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How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP

Download How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP

They both have a penchant for simple melodies and casual details in their story songs. The album plays almost like the soundtrack to a musical, and it jumps from genre to genre pretty seamlessly. But this is Rae Sremmurd at the top of their game, crafting hook Bitchslapped - DJ Q - Music As We Know It solid hook.

Christianity Today used to be the best, before they dissolved that department, but it How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now?

EP a void that no place has filled with anything resembling quality writing. But very few albums weighed as heavily on my heart as this one. Every year I write a post about the Christmas music I loved from this year and from years past. New Favorites. I tend to gravitate to soul versions of Christmas carols anyway, so this was easy listening for me. McPherson, an Oklahoma artist specializing in rockabilly, is uniquely positioned to write original Christmas songs, since his style of music sounds classic anyway.

Kringle to start eating so he can be fat by Christmas. An Old Favorite. Sinatra, the premier interpreter of standards in all of pop music history, makes every song clean and clear, bringing the right amount of gravitas and levity in the right places. A New Old Favorite. All of their songs are instrumentals, but they were a big influence on rock music, pioneering the use of several different kinds of guitars in the genre.

Their Christmas album feels like what Ethan Hunt or James Bond would listen to if they were psyching themselves up for a Yuletide mission. These lists will inevitably change by the time I release the official Bummys next September fingers crossed! But many of these movies and albums will remain near the tops of my lists.

Here are my initial impressions of what the best movies and albums of this year were, along with a couple extras at the bottom:. Everything they touch turns to gold. Her voice is unparalleled in Americana.

No one-hit wonder here. Best Book I Read. A good place to start: this novel following three pastors in three different time periods in the How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP little Swedish parish. The nature of showing the same parish spanning different periods of time means the book has a lot to say about faith and congregations sustaining through tragedy and the grinding away of time.

Best Comic I Read. Top Ten. If that sounds boring, let me assure you that Shelley has an ear for the kinds of melodies that seep into the crevasses of your brain and remain their forever.

Indeed, the only thing to distinguish this album from the rest of her sterling catalog is that literally every song feels essential. From his elevation of an already great band in the Drive-By Truckers to his solo career starting in after he found sobriety, everything Isbell has touched has turned to gold.

The Nashville Sound gives its full-bodied sound more panoramic subject matter, tackling racism, tribalism, and mental health. But its effect on me has been unique, sweeping me up in its epic scope and its measured introspection, which How You Like Me Now?

(feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP a wholly different experience, but no less great. Tyrone and Carr's approach is How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP modern soul-y if you had told me this was recorded in the early '80s, I would have totally believed that. Very smooth stuff and nice use of both acoustic guitar and electric keys.

The interplay between male and female vocals is also an interesting approach, as is the shift in the back half of the song with the addition of horns and more percussion. It took a minute but I was lucky Hurricane Waves - Bomb The Music Industry! - Vacation to come two copies of their single - one of Jam fromthe other being the second issue on DJM from ' And this is where things get interesting Which is the cover?

I think most have assumed it was Christopher first but only because hers is, by virtue of its noteriety, the definitive version. But all that means is that she has the best known version, not necessarily the first. Both releases are credited to though this site puts Tyrone and Carr's single as a March release, making it less likely that they're covering Christopher unless her album came out Jan 1 or something. However, on Christopher's own siteit says the album was recorded inwhich would put it ahead of the Tyrone and Carr 7".

It seems more likely to me that Kaye gave his song to an artist on the label he works for and that song goes on to get covered elsewhere than for him to give the song to Christopher and then return to find a Jam artist to record it. Moreover, musically, I feel like it Christopher's version sounds like a cover insofar as it adds something that isn't there on Tyrone and Carr's - the very beginning of the song with that haunting back-and-forth between the what the hell is it?

A guitar? A horn? That sounds like something a smart arranger throws on to distinguish their cover from the original. In contrast, the Tyrone and Carr don't have anything like that - the bassline is there but that's it.

It's possible they could have stripped off Christopher's intro but it's so distinctive, you'd think if theirs was the cover, they'd try to riff off it somehow. There's nothing "at stake" here except simply establishing a correct timeline of who-covered-who.

