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Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X

Download Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X

A real Renaissance man, Calvin's as happy chatting about obscure Sixties Italian film soundtracks as he is spinning tales of jellies and snowballs at Rezerection back in Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X He's gone off to pursue a career in the law. The clover sod. But he says his rates are reasonable and if you're ever about to he strip-searched in a Spanish gaol, lie's only ever a phono call away. Cheers then, Calvin, and all the best, mate. Farrow Design.

Photograph Valerie Phillips. Lemon Jelly, of course F ED up with your mundane clubbing experiences? Bored of lightsticktrance excess? Feeling tired with life? Best try Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X of Fred and Nick's Lemon Jelly. Cheap, juvenile and refreshing musical fun guaranteed to make you smile a lot. Every 30 min utes the Wheel takes the crowd to the cusp of say, Euro pop-fuelled oblivion, before another quick spin shoots them skyward with a tribute to Masters At Work.

House music gets you going, but it gets you going more if you've just had 30 minutes of British comedy hits. The relief a makes it more special. The duo's 'Homage To Patagonia' single is the "new sound of vyorldwide music" according to Gilles Peterson. Not bad, given that Nick can usually be found in the studio programming for the likes of the Spice Girls and "lots and lots of other famous people". It also goes some way to redressing the balance after his father- in-law helped killed rave.

Honestly, he Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X. I came up with the phrase 'repetitive beats' which is now the bane of everyone's life] I'm very embarrassed and I'd like to say sorry to everyone. My father- in-law is innocent, just a pawn of the government.

Putihay ir'irl Torn Midf llutor i r :i I. The Big Chill is off to Cairo next. I'd book my camel now if I Wasryou. But now you too can learn to speak DJ in one easy lesson. Doctors from the National Poisons Unit at Guy's Hospital claim the drug causes severe liver damage, confirming what most clubbers feared - that Es are not good for you. Madonna publishes her 'art' book, Sex. Vision hold what is claimed to be the biggest ever rave somewhere off the A The female contraceptive, the much-vaunted Femidom, finally arrives on our shores.

Going downtempo, Trevor Jackson's Bite It! A major flood in northern Pakistan leaves 2, people dead and 2 million homeless. Rising DJ star Sible Hedingham is causing havoc at Danny and Jenni Rampling's Glam night and signalling a move away from functional clothing into glamour.

Shortly after, Hedingham transmogrifies into Jon of the Pleased Wimmin. The Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X really starts rushing when I hear this. Ha ha. The track is pure comedy, the timing makes you piss your pants and that cheeky Moog Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X is funny as a bastard. You don't get this sort of comedy music any more, which upsets me. This has noises that make you crease up. Hanna Barbera sound effects It's almost impossible to track these down; you have to find this one bloke who sells them.

Where was he coming from? Very twisted. Freddie Philips made those sounds, check the nice little groove in that windmill sound. Growing up in Cornwall all you get is John Peel, Annie Nightingale and what you see on the telly, so this definitely helped form my sound.

Led Zeppelin: Sacks of cocaine, legions of naked groupies and dabblings in black magic not pictured Three feet high and rising: Dudley Moore centre with his Trio 7.

Kingston, London How old are you? If you could have only one record what would it be? Plans for the future? It's chilly, jazzy soulful funk with that Seventies sound where the machines are so warm, the valves giving pure warmth and clarity. If this tape is one of extremes, then this is the happy end.

I listened to th's and wondered why it sounded so extraord nary, like it's beamed down from space. The late, great Paul Gunship schooled us on this tune. A bit of soul, a bit of jazz and a oit of electronics. Mo and Mark [Tom's partner in Global Communication! It's a bit melancholic. I get a bit sad when l think of Peter Cook and think "what a hero" 1 6.

A bit s nister. We were once the Jedi Knights, we are now the Knights who say Ni. Side IWo 1. These are two key tracks that got me into the studio and made me learn music. He taught me the ways of the force. Yeah, I learned my Jedi skills from Richard.

I used to go to a club in Newquay and he was playing tapes not records. Richard, you're a genius, adepts Cornish accent!

This is a spiritual moment. Tomita Snowflakes Electronic interpretations of Claude Debussy Another hero who back in the late Sixties used a crazy Moog set-up to recreate classical music. I was doing the cello thing at school and I always liked Debussy, and this was one of the first things that had an influence on me. My dad used to play me this when I was five or six.

