever single off him cos she felt sorry for him. It were 'orrible. Then I had a Commodore It were much harder to get out the door with a Commodore without being spotted.

Loonies, basically. They show speedway an' all? Come round me house and eat all me pies anytime! And here it is. To these ears, Rachel Modest has the finest set of pipes this side of an on-form Lauryn Hill, infusing even the most pedestrian productions with passion, soul and urban atmosphere. The Big Chill awaits! Michael Barrymore would be pushed to throw a party as memorable as this. But still, a beautiful record. Musically, we want scuzzy, half-cut electro beats that sound like Suicide sharing a pint of brown ale and an anecdote about shagging a fat lass with Mud.

We want northern wit. We want choons. Hoorahl Duncan Boll t k is it Considering how consistently brilliant Novamute is, it's strange that this other Mute offshoot should be so consistently, well, crap.

Something's got to be done. Elsewhere, his angular grooves and distinctive rhyming drawl make for sleazy sounding tracks loaded with slow burning crankiness and acerbic Wayne Wonder - Mama. Shagging computers? Being a Hollywood star?

Both essential and life-affirming: in short, Roy Ayers rocks. This is your 14th compilation - pretty good going, don't you think? That must feel good. I just love the feeling I share with the audience when I play it live. Because everybody does love the sunshine, right?

Music keeps me young, man. I find that very relaxing. Genetically Modified. Remix Album. Out Dukol The Reason EP. Full of electronic attitude. It's an electronic wet dream, a technical aspiration The Yellow Album. For over six years, Movement Both Sides Of The Story - Phil Collins - Both Sides built an enviable reputation based upon twin foundations of fresh talent and unshakable credibility.

As a statement of intent for'The Sound Of Movement' pretty much broadsides the opposition. Job done. What do you expect this CD to sound like? A swathe of synths? Thundering, breaks-plated house with menacing, robo-vocoder vocals lost deep in the mix? Think again. Hooj have moved with the times, looking to the grimy sidewalks of New York for new inspiration with this compilation.

So, as thundering drum rolls and filtered disco loops get edged sideways, artists like Black Strobe, Audio Bullys and Soul Mekanik sidle onto the floor, roughing up lesser beats with an armoury of raucous lo-fi attitude and pitch black war paint The first CD sets the Hooj agenda well. Deep and vocal free, this is music to twist to at late night dens. This is dark disco for a dark era and Hooj have helped shift the goalposts again. The Choice - Crippled Youth - Join The Fight in this series of compilations of that music that nobody is calling electroclash anymore.

What's on it? The good doctor has a fine ear for a tune it seems, plucking wheat from the European and American electro- chaff mountains at will. Japanese Telecom, Trans-X and Anthony Rother say Tonight, Matthew's replacement, we'll be Kraftwerk as usual ', and all make a pretty decent stab at it. But there are two things about this compilation that are incontrovertibly great: Electron icat's Glitter Band-electro stomp through Depeche's The Dead Of Night', and the presence of a track called 'Barbara!

Buy A Monkey! Any cop then? Mighty fine. After other electro compilations have made you cut off your own ears and put them in a kitsch Eighties sandwich toaster, Dr Lektroluv will suture them up good.

Are you threatening us Mr Tidy Trax? Nonetheless, it all has more bottle than a magnum of Moet with a F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 at the bottom and put a large grin on our faces. It's the nuts. CD2 takes a darker, more abstract turn and, after a slow start, materialises into cosmic chill. In an audacious move, the surprisingly well turned-out Tong launches two collections simultaneously. For the early evening, we have a casual selection featuring the jejune, a la mode and hee- hong-de-la-style delights of Gotan Project, Lemon Jelly and acid hoolies FC Kahuna.

Judge Jules was so last season daaahling. Stylish, yet at the same time functional. Austria's electro veteran Electric Indigo proves she can still rock an with the very best of 'em.

Mount Sims weaves into My Robot Friend. God yes. Scary and addictive in equal measures. The likes of sonic alchemists Coil, long-lost hip hop geniuses New Kingdom and more trad dub vendors like The Disciples and Iration Steppas cut up musical language into William Burroughs-like fragments and sluice them into your brain on the back of huge basslines.

Lots of Room Two rumblers and Slam specials. McMillan and Meikle deliver a swift Glasgae kiss right to the heart of the dancefloor. Noisy motherfuckers from Berlin representing, retrospectively. What's on It? Bomb 20 and Patric C play their suspect devices, while rapping of varying degrees of sophistication is provided by Paul PM, Peaches and the one and only Chilly Gonzales.

Yeeeeeah, boyeee! Wagram Electronic produce a third electro-jazz-jam sandwich for the chic cafe dweller. A selection that treads the line between elegant sophistication and a fit of Try To Remember - Harry Belafonte - Stationen. Apart from a few tracks that are more Pret A Manger than cafe chic, this meal goes down a treat.

Feel the love. After a tediously smooth and considered first half, Dieselboy finally confronts you, cuts you bad, then squirts lemon juice into the gaping flesh wound. A lot of techno, mainly of the mellower, funkier persuasion.

You betcha. This is full of soulful goodness, and avoids the usual soul collection trap, of lapsing into wilful obscurity and earnest wibbling. This is one Central line you can rely on, regardless of leaves, black ice and broken rail track. If only everyone else on the underground was this dependable.