Personally, I love insider baseball stuff like this and besides, it gives me the opportunity to post up what I think are two excellent tunes, regardless of which came first. Sad news today confirming that legendary turntablist Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners passed away this weekend. According to a statement from his family, he was was recently involved in a mixed martial arts accident. He is survived by his wife, three lovely daughters, mother and friends. Raida was recently in an mixed martial arts accident, something that he has been practicing for several years.

Although he had under gone two surgeries with great success, was released to an inpatient physical therapy facility and was in great spirits the past few days. This morning he started to have complications and passed. The family asks for privacy at this time. But it's been a long time since I actually listened to the song itself and when it arrived in the mail, I threw it How You Like Me Now?

(feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP and just let it ride and was reminded of this: It is one of the more eclectic of the classic breakbeat songs I can think of. James Brown songs - "Funky Drummer" - are awesome but they're straight ahead funk tunes. They "make sense" the same way Skull Snaps' "It's a New Day" or the Honeydrippers' "Impeach the President" make sense; they're great tunes but nothing about them necessarily throw you. Just listen to how it unfolds: that signature breakbeat gives way to the darkness of the keys, then an unexpected vocal drop-in which is so solemn in tone.

Listen to the lyrics - it's some heady stuff. But then the song swings in feel midway through I want to say it goes from minor to major but I may be wrong only to give back ground to the song's inherent somberness.

This song may be many things but simple or straight forward it is not. Earlier in the year, the Ultimate Beats and Breaks band? I think it's pretty solid but to me, the song isn't the same sans lyrics. I'll let you decide.

Labels: 45ssamplessoul naps. The album is musical hot sauce and is sure to set your feet ablaze when you're grooving to their heavy riffs - the guitarist absolutely Yesterday - Hullujussi - Hullujussi Brownout has a few California tour How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP left in September before going on a couple week break.

Check out How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP MySpace page for a listing of dates.

To win a copy, simply e-mail soulsideseric How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP gmail. I will randomly select 3 names from all entries next Wednesday, September 23, Contest Rules: 1. Contest ends at midnight on Wednesday, September 23, Entries that arrive after that time are ineligible. Only US addresses are eligible. Sorry international readers! Only 1 entry per person. Congratulations on winning the new Breakestra single!

For the rest of you wanting to hear the new song, it is out NOW on vinyl and digital formats. Many How You Like Me Now?

(feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP to Strut Records for sponsoring the contest and especially to you, our readers, for your continued support! Fill in the missing word. Tackett Q2. Name the title of their debut album. Hint: It's NOT one of the mixtape releases. And if you want to truly hear an abomination, check this.

So heck, I know a few Soul Sides readers mess with production so I thought I'd put out a high-quality copy of the Reed to see what folks might come up with if anyone is so inclined. If anyone actually messes around with this, please send me a copy to peep. Wait, did I already mention that the Reed original is one of the best things ever?

And that I cannot believe I haven't written about it until now even though it's quite possibly my favorite record of the last two years?

Fruko: Langaruto From 7" Fuentes, ? First up, I've been hunting down a copy of this Johnny Holiday single for years now. It could very well be one of the roughest things I've ever heard - sounds like a funk garage band with a flutist sitting in and Holiday just raging on the mic like he's mad at the world.

How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP has cut other singles, including for Bold, but none of them sound like this; I don't know if the studio was having recording problems Once Was A Time I Thought - The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin: The Songs Of The Mamas And day the flipside is also a monster but the mix is completely fed up, burying his vocals over a crushing, blues-influenced funk number but whatever happened - god bless.

I love grimy cuts like this. Thanks to Records L. The Combinations 7" is something I bought on a lark; I was already buying another 45 from the same seller and decided to take a chance on this despite minimal awareness of the group. As I dug deeperI was surprised to learn that the group originally began as a garage band from Easton PA; mostly white save for a lone Black member. They described their sound as "a blend of white rock under black soul.

I'm not clear if the 7" I have was the one actually included with the game as some sites have reported. There was also a Bump Ball album but it's not clear if the Combinations recorded all the songs on here or just the title track, which was credited to "The Bumpers". Interesting history but all that aside - I like the track. It, uh, bumps. This song, in particular, has that massive salsa dura sound that manages to be distinctly Colombian in a way I still haven't been able to put my finger on - it opens like a guajira before switching things up to a quicker son montuno about half a minute in again, I think.