It's all in there. It makes you actually go to LA in 20 1 2. This is one album that I'd be quite happy to put on more regularly. All the people I'm talking about have done real solid tunes but this was used on the Apollo landing.

Peter Gabriel Of Drop Top - Quad Squad - Underground Funk, Hope From Passion This was a turning point in life where you get into the herbal type thing and this was the first herb plus soundtrack equals revelation, enlightenment, N:rvana-type thing.

This never leaves the chill outbox. He's a gentleman and pure smileage. He's been channelled some serious stuff from another planet, the melodies and harmonies. He's from another dimension. My gang used to listen to this, it was all about staring out the window when it's raining and being transported elsewhere.

You could go anywhere with this. Bagpuss Sammy Davis Junior An early adoptergfthe Del Trotter school of knitwear This is just a cheeky bil of Bagpuss yawning and settling down to sleep. I'm a sucker for Seventies nostalgia. We had the best TV then. And it could be yours, if you can answer this simple question: Which hairy film director forced the Jedi Knights to change their name? But it's home to Aim's Andy Turner and a rich source of Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X material.

I try to take something that isn't really a playable track, like some Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•Xand turn that into hip hop. I wiped out the town's thrift shop vinyl in a matter of weeks. For his debut album 'Cold Water Music', Andy has drafted in guest spots from some of New York's unsung rap originatojrs.

Including Andy's all time mic hero, Bronx bomber AG. While most UK hip hop producers like to talk up a g past breakdancing with the Rock Steady Crew and g rapping with Grandmaster Flash, Turner is only too happy to 'fess upto a dodgy indie past. Covering over two decades in pages Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X always going to be a challenge, and it skims the surface mercilessly. A useful crammer for would-be Westwoods.

Random quote: " I was in a real competitive state of mind, with real vengeance in my heart. Fuck the music industry, fuck the hip hop game. Tracing Manchester's subculture back beyond the Happy Mondays to encompass mods, Northern soul and even early music hall, this is an exhaustive, entertaining read.

But the way Haslam keeps harping back to, for example, early trade union activists suggests he's desperate to be taken seriously as a historian. Which is a shame, because on home territory his analysis of Manchester's embryonic dance scene and the subsequent E culture has a real, rare ring of truth. So he certainly knows his subject matter- the rise and fall of an indie band with, as fans of his first novel Awaydays will know, a hefty dose of gratuitous sex. The highlight for Muzik readers will no doubt be the band's debauched E- fest at Manumission.

Top buzz. Random quote: "She teased a finger around hisarsehole, scratching his neck with her teeth. Still, the Muzik crew somehow always manages to end up there 1 clubbers at Eden dancing to The Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X About theorising and writing articles.

Er, goblins! Skill level: Nothing to it. A faster, higher res take on a time-worn classic. Fun level: This is still one of the best racing games. Try the dirt courses and watch the mud stick. It's the little things in life that count. Thumbs up: Great start to the console. Plenty of cool titles are promised but with this there's enough to keep the diehards happy. Thumbs down: It's probably not as groundbreaking as you'd hoped.

Um, vegetables. Skill level: Fast, colourful, retina- aching, ear-blistering high-speed entertainment. Easier to handle than the last two. Fun level: Just can't fault this.

Better than Micro Machines and everything. Thumbs up: New and improved. Like Persil. Sasha's lent a hand on the soundtrack and the Designers Republic have pulled out all the stops for I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves - Remembering (8-Track Cartridge) look of the thing.

Thumbs down: There isn't one and anyone who disagrees can hunt me down and shoot me like the rabid Traffic - Various - Mixmania 2003 Level Four I probably am. Hmmm, monkeys. Skill level: Thought this would stump you. As if you give a flying proverbial about the Gameboy! This classic PC road rager also imminently arrives for Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X Playstation and the N Do The Do - Howlin Wolf - The Howlin Wolf Anthology badly, get the pedestrians, sorry, the zombies, and Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X as much chaos as inhumanly possible.

Fun level: Really high. Sweat out your frustrations with this carnage. Thumbs up: The added levels and tweaking to the cars and courses. Even the Gameboy version is okay in a shit kind of way. Thumbs down: Actually, it's got to be said - the Gameboy version. Barry Ashworth At Manumission in Ibiza the Dub Pistol covered himself from head to toe in fancy dress, donning a red clown wig, plastic mermaid outfit and small toy saxophone before passing out on the dancefloor.