Legendary rapper Kurtis Blow calls in favours from all his old school chums, as well as the new school likes of Eminem. The USP? Each artist re-recorded their vocal for the versions of their tunes on this album, apparently. But where the hell are all the women? Is Blow some sort of misogynist wanker, or what? The purists will love it. Any Cop Then? We'll all be old one day, you know. Two CDs of techy- banging, with 16 normal CD audio tracks and - gasp!

Future city, daddio! It's all undoubtedly quality stuff, but the addition of MP3s seems a bit gimmicky - why not just have three CDs. Or have only MP3s giving you about 60 tracks over two CDs?

Musically, yes, but as an experiment in selling MP3sto normally light-fingered PC jockeys, it feels a bit half-arsed. Essential big room material. Featuring a bonus track of the previously unreleased Marc CVTool dub 'Universal Language', this nicely rounds off the second 12 ,r from one of the originators of the whole tech movement!

Promises to be a big hunk of a tune in the clubs. Buy this today. A smash. Opinion is divided on this one at Muzik Towers. This just goes to prove that near-middle-aged men with beards are never going to become overnight pop idols, especially when they insist on getting Roachford to sing on their original.

This limited edition is, as the title suggests, a proper, back to basics, hypno-house chugger. Quite right too. Rudimentary techno beats. Technically quite badly done, really, but who gives a stuff about that? Fly my hawkmen, fly!

Depends what sort of UK release It gets. Nobody listens to techno, Eminem tells us. Something like that anyway. So the genuine articles are here to put matters straight with a More Fire-style rinse-out that rises 2.

Largo - Vivaldi* / Gidon Kremer, London Symphony Orchestra*, Claudio Abbado - Le Quattro Stagioni its production which is bare budgetness. Great nu-hardcore re-rubs from Jamma Versus Bigga too. We love it. Five mailing list p'aces are up for grabs! Just vis f. Access to audio downloads is free.

M40 8YW. Competition Closing date: June 1st, F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 some beautiful piano keys and a tough rhythm track, the vibe and vocal make this a real modem boogie tune for the heads.

A near-perfect house record for Lazy F*ck U Up (Nobody Listens To Hip Hop) (Radio Mix) - Various - Techno Traxx 8 and Shelter heads alike - real top-drawer quality. This Moton was done by the clever hands and razor of a certain Grimsby ladyboy and Fabric DJ who shall remain nameless. Hi Bill - nice job! Lopez heads into dark, bass-heavy territory with cast iron beats and a funked-up synth hook.

A great package. This twisted three- tracker crosses the lines between house, electro and techno with consummate ease. The untitled A-side in particular is wicked, sounding like Chicken Lips and Herbert getting it on. But so are most of our women. All house music from Derby is pretty hot. Delivering a full- bodied range of driving, syncopated, urgent drums, Dundov manages to make a peak-time record that really stands out from the avalanche of current identikit dirges.

One moment brutal, the next delicate, Dundov's minimalist beats are full of deft nuances and subtle abstraction, with industrlakstrength basslines that cut through the dancefloor like lasers. From beautiful, synth- washed chords to UR assault funk, Baggaley shows that when it comes to shifting dancefloor butt, Bognor Regis can bust it with the best.

Yes indeedy. Weatherall and Gamier are already on the case, so it should put this new label right on the map. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free delivery with Amazon Prime.

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Something So Right - Paul Simon - Greatest Hits, Etc., Devils Rendezvous - Mozzart - Jasmin China Girl (Full Album), Late Scene - The Red Ryders - Lookin Good, Soundin Good, Reprobates Hymn - Thrashing Doves* - Trouble In The Home, Leigon Of Speedcore Anthem - Various - Hard & Core Will Dominate The World (File), MIKA - Grace Kelly, Sous Le Soleil De Bodega - Lorie - Danse (File, Album), Daddys Home - Various - Summer In The City, Hurricane - The Surf Sluts - Pot Sounds, Guardian Angel (Space Mix (Less Vocal Mix)) - Novaspace - Guardian Angel, Struck By Thunder - Crack Jaw - Nightout, St. Savoirs Rd. - Devlin Law - Count On Me, The Rhythm Divine - Yello - One Second, Dead Relatives / Tribal Noise - VM Quattro

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  1. The Drum Media entered the Perth landscape with a view to bring the ethos of its iconic East Coast brothers to the vibrant music scene that had developed in Perth. For past 18 months, The Drum.
  2. Apr 29,  · F*ck Sh*t Up (Chords Mix), a song by Starkillers Vs Stereojack on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, Music Duration: 6 min.
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  4. Oct 19,  · What the f*ck has happened to the music we grew up with and loved so much??? No really, I'm asking DISCLAIMER. PLEASE READ. I own none of the videos and audio used in .
  5. Jan 01,  · Stream F*ck Da City Up Mixtape by T.I. Hosted by Grand Hustle. 50 Cent says French Montana got beat up by Meek Mill's Dreamchasers%().
  6. 6LACK & Jhene Aiko – First F*ck MP3 Download. Listen to a new collaboration from buzzing artist 6lack and Jhene Aiko. 6LACK has been buzzing dating back to last year and will serve as opening act on The Weeknd‘s “Legend of the Fall” tour this thrash.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo up-and-coming Atlanta singer collaborates with Jhené Aiko on the sexy bedroom cut “First F**k.
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