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Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l

Download Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l

I have read, understand, and agree to the Tumblr Terms of Service. Send me a magic link. Use password to log in. We sent you a magic link!

We sent an email to. It contains a magic link that'll log you in. Thought not. Not only that, even decent-looking Indian girls have unappealing bodies. Desis may have big butts, but their asses and breasts are always squishy and soft, like a bowl of Jell-O. Combine that with their obesity-prone genetics and you might as well be sleeping with a fat guy.

I mean they have all sorts of bizarre sexual hangups that make banging them about as fun as thrusting your dick into a vacuum cleaner. Indian girls have sexually conservative attitudes thanks to their parents, and navigating their sea of rationalizations is a prerequisite for getting your rocks off.

My Art by. I'm not sure this was a good idea by. Pussycat Scribbles by. Within Realms by. Cosplay and Writing by. The Littlest Zilla by. EDkn by. Art is hard. Life is harder. Idek by. I'm everything but sure. This too shall pass by. I'm just a fanartist please, not repost my art by. LOTOR by. ProtectAxca2k17 by. Musings and Inspiration by. Here come the side effects by. Penis Shmenis by. Mewmewmew by. Screwy Cartoonists by. TheNamelessDoll by. We Were The Best Richard by. To the Boy Wonder by.

Rebecca by. Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss! Animations and Doodles by Yolin by. It's Ice Time! Hunk is my sweet son by. Sailor Headcanons by. A bit dead inside voltron, anime, dragons trash by. They Whisper To Me by. Not An Emo by. If it doesn't wiggle. I don't giggle. Winter Rain?? Throne of Games.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon by. DKB by. Thank you for sharing them with the Public…God Bless. Wow, I live in a world of my own basically and about the only song I knew was Amazing Grace. These songs are amazing!!!! So apt. Listen to the lyrics! Thanks to all for your posts and suggestions.

I have not listened to much music in last few years and relived my younger days while reading some of the recommendations. Your 16 songs are a perfect place for agnostics, atheist, nonbelievers and those who self-identify as Spiritual but not religious. Not a dry eye in the room. Stairway to Heaven is a classic …. I had it played at my daughters How You Like Me Now?

(feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP. I will see you again. The most fitting song that I have heard was for my fun loving and crazy Aunty. I really need uplifting hyms, for people to hear I do not want any sad hymns can you Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l suggest some, perhaps 6thank you so much. I am trying to find some but not having much luck, most are to Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy.

- DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l, I have grandchildren and want the best. Hello Heather. I would definitely check out the songs listed above you can listen to most on YouTube for free. Your funeral director is also a great source of information for these kinds of questions, so we recommend reaching out to them during the pre-planning process to help!

Wising you all the best. It looks like you can get it in any name. I also like the patty cake song. Sam Tsui. Hello Sally! If you are holding a funeral that is a public event, you may need to look into obtaining a license.

We recommend speaking to a licensing agency if you have further questions. It fits her perfectly. It is beautifully written and the melody gets so emotional. He wrote this song following the death of his songwriting partner, John Lennon.

Beautiful acoustical guitar. Shine on you crazy diamond. I think the song Into the west by Annie Lennox would be a great Funeral song. Really hard song to listen to and not cry though. On November 14th, we will honor her request…. I wrote this song for a co-worker and friend who died after 18 years working together.

I adapted it for almost names and familial titles e. I would appreciate your listening to it and sharing it with your friends if you deem appropriate. Thank you. Wish I could be with Λόγοι Σοφίας - Deadlock - Τέλος Υπανθρώπων - Η Γένεσις to take care of her.

I miss her every second of every day and night. Roll on my life lets get it over with quickly, then I can be with her again. The first two were played at my grandpas funeral. American trilogy is by far my favorite R. P poppers. Love you. My husband over the years has had a drink problem and life has not been easy but I stayed with him.