Da Bank threw in the towel after trying to break into the Motel up a drain pipe. Although not all at the same time. Dave Beer The Basics main man spent an entire night down at Home on the phone to his best mate and Home promoter Darren Hughes, who was back in London soaking up the trans-European vibes. Peter Powell The former Radio 1 golden boy has been seen larging it at Pacha in Ibiza and sailing around the bays in his Sunseekeryacht. Any chance of a lift to Atlantis mate?

Allister Whitehead Clockwork Orange mainman Danny Gould set fire to the ginger turntablist when he refused to rouse himself for an important flight. He made the flight! Maybe it's got something to do with his 'erotic' dancing. Or just because he's been wearing the same trousers for over a week? Jeremy Healy Twatted at the Mezzanine Bar in Ibiza, talking Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X nonsense and wearing Versace trousers with cowboy boots.

Er, classy. Sheer arrogance. Home For asking Angel Moraes to travel halfway across the island to fetch his records to fill in for Carl Cox who wanted to finish early. He hung around for hours only to be informed Coxy Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X changed his mind. Dave Beer For proclaiming at the Basement Jaxx gig at Home: "This is the fifth best night I've ever been to - the problem is I can't remember the other four.

We escorted him home. Gatecrasher Kid The one at Home with the smiley face gloves, spiky hair and till drawer chin. You're an embarrassment to tranceheads everywhere. Take a hike, mate. Meridith Manumision She offered us a lift to Space, got into the wrong side of her car and then asked where the steering wheel was. Once she found it we rode the Ibizan equivalent of the Cannonball Run. Luton Lads They left their 1 4 year old mate on Bora Bora beach to fend for himself.

Luckily Rob Da Bank was there to look after the poor fellow. O Hey you!! Rat on a DJ. Grass up a misbehaving celebrity. If you've got a good bit of goss, we clutch you to our bosom. The juicier the better. The unique end outstanding Sound of Freedom experience every Saturday at the legendary Baglays studios. EMAIL: into0freedom-nlghtclub. Jose: March 8th, Harry: January 8th.

New Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X How did you start DJing? Jose: lit my last year of high school, I got one deck, a little mixer and a tape deck and started playing parties. The way their DJ moved the cr o wd w as amazing. My first propei in j at a local club. How did you two hook up?

What was the first record you bought? Harry: Probably some early Larry Heard thing. Oh come on. Okay, actually it was an album by old skool hip hoppersl Whodini.

And the last? Harry: The new one on Crydamoure. Where do you buy your records? Jose: Usually at Satellite records between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in downtown Manhattan. Describe your DJing style. Jose: I go from garage, soulful to funky, then build it up to a hardet edge.

Me and Harry like to play together on four tut ntables, really work the records. Favourite DJs? Jose: Little Louie Vega. Roger Sanchez and Derrick Carter. Harry: Rogei S. Very inspiring! Favourite clubs? Jose: Space in Ibiza last year was my favourite party. The fact it was in the daytime, that people were stiHpurnping from the night before. And music was excellent. Harry: Space, Ministry and a club in Greece, Where the dancefloor is built on top of water.

I played until 8am, when the sun came out. Do you like a drink when Runaway - Billy Miles - Billy Miles playing? Harry: Oh yeah! Rum and coke, or Red Bull and vodka in England, Jose: I start off with two shots of tequila and a rum and coke. After that one or two vodka and Red Bulls. Lil' Louis French Kiss Diamond 2. New Order Blue Monday Factory 2.

Crydamoure Presents Raw Man iCrydamoure 3. Cactus King Unique Cactus 5. Calm down! Soap scallies, Tomorrow - Kenny Burrell - Both Feet On The Ground monkeys and proper pop stars hit the north west pm - Muck's on the rave train.

Not its official name but the London to Liverpool service is packed with clubbers perusing line-ups and getting dressed in the toilets. Oh well. Maybe next year, eh? The programme seems hell bent on portraying all Liverpudlians as thick, workshy hooligans.

This is a bad omen. We haven't got any tickets and they won't let us The Rhythm Of The Night (Original Club Extended) - Chris Garcia - Rhythm Of The Night. Arrive at site - Liverpool's old airfield - and it's immense Everyone treks across the vast expanse of tarmac and grass and then gets in the wrong queue.