Corrections welcome! So fierce. Puerto Rico's Orquesta Zodiac drops the other Latin cut in this set, another strong '70s slice of salsa. I really like the use of organ on here; it's subtle but it adds that spritz of sonic lime to flavor up the rest of the track.

I'm also feeling the vocal interplay between the lead and background singers - great call and response. The Jimmy and Eddie is a strong funky soul Wind Beneath My Wings - Sheena Easton - Live In Hollywood (DVD) I nabbed at Big City Records in NYC earlier this year; the mix sounds just a tad off here but in favor of the rhythm section and especially the How You Like Me Now?

(feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP and drummer. Their team-up really brings this whole tune together - it pushes along nicely and the drums are mic-ed just right to lend that extra oomph. Give the rhythm section some love on this Mandells' single too. The group perfectly blend some Chicago-style sweet soul vocals with that deep, deep bass, the chicha-chicha of the hi-hat patterns Are you kidding me?

Last on the 7" tip is one of the straight up strangest 45s I've come across of late. I could have sworn I originally heard this on Matthew Africa's blog but I can't seem to find it there again.

Nonetheless, it really pays to listen to this beyond just thinking, "ooooh, nice groove. And then the sweet, falsetto vocals drop in and you're thinking, "man, this is so butter. I won't spoil it for you but just wait until you pass the two minute mark. I feel like there should be a sound effect inserted here, just to hammer the point home. An otherwise beautiful tune. Bonus cut is the special bilingual disco 12" edit of Frankie Nieves' finest work for Speed, "True Love" which, as you can figure out in one bar, interpolates "Soulful Strut.

To be frank iethe edit does get a bit repetitive after a while but then again, it is one effective groove Young Holt Unlimited knew what the f they were doing back in the day. Right now, I have at least 1. Th Highlighters were an Indiana group probably best known for their uber-rare "Funky 16 Corners" funk I also really dig the organ here - unexpected but quite welcome.

I'm not remotely as big on fusion stuff as I was about 10 years back but I still have a soft spot for this album by the Slovakian Jankeje which is one solid footing in funk-influenced rhythms but also healthy touches of avant garde jazz as this composition, in particular, seems to capture.

File under "I can't believe I never posted this": Preston Love's Omaha BBQ was one of the earliest funky blues albums I ever became acquainted with and I still find it to be one of the most consistent efforts in the genre. The drummer gets some special attention here on the two bridges where band members rap with each other over a chattering like series of breaks and fills.

Speaking of breaks, you'd be hard pressed to find too many songs with a better 8 bar opening break than this. The actual song itself is a decent, mid-tempo country-rock ballad which isn't quite what you'd expect with an intro like that but it's definitely a step up from " Put Your Hand in the Hand. Bonus points for having Battle Cat back when he was mostly known as a DJ on the cut.

Again, I don't really ride that hard for the song itself there are better Lench Mob cuts out there but I do like the contrast in production style you can here between the Beatnuts and T-Ray. Especially because T-Ray was doing stuff for Cypress Hill and his style and Muggs' seemed so compatible, I always associate it with a Left Coast thing even though neither Muggs nor T-Ray were originally from California. One more from the West actually, now that I think about it, these three songs were probably from a long-forgotten "early 90s West Coast hip-hop post" - a remix of King Tee's "The Great" found on the "Bust Dat Ass" 12".

I always like going back and listening again to his catalog especially anything connected to The Triflin' Album - such a good voice and such a damn shame his Aftermath album never got official release. Los Pakines: Hojas Verdes Oh! I don't know much about Peruvian chicha but this fusion of Colombian cumbia with American surf rock makes for style that's hard to forget once you hear it.

I got turned onto this Los Pakines album when I was looking for stuff by Los Diablos Rojo, another group in a similar vein.

The Pakines, in particular, seemed to love that reverb and just drench every song on this album with it. Cherie" sounds like a cover of a '60s tune I should recognize but don't. Also on Mother Popcorn Bobo Mr.

Also on What It Is! By sheer coincidence, besides that Willie West 7", I also picked up two different "answer" singles at Records L. As the name suggests, they are meant to follow-up on other almost always, far more famous songs and in that sense, they're both covers AND originals.