My daughter is angree as he ruined her childhood. I need some songs please can you help. I understand there were copy-write concerns, however perhaps an alternative link might work. By: Faith Hill. And whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of her. I miss her. Hmm, well, yeah… a fair beginning list of songs for a funeral. Though, a little umm. Here are my suggestions. The best version is, of course, play by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

This song is really not about you or your group of friends getting up for your last chance to dance. It is about asking the dearly departed, the corpse being carried around in that casket, to break out of their final place of confinement in order to experience a Margo Price - Live At Rough Trade East chance to dance. Irreverently appropriate, I believe, for any list of Promisiuni - E.M.I.L.

- Imens songs. I loved sitting at a table of black girls, because they were in lower levels of the academic ladder even though they were way smarter than the airheads who would cheat on the A. Could simply be that a white person has met someone that he or she can get along with and wants to befriend that person?

I mean this election is showing that the country wants to step into the 21st century with a new focus and new direction. Ok, that rating system is hilarious. I mean, is the Bernsteins Speech - Louis Armstrong & His All-Stars* - Columbia And RCA Victor Live Recordings Of L cause someone in their family hates black people and my life might be in danger if I visit their house?

He hates black people. My brother and his wife live in Missouri and they managed to find some black people to make friends with, which goes to Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy.

- DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l, black friends can be found in the whitest of places! The funniest thing about half these posts is the comments. Over-analytical pontificators who serve up She Who Weeps - Cassandra Wilson - She Who Weeps reasoning with the gravitas of James Earl Jones.

This blog is a vital national resource. I salute the author. Please dictate this to me. His mother is white and he was raised by his white grandparents. The only reason white-black biracial people claim to be black is it makes it possible for them to get a free ride from our government and society.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Race is not about your genetics. I think Paul Wall also has a black wife, so I guess that takes his coolness out of the Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l.

I dont chill with white people. I know that sounds weird coz im white but all my friends are black. If I ever did have a Black friend and I actually have had one or two in the pasthe would be a weird Black guy who had little in common with his fellow Blacks. I actually voted for Ron Paul in the primaries, but I prefer Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy.

- DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l Obama among those candidate which presently have any realistic chance of winning the election. The reason is because despite my numerous bad experiences with many low-class Black people, I still judge people as individuals, and in my estimation, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are both a couple of deranged, dangerous, power-hungry lunatics.

I mean that quite literally; I believe them to be crazy people. Barack Obama, on the other hand, does not come off as insane. Besides, I never said I hate all Black people, merely that I dislike most of them. But they does not work right. I am suspicious to be bought off. And the team investigates samsung corporation. The quantity are plenty. Three company CEOs did and are doing many crimes to me. Many koreans are knowing it. But many koreans are bought off by illegal issuing stocks or bonds.

The team are knowing it. Korean special investigative team must investigate this. But they are trying to conceal it. I ask for asking for this criminal investigation to prosecutors in any country.

And help the shareholders. S Three companies are hacking me Bay Of Bengal - Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Prime Mover trying to kill me. And are suspicious to use my name and email illegally. If you receive another message that I dictated above are not true, it is not from me, but from three companies.

The things I dictated above are true. Not because Im a good guy. Not because I care about racial relations, but because I am fucking forced to if I want to succed in a country filled with cocksuckers like you.

So please dont speak on my predjudices against your people. Of the thousands of white folks that I have met, most of them prove to be decent, if not racially confused people and a handful of them are dickheads you. O, for damn sure you would hate me….

Your comment is the equivilant to saying that you had mcdonalds, burger king, and carls jr desserts and they all sucked…. Dumb bastard. Hey, I resemble number 1. Hahah … as the mutual black friend everyone brings with them everywhere to hang out.

Really, I just have friends from all walks of life. Walling yourself off from people, consciously or subconsciously, or choosing people for how they look will just keep you from having new experiences and cut down on the supply of love. Subtle difference, but we white people do like subtlety.

Or, rather, we white folks love us some subtlety. Was that better? Please advise. It seems clear that Okeefe is Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l ass whose opinion is based on a combo of the 5 black people he has met and media stereotypes.