Signposting evidently not a Creamfields priority. Discover we've missed the celebrity football match between the Brookside cast and Goldie's team. Hope that Goldie's lot whipped their badly-acted arses. Sight first Mitsubishi logo on someone's head. It will not be the Je Te Promets - Johnny Hallyday - Olympia 2000. Chris Lowe stands behind a Roland keyboard looking bored and occasionally pressing something, but mostly just looking good in shades.

Just like a real dance act! A blonde, silver-suited Neil Tennant is joined by a bald, bare-chested black man wearing only a big skirt. Not at all like a dance act. Which is ace. But it still goes down a storm, because a they're the only act here you can sing along to, b they're the only dance act here or possibly anywhere with costume changes, and c 'Can You Forgive Her? Well done, old-timers. Bless him, Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles specif ically asked to be on after the Pet Shop Boys.

Trance and lots of it. Resistance is futile. Mayor of Liverpool sighted backstage, giving it some large with his fancy gold chain. Ooh, hark Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X him. Asleep at 1 1pm. Avez-vous le filtered disco- house? We wish we had one. Time for a fag before the drums kick in again.

Chunky shaven-headed tattooed bloke spotted next to a speaker trying to use his mobile phone. Possibly it's his mum to tell her he loves her, he really fucking does. Or his dealer, but the same sentiments apply. No, we jest. Sasha is gone and so are we, only to discover that all the cigarettes on site are sold out, so we return to hear trance pin-up Paul Van Dyk drop 'For An Angel'.

Disappointing turnout from the Gatecrasher Kids. Is the lightstick revolution over? American DJs, eh? Wanderaimlessly past disappointing house and disappointing moody Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X and decide we can resist the tarty allure of the funfair no longer. Walks funny.

Briefly consider living here permanently with dance music's one love family. In sweet harmony. Decide that this is better than Homelands. It's bigger, louder and My Coloring Book - Barbra Streisand - The Legend Begins and the tents are all full, even the Metalheadz tent humiliatingly stranded on a far corner of the site.

Backstage, spot the younger cast of Brookside misbehaving. And John Simm from Human Traffic. Holmes swigs from a bottle of whisky while playing jazz drum solos, ska, northern soul and the Sex Pistols. It's either the best or the worst set imaginable. Love is in the air. Realise how many people we didn't get to see and how many mates have gone astray and how much our feet hurt.

We can have it no more. It's all been had. Can we go home now? It's a beautiful day. His speciality was short, sharp and neat. Also, he was a serious clubber. I at this funk night. I went down for the job and had to prove myself a s a conga player. And Neil was one of the people there. I thought he was a really weird guy. He was strange, very quiet, veiy nervous. Then we finished it offdown Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X a studio called Salt Mine.

The idea was to do a dance version of the Mississippi Burning soundtrack. With its funky rhythms, dub effects and breakdowns, it heralded the start of what became known as progressive house and established Leftfield as a new name on the Brit- house block.

Paul quits AMCA to join the band. Neil Barnes: Tlie remix actually came from both of us, though Paul did go in the studio and finish it off. We left Paul in a room on his own and he re-edited the whole thing on old-fashioned quarter-inch tape.

The whole room was full of these cut-up pieces of tape. Rhythm King, Paul and Neil are forced to concentrate on remixing instead. They set up their own label, Hard Hands, taking its name front a song by the salsa percussionist, Ray Barretto. So we just decided to bide our time until that period expired. And we signed the deal with Higher Ground the day after it ended! Before that, a lot of the music really had been coming from America and Europe.

There was only a handful of people in British dance music making stuff that wasn't an emulation of American house or European sounds. Neil knew of him from doing reggae sound system type things.

The track then sits in Umbo for four months. Lydon-free dub versions seep out Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X promo. Nobody really knows that. Unfortunately it was thejob of yours truly to empty the bucket. I was always much happier with soul clubs, dance clubs, reggae clubs. Luckily for us, they turned it down. So we ended up being able to put it out on 1 lard Hands. On the Sunday, I was standing at the platform, on my own.

It pulled in and the fucking bar carriage on the train pulled level with me. And sitting there was John Lydon, on his own, surrounded by about 1 2 cans of Pils. Renters die charts at Number 3 and goes silver 60, copies within three weeks. Up to then it had been purely a few records and lots or remixes.