In the case of the Vicki Anderson I've had a crappy VG- copy for years and finally decided to upgrade"Answer to Mother Popcorn," she's hollering back at James Brown and his big hit, "Mother Popcorn" Brown got a lot of mileage out of the "Popcorn" dance in his music of that eraflipping Brown's leering gaze into a funky feminist anthem.

With Bobo Mr. I initially thought this was Willie Bobo under a different name but nope, that'd be Beau Williams from Houston. Here, he's answering appropriately enough Honey Cone's big hit "Want Ads," though unlike the relatively fresh track Vicki Are You Ready?

- Silent Frequencies - AFK Dubstep 01 grooving on, Williams tends to stay fairly close to the original arrangement. Same goes for Jeanne and the Darlings' slept-on answer song to Sam and Dave's classic "Soul Man" - they built their arrangement off some "Soul Man" riffs but don't follow it so closely to be identical.

Strip singer West off of here and this could have been a Lee Dorsey track or something Cyril Neville put out and indeed, it seems likely some of the Meters played on here.

The version of "Fairchild" on here is pretty stripped down - Outside Looking In - Artificial Peace / Marginal Man - Discography / Double Image sparse bass and drum combo and not much else besides West's vocals.

I came upon a 7" promo version of the song at the brand spankin' new Records L. Clearly, the two were done from two different mixes since the promo version has horns that don't exist on the other version at all, plus more prominent guitars. I did some research and I'm hardly the first to have noticed this difference.

Is it possible to feel this alive while so consumed with death? But nonetheless, and to a surprisingly successful effect, Matt Berninger and co. Richard Edwards, Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset: On his first solo record, Richard Edwards proves himself a quiet master of Moderato - Joseph Haydn, Walter Olbertz - Die Klaviersonaten.

Gesamtausgabe songwriting craft, penning wistful, longing melody after melody. Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset is an independent, singular work of anguish and vulnerability; Richard Edwards has been to hell and back, this accomplished release chronicles his torment in painstaking, lilting detail.

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile, Lotta Sea Lice: One of the most genuinely pleasant surprises of the year, Lotta Sea Lice is an indie rock dream, loaded with jangly guitars and warm, friendly harmonies. Brand New, Science Fiction: Science Fiction is haunting and solemn; rather than menace listeners with blistering yelps and How You Like Me Now? (feat. The Dap-King Horns) - The Heavy - How You like Me Now? EP guitars, Lacey and company opt to spread out their message across lush, polished soundscapes and let them soak in over the course of the record.

Composed mostly with quiet guitars, delicate pianos and minimal percussion, the songs of New Lore breathe in these instances, inviting moments of melancholy, contemplation and somber reflection. Sean Rowe makes a strong, dramatic and innovative entry into the alt-folk genre and continues to solidify his position as one of its most talented songwriters.

The four piece accomplishes the admirable—and previously unfathomable—feat of balancing no-holds-barred rock with obscure jazz and big band influences without breaking a sweat or cracking under their own artistic heft.

Protomartyr — Relatives In Descent 2. Slowdive — Slowdive 3. Sandy Alex G — Rocket 5. Ty Segall — Ty Segall 9. The National — Sleep Well Beast Jay Som — Everybody Works Kelley Stoltz — Que Aura OMNI — Multi-task Mastodon — Emperor of Sand Feral Ohms — Feral Ohms Pile — A Hair Shirt of Purpose Zola Jesus — Okovi King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard — Polygondwanaland The Black Angels — Death Songs Ty Segall — Ty Segall Fleet Foxes — Crack-Up Pallbearer-Heartless 8.

Pissed Jeans — Why Love Now 7. Elder — Reflections of a Floating World 6. CFM — Dichotomy Desaturated 5. The National — Sleep Well Beast 4. The soundtrack had me hooked even before Emily and I were able to see the movie. The powerful voice of Glen Hansard and the the gentle, unsure vocals of Marketa Irglova combine in the most enchanting way.

An easy to listen to album that grows in depth and intensity the more times you spin it. No matter how many times I tried, I was just frustrated with his whisper-singing. Plus, with a full band and a decent production crew behind him, he can really churn out a great A Most Impossible Dream - Dwayne Hickman - Dobie or twelve. This is the first album of the year to blow me away, that was by a band that was new to me.