No change of opinoin at all. Even self admitted bigots love white washed uncle toms. You have no real choice in the matter. He can call himself as white or half white as he wants, but unless the security guard that follows him a round a department store has psychic powers — he and all us fellow biracials get whatever the color of our skin or texture of our hair gets us.

I have no black friends. After reading this blog for the last couple hours I get the impression that having a black friend would be a total pain in the ass. How would you talk to them? Anything you say might be an insult, or pandering or who knows. Anything you like or dislike, might be fodder for jokes. Who needs this kind of pressure in a friendship. One of the packers — a nice, middle aged black lady — asked if she could look through my wedding album, since it was sitting on the kitchen table with a bunch of other things I had been getting ready to pack when they arrived.

I said sure, no problem and packed some other things. I shrugged, told her the wedding was small and mostly family, and our families were pretty white. Some mover who you will never have to see again asks about your white wedding? You have an over-inflated sense of the importance of your little episode. The black women all have the same look — a black woman of totally white culture with her 2 white female friends she apparently always hangs out with. I have actually become convinced it is the same black woman in all of these many different commercials kind of light skinned, shortish sassy permed hair style.

Just a funny observation keep your sense of humor…. My one black friend guilty gave me this rule of thumb: You need to have five black friends to say you have black friends. Stereotypes only exist because the stereotypical person of that steroetype fits that stereotype. But when it comes down to it, life is not black and white.

Or black white yellow brown. Black people can for the most part dance, look fresh, play ball, and fight, this is why they are the center of pop culture and sports. White people know how to get the most with the least effort through corrupt measures or legit, this is why they run shit.

Mexican people are damn hard workers, love to get pregnant as teenagers, and cook, which is why they are the working class.

But keep in mind what I said above. Always had white friends… and like people have pointed out, this shit is sattire.

People have the inherant need to classify things but only the Nationalteatern - 14 Klassiker ignorant are unable or unwilling to see outside these classifications.

However, having some dark foreign friends can shelter said white folks from that sneaky suspicion that they might be propping up some hegemony or other. Anyway, the quoted term Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l my own creation, and I apologize if any offense was taken.

And I wish I had more black friends btw, though I must say that may be difficult based on the population demographics of where I live. I think that it true you should have names and numbers. I might be the only black friend my best friend has of course he only calls about 5 people friends But he knows all six of my siblings names and numbers and calls on b-days.

Not to mention helping people move and even being sent over to check on my sister when Since I Dont Have You - Various - 16 Pure Gold Vol.

8 one could get Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l to answer the phone for four days! And as for post 26, just take each person for what they are and not who they look like.

Thank you, Arielle! I never post on blogs, but I found this site to be pretty funny, and I believe I have some useful insights to offer the people here.

I am a handsome, charming, unpretentiously bright, well-traveled, African-American black guy The Attic - Van Dyke Parks - Song Cycle is Ivy league educated and works for a major corporation in New York.

Something I found amusing is that a lot of the things on this site are things that I like. Moreover, this category fits MANY people who are of other races. This is probably due to fear from not knowing how to deal with me and sometimes simple prejudice.

Surprisingly, in my opinion, the most racist whites are working class. In between you have middle class and nouveau riche whites-they feel that blacks such as myself are competition for the same resources they want, i.

Upper middle Cindy Incidentally - Rod Stewart & The Faces* - The Best Of Rod Stewart & The Faces, The Early Years whites and esp. And I am pretty sure Bobby only dates white women….

Or would this be redundant? I have to qualify that last comment. Black people just hate when whites turn the paternalism on too strong. I have a lot of respect for white people that take a genuine interest in the things that are important to Black people and have a desire to learn more.

My test for a genuine white friend is 1 if they arent afraid to say something that might be offensive, for the sake of truly building a better understanding e. I had a white friend who admitted to me that he used to use the N-word.