We weren't sure we could even make an album. The original idea for the sleeve was a shark swimming in water with samplers and stuff matted onto the shark but it looked too much like an ambient album. The actual sleeve someone drew on a bit of paper and it looked brilliant. We knew it was the perfect tiling to do. It became their motif in the same way that Massive Attack had their flame symbol. I joined him at the bar, talked about lots of things. But I think he felt really uncomfortable and I know 1 did too.

Cheshire Cat: " We worked on it for just a day. I 'm known as a one-take man. We went in at 1 Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X. Africa Shox: The collaboration with Afrika Bambaataa. The first track to be started for the new album and the last to be finished.

Apparently something to do with Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X millennium havingalready taken place.

Dub Gussett: A slow-skanking instrumental that's chock-full of pinging, fizzing sound effects in an electronic roots stylee. Imagine'Phat Planet' remixed by Mad Scientist. Swords: The original version of this appears on the soundtrack to Go, the new film from the bloke behind Swingers.

Former Curtis Mayfield backing singer Nicole Willis croons over a dubbed-out Signing Dub - King Tubby - King Tubbys Dance Hall Style Dub instrumental. The duo have been highly influenced by the nu skool breaks scene, and this bears all the hallmarks of a few nights down Friction. Sung in fractured Italian, the Reno in question is actually lead singer of North African-influenced Neapolitan group, Almamegretta, who the band met through 3D of Massive Attack.

Questions are asked in the Mouse Of Commons. It was an abrupt ending to a wicked evening. Someone lost it and fell down the stairs and broke their leg. It shatters all your childhood illusions. And we had to sit there while Duran Duran and East 1 7 did their thing. It was awful. Ya wanker! You couldn't breathe in and out when the bass was kicking. In Amsterdam, they threatened to arrest the sound man.

They reckoned it was seven decibels below the noise ofajumbo jet taking off. But, yeah, it turned out a bit longer than Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X. Afrika Bambaataa: "I knew some of their stuffalready, so 1 was into working with them.

They were Call Me Al (Radio Edit - MC Version) - Love DJs - Call Me Al cool to work with. He'd give us lectures on things like hidden underwater worlds and UFOs.

It was a performance video with Bam and it was truly awful, so we scrapped it. The realisation that we had to go back and get the track back to what it should be, that was a real low point. I just snapped and stomped off for a couple of weeks. They were quite worried about me. I could lx? Instead were going to Kilburn every day to this room with no windows.

We all took it out on each other, but that's only human. It was his heartbeat, his adrenalin, and it described it all in the most simple way. For such stunning visuals, we needed the simplest music solution - just one sound, growing, intensifying, distorting, and then silence. I recorder! Which my mate drunk. It was an interesting way to come hack. A very objective and subtle way of getting people to hear our music. It was good because no one knew it was us. We wanted it to be different without losing our identity or changing into a different band.

I knew it would be a difficult album to do. People will have to give it more tirpe. I'm already thinking about the third album now! Thanks also for your comment on my blog, still yet to fix the Rega, but will do soon. Cheers Barbi-Q. I seem to remember having some African Headcharge lying around somewhere in my vinyl collection, will see what I can do. Cheers again for One Way System Square Dancer, My compliments on the blog.

I was wondering if you could re-post some of the GAS Wolfgang Voigt records you had uploaded a while ago ? It would be greatly appreciated. The last few weeks I was mainly occupied with spending some quality time with da missus, so apologies for the late replies to you Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X. Barbi-Q: You're very welcome. And if you come across Maritime Hall, please post it on your blog :- broken boys: Thanks for the info, I withdrew the post since I'm only upping stuff that's out of print or otherwise hard to obtain.

I'll yet have to give your tunes a really thorough listen, but I really liked what I heard so far. Joshu: Thanks for the nice comment. I won't repost the Voigt albums since Kompakt recently reissued the complete Gas backcatalogue as a really reasonably priced boxset. But the links are still alive, so I'll post them for you here: Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X.

I saw that you posted her first album. Many thanks. Hi, I just wanted to tell you what an awesome thing you are doing! Could you repost the Blade Runner Bootlegs? I'm really looking forward to hearing them. Thanks for making them available! Hello from France. Hello from Germany This is one of the best blogs I found in the web.

Thank you for all these downloads. By the way This for Michael from France. It sounds like a great mix, hopefully you can get to it. Interesting article as for me. I'd like to read something more about that matter. The only thing it would also be great to see on this blog is a photo of some device. Great blog as for me. I'd like to read something more about this topic. The only thing that blog misses is a few pictures of any gadgets.