The songs are easy to digest on the surface, but eventually you catch the turns of phrase that elevate this album above mere pop-music. Score one for the Promo Team many many thanks to Wendy at toolshed. What do you do if you Crack - Reality 23 - A Trip Down Memory Lane Dungeons and Dragons, but you just have the uncontrollable urge to dance?

Blame this one on the radio. I love this album. That is all. Robert Duffy of DoneWaiting. It was the kind of music that was perfect for the bitter cold of those mid-November days. I was still staring absently, but instead of a depressing parking lot and empty community pool, I was transfixed by the dancing flames and the dancing tunes inside my head.

I heard someone describe her voice as half-way between Fiona Apple and Emmylou Harris. The songs are sometimes colorful country and other times gentle Americana. Unexpected instrumentation keeps the album alive and vibrant when some other artists might have been content with merely a guitar and a quiet drum. With guests like the one and only Eric Metronomeand help from Tim Eastonshe would be hard pressed to have put out a bad album. Got that? Good, now lets move on.


La Descansada - Roldán - El Cantar, A Most Impossible Dream - Dwayne Hickman - Dobie, Erotic Night - Jean Jacques Robert* - Jean Michel Guise* - Delirius Music, Disk Warrior - Technoboy - Technoboy D.J. Bag Vol. 1, The Disappeared - Various - The New Face Of Apollyon (A 5th Anniversary Compilation), Έλα Πάρε Μου Τη Λύπη - Various - Στη Σκηνή, Sad Day - Blancmange - Happy Families, Schildkröten - Various - Musik Für Kinder, Geneva - Sarah Davachi - Qualities Of Bodies Permanent, The God That Failed - Metallica - Metallica, Sick World - Active Minds - Death To Capitalism And Other Tales

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  1. I wrote over at Thirty-Eight Minutes about how to process Taylor Swift’s Album of the Year win over Kendrick Lamar. Below is an excerpt. Follow this link to read the rest.. You’ll be easily forgiven if you decided to skip watching last night’s 58 th Grammy Awards. I’m not going to recap the entire awards show, because recapping something that lasted hours sounds like a lot of work.
  2. Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on May 20, (Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBC) With six prizes each, Ed Sheeran and Kendrick Lamar were the biggest winners at the Billboard Music Awards, which were presented May 20 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Sheeran won the awards for Top Artist, Top Male Artist, Top Hot .
  3. Sure it's not the Blue Note years, but this is an excellent late set by Byrd that shows he was still one hell of a leader! Byrd's at the head of a strong group that includes Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Joe Henderson on tenor, Donald Brown on piano, and Rufus Reid on bass – and the tracks are a blend of modal and soul jazz styles, awash with color and warmth, really stretching past earlier.
  4. Dec 12,  · The Fire Note Top Albums of Writer Edition. Add in two songs with the Eagles of Death Metal, an appearance of the Dap-King Horns, and a country weeper duet with Dolly Parton, and you’re on to something special. But what lifts Rainbow above the rest of the pop pack is Kesha’ self-deprecating sense of humor at times, while still.
  5. Once I did, it now makes me wanna go, "uh huh huh." Spinnerty feat. EP and Czar Absolute: Feels Like Rain From 7" (Trazmick, ) I don't have much to add to what I said before except to re-emphasize. This is really really really good. Oh wait, I did say that before. You catch my drift though. Bitty McLean: Walk Away From Love.
  6. I love going to shows and I love taking photos at shows. It’s often quite a challenge when you’re combating a single red light bulb at the back of the stage in a tiny basement rock club (or Christmas lights, for that matter), but it’s loads of fun, and tonight I want to take a look at the best photos of here at ThaBombShelter.. APROPOS OF NOTHING.
  7. You can listen back to the last few shows as podcasts at the Eastside FM website - head to the program grid and select Groovescooter. MOST RECENT PLAYLISTS + PODCASTS HERE. PRE PLAYLIST ARCHIVE BELOW. Rockwell (dub) - Somebody's Watching Me Kaos - Feel Like I Feel.
  8. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of How You like Me Now? EP on Discogs.
  9. For those of you like me who have never gotten to hear the mono versions, we can hear The Beatles in a “new” way. Now is the most affordable time to hear them, but act fast as the Mono set is limited (although another small run is being manufactured due to the high demand) and was already on backorder from most retailers even before release.

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