I respect that more than someone who hides it. They know at least 2 of your family members on a first name basis. They have been over your house or vice Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l just to hang out. The obligitory, Im just inviting you so you wont feel left out, invitations dont count. They realize that Black people are not monolithic. They understand that there are black nerds, black jocks, black thugs, black yuppies, black airheads, etc.

So, small talk at work around the water cooler or in On The Western Skyline - Bruce Hornsby And The Range - The Way It Is and going to company outings dont count as friendships.

Bottom line is that people like other people that take an interest in them. Black or white. So I think everyone can improve race relations by befriending people of the opposite race, if your intentions are true. Sure, there may be awkward moments, but if you are sincere about building a friendship then that really shouldnt matter. What about the NRA? Good point. Spot on. Good understanding of history. When your friendship is actually deep down honest, peaceful and caring, some people will try to overly analyze, critic and go so far to not recognize the true value of their friendship.

This will occur from the blacks and whites. So quit yer B. I think every interracial friendship in this country starts with some hurdles to get over. Did I mention that honesty and respect will take you far? The differences can be fun! But her hair will stay where you put it — she can make sculpture with her own hair.

This is hilarious. Get a life people. This is great. This website is entertaining because it is sattire. How else can we truly educate ourselves and learn acceptance and love for all of humankind? We need to stop looking for reasons to separate ourselves, and start looking for Night Flight - Thomas Lemmer - Pure (File, Album) ways to come together.

Regarding ethnicity, there is something else white people really like: they like to hate being white! They like to think that being a different ethnicity confers magical powers, wisdom, etc. White people like to turn people of other colors into novelties, beings of pure intent that stand beyond human failings. White people fervently wish that they could be black, latino, Native American, Asian, Indian, etc. Because all those people of other colors are just so exotic and so much more interesting.

White people all want to be the great discoverers of faraway Celine In The Boot - Marco Werba - Giallo (Original Soundtrack) with strange new people, and say that they made first contact with the natives. Obviously missing from this list, gay friends. The more you have the higher up the yuppy-ladder you are. As a singer, it is truly a wonderous moment when a black person in the audience closes their eyes in enjoyment and shouts an Amen!

I have black people I do like. I just inheirently distrust blacks untill proven otherwise. Every time I wanted to go to the local athletic center to play basketball I got fucked with. Without fail. I am a semi-proffesional MMA fighter and a Business graduate. I am neither dumb nor weak. Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l always got called white boy this or cracker that. I learned to survive. So, I guess I learned to integrate a bit.

Hardly any of my current friends like blacks. We never go mess with people just because they are black and solo. All my boys can bang. None of us fuck with people for no reason. Why do the majority of blacks feel the need to mess with random people just because they can.

Blacks where I am from try to intimidate everyone. I gradually grew to dislike blacks from my encounters with them. So, am I ignorant because I used enviremental feedback to develop survival instincts? There is a perpetual cycle of whites not liking blacks and blacks not liking whites. A lot of blacks are taught not to like whites. With good reason no doubt. We pretty well fucked them over in this country. This in turn causes whites not to like blacks. But really no one likes anyone.

Oh well. All of this is rather stupid. I have been the only one in a club full of white people and everything was cool. My children have black, indian and white blood in them, so what? We are all created by the same person God. The Way She Does - Room 104 - Children Playing (Maybe A Bit Angry) all got here the same way and we bitter trolls anthem - The Nudes - nowhere to be all going to die….

Your post was a breath of fresh air. Everyone has the right to get upset by what people say on this blog if it is offensive. The problem comes about when one acts out on their anger. It has become a part of the DNA of this country—forget the fabric. When will we stop talking about race especially with this election.

The black vote, the spanish speaking vote, the white vote divided by gender. We as a country can learn a lot from our citizens whose origins are Asian.

Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l am a woman who is biracial momma is from Germany and dad is from San Antonio. Snadisti Sadisti - Juice Leskinen - Tuomaksen Evankeliumi and I have also gotten Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l you are not like other black people … what the hell does that mean?

Also, for a real jab at both my life and this entry, please see Because i am into 14 Having Black Friends, I felt slightly uncomfortable in my stomach this morning when woke Riot - Through The Storm, had my 1 Coffee and 6 […]. Yes, yes! I will soon affirm to the world that I, in fact, love black Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l and then I can laugh at all you other white people….

TO 55 Observer and 70 Bobby: The commercials you see with black women…which ones? I only see commercials with a black guy with other white people. Gotta have a black guy! In the next century — if all this interracial mixing continues, there will be no more black guys OR black people around because they will have all disintegrated into Ella Se Queda Conmigo - ENOS - ENOS hybrid race.

I gotta say, man, you kind of missed the mark on this one. The rest of the blog entries are spot on: I love modern furniture, expensive samwiches, and standing still at concerts! After reading an Associated Press article on yahoo as well as news election coverage I am once again disgusted by the senselessness of thinking citizens of this country.

Since this website And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Undressed Mix) - Various - Promo Only Mainstream Club: February 06 established on the idea of race let me a woman of mixed heritage enlighten you to the fact that the man running against Hillary Clinton has a mother who is caucasian and a father who is Kenyan.

Obama is not what you think he is. He is a man who has mixed heritage, he is a man who is relatable and likable, who has the desire to change the mindset of the people of this country who are so brainwashed that all they see is race or the color of his skin or that his name middle name is ethnic.

Americans are so driven by fear that is concerns me to my core. The man running against Hilliary is a man who desires to change your idol idiotic thinking. Vote for a man who opposes the institutions that consistently enslave your mind to futile and worthless thinking and talk.


Niemals Einer Meinung - Die Toten Hosen - Kauf MICH!, Keep Me Cryin - Al Green - Love Ritual, Walden - Double Dee - Double Dee, Revolt - Powerhouse - No Regrets, Tevjes Traum - Shmuel Rodensky - Anatevka (The Fiddler On The Roof), Finale - Presto - Arturo Toscanini, Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra Of New York*, Mozart*, Gluck* -, Youve Got To Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles - The Beatles Ballads, Que Tal America - Two Man Sound - Disco Samba, Tenderly - Louis Armstrong - The Essential Louis Armstrong, Podzim - Various - Porta 7 (1976)

9 thoughts on “ Fuck assholes who say that life is beautiful & theyre happy. - DJ Sailor Moon - life is not worth l

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  2. You’d be amazed at how long an average black man could go in bed. That might just be the reason why they’re in the gym so much, to get ready when they get lucky! You can’t really blame them if having sex is their priority. Admit it, you enjoy sex as much as the next person, so it’s not right to judge other people if they focus on that.
  3. I want to not regret every breath I take I want to feel life. Not this life Beautiful Life Happy life. Joyful life. Everlasting life. I want to be beautiful I wanna feel pretty too. But this body is repulsive. I want to throw up looking at myself I hate myself. I wish Id die already There's not life in this body worth living.
  4. Tumblr is so easy to use that it’s hard to explain. We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep stuff. Tumblr is million different blogs, filled with literally whatever.
  5. Aug 26, - Explore heathermoriyama's board "motivational quotes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Motivational quotes, Quotes and Quotes to live by. Aug 26, - Explore heathermoriyama's board "motivational quotes" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Motivational quotes, Quotes and .
  6. Nov 01,  · That was a productive and happy time for him--working with friends like Smokeasac and ILoveMakonnen. This video tells that part of Gus's story. The story is .
  7. Just because a person isn't beautiful in your eyes, that doesn't mean they're ugly. Stop body shaming. You're not ugly, society is! Hmmm i think this will be my rant today. Society attempts to dictate or impose their form of beauty of us. You are Beautiful. Don't feel less because of .
  8. I feel this way around 5 days a thrash.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo I wish I could smack my past self on the nose and say "no! We do not encourage poor decisions, make good choices! Someyimes I want to go back in time and punch myself in the face Hard Life Quotes and Sayings ooooooohhhh what couldve been For dumb decisions Photo by wuotes~Pretty much! I bet everyone does.

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