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Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you. Madison Do The Do - Howlin Wolf - The Howlin Wolf Anthology gmail. New City Girls are on The End Of The Line - Metallica - Death Magnetic In Europe scene!

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Hey man, I'd be so grateful if you could re-up the Renegade Dhols compilation. It's nowhere to be found on the internet and it seems like a pretty awesome collection. Who knows if you still read these comments, cheers anyway. That would be fantastic. Seconding the Renegade Dhols re-upload request. It was a pretty awesome comp, lost it some time ago and can't find it again.

I Saw Your Website Carefully. I Am Ritu Sharma. I Am Arpita Jain. I Run My Own. Post Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X Comment.

Subscribe in a reader. Super Secret Squirrel Trax Vol. Hamam House Vol. Happy Days Vol. Dj History Vol. Virgo 4, F. Knuckles, Master C Trax 25 Vs. Farley, Mr. Fingers, R. Rosario Trax 25 Vs. Owens, Spanky, Mr. Fingers Trax 25 Vs. Kenny Dope Pres. Coldcut Pres. Acid Rain Sampler Vol. Underground Erotika Q Headphoniq V. The Exaltics, N. The Roundup Part 4 g 2x12"- Limited! The Roundup Part 3 g 2x12"- Limited! Hi-phen Pile-up Vol. Dreier, Sven Brede, T. Clark Vol. Compilation Vol. Highlife Vol.

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Scuba - Fabric 90 Sampler HM Underground Dance Ep Vol. Mall Grab House Crime Vol. Kink, A. Lodemann, Iron Curtis. Delano Smith, Kiko Navarro Nicholas, Ooft. Nathaniel X, Patchworks. Hnny, Monitor Nicholas, Francis Inferno Botanic House Vol. The Lost House Tracks Vol. Too Slow To Disco Vol. Om Unit, Hipster Hoya:hoya Vol. Lone, Illum Sphere. No.

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The Streets Are Alive. Deep House Vs. Marco Bernardi Orbitration ITL Prefuse 73, Dimlite Etc. Island Disco Vol. Island Hopper Vol. Jura Soundsystem Pres. Midnight Riot Vol. Baer, Norman Nodge Marc Houle, A. Iron Curtis, Oliver Deutschmann. Jack Off Beats Vol. Dj Pierre Pres. Diversified Bombs Vol. Jack Curtu, Perseus Traxx.

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Nicholas, Cole Medina. Seafoam, Adam Collins Velvet Desert Music Vol. Kompakt Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X Kompute V. Delessandro, Mount Simms X KJ Kraftjerkz V. Cassegrain, A. Smoke, Perc. Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. Edwards, M. Hermans, Basic Soul Unit Chicago Skyway, Gabe Rebong. Apetunes Vol. Lnoe Vinyl Archives Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X.

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Milky Disco Maya Jane Coles, Karol Xvii A Four Track Vinyl Vol. Loft Classics Jack Move - DJ Ideal & Rick Ross - Coming From Da Bottom. Rino Cerrone PrototypeBpmf Delano, M.

Versus Vol. Phil Weeks, Funky Transport. Love Edits Vol. Lerosa, Moonstarr Reynolds, Disco Nihilist Toolbox Vol. The Lowdown Sampler Vol. Ninja Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X Vol.

Cab Drivers, hz Borrowed Identity, Marcel Vogel. Gene Hunt, Rahaan, Jamie From Above Vol. John Heckle, Lerosa, Mark Du Mosch Simple Music Experience Vol. Magic Wand Vol. Simon Baker Jamie Jones Urban Excursions Vol. Man Make Music Edits Vol. Death Of The Machines Vol. Danza Meccanica Vol. Neil Landstrum, R. Masterworks Vol. Abstract Division, Cadans, Nx Music From Mathematics Vol. Soft House Experience Vol. I01 Max. Maxi Classics Vol. Sfo Arrivals Vol. Move D, Even Tuell, Vakula. Roger23, Morthen Klang.

Some Have To Dance Innershades, Dj Nephil, Gestalt. Synkro, Ejeca. Basti Grub Xdb, Jitterbug Xdb, Atheus, A. Federico Molinari, Mariano From The Lab Vol. Microdosing Vol. Midnight Sampler Vol. Nightlife Unl Robert Owens Gene Hunt, Yam Who? Joe Louis, Black Madonna Ron Hardy, Byron Stingily Microworld, Raza, B. Dop, Krause Duo Lovebirds, F. Urbi Et Orbi Vol. Rudiman, Dj T Sampler Platter Vol. Jus Ed, Ernie, Ordell Patrice Scott, Above Smoke Dubfire, Plastikman Sound Of House Vol.

Mike Parker, Jeroen Search Compiled By By Rodriguez Jr. Mobilee Back To Back Vol. Modern Obscure Edits Vol. Moment Sound Vol. Herberts Best Vol. I-robots Pres. Max Graef, Glenn Astro Monitorpop No. Freestyle Man Pres. Sol Muzik Vol. Moon Habour Inhouse Vol. Steppin Forward Pt. Uvb, P. B Kage, Slow Hands Alton Miller, Lafleur Remixed Vol.

Fbk, T. Deep Floors Vol. Lee Holman, R. Moxie Disco Re-edits Vol. Moxie Diso Re-edits Vol. Re-edits 03 MX02 Moxie V. Moxie Re-edits Vol. Mr Pc Versions Vol. Bongo V. Mr Bongo Record Club Vol. Bongo Record Club Vol. Shackleton, Burnt Friedman. Enjoy The Silence Vol.

Lawrence, Adolf Noise The Definitive Japanese Scene Vol. Cesare Vs Disorder Cinelli, A. Le Texier Mv 06 MV05 Multivitamins V. Mv 05 MV04 Multivitamins V. Donzelli,hector Couto,c. Chris Duckenfield Pres. Fuse Pres. Wax-on Vol. Disco Circus Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X. House Of Muzique Vol.

Bare Essentials Vol. Carte Blanche Vol. Nang Pres. The Array Datin - Elvis Presley - Paradise, Hawaiian Style. James T.

Rhythm Is Rhythm, C. Damier, M. Juan Atkins, A. Miller, Abacus. R-tyme, M. Derrick May, Chez Damier Deep Space Orchestra, J. Traxx Vol. Negro Disco Vol. Paleman, Ben Sims, Dbridge Albert, Dj Nerdi Boy Ray Kandinski, A. Subjoi, Interplanetary Criminal. Inside Vol. Napoletano, Domu, A. Basic Laws Vol.

Nervous 25th Anniversary NET Dixon, Hieroglypic Being Ninja Tune Xx Vol. Ninja Tune Xx 12" No. Nite Grooves Drumz Collection Vol. Abstract Latin Lounge Pt. High Jazz Vol. Soldatenmesser 01 NO No 19 V. Social Experiment NO No. Barem, Ditch Varios I NON Tadeo, E.

De La Calle, M. Five 3 NON Dimi Angelis, Henning Baer, S. Pa Five 2 NON Psyk, Rod Compact 7 Alienloops lim. The Big Booty Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X Vol. Ethos Series Vol. Original Raw Soul Vol. Cold Heat Vol. Paul Woolford Pres. Seth Troxler Pres. Steve Bug Pres. Loco Dice Pres. Defected Pres. Good God!

W2ng Soul'd'out Vol. Jaymz Nylon, Jus-ed, Dj Qu. The Hacker, Voiski, Francois X The Soul Of Kriminal - Tango - Various - New Wave German Class•X 2 Off Pt.

The Dust Off Vol. K Alexi Shelby, Rick Wade. Basic Soul Unit, Chicago Skyway. Get Salted Vol. Om 10 Decade Of Dance Vol. Sounds Of Om Vol. Om Lounge Vol. Omegaritam Vol. Reworks Vol. Converpilations Vol. Lifeworks Vol. Best Of Digital Danceforce Vol. Ortloff 3 Ep lim. Ortloff 2 Ep lim. Berghain 07 Pt. Panorama Bar 07 Pt.


Club Soixante Quinze - Cassius - 1999, Crying In The Rain - The Latest Flames - Now And Then, Λόγοι Σοφίας - Deadlock - Τέλος Υπανθρώπων - Η Γένεσις, The Cage - Elton John - Elton John, Swiss Slow - Les Scorpions - Miroir Chinois / Poursuite / Swiss Slow / Syncopains, No No No - Deep Purple - Fireball 25th Anniversary Edition, Garcias Story - Grateful Dead* - Left In The Vaults Vol. 5, De Bîtă - Ciunga (Aiud - Cluj) - Various - Antologia Muzicii Populare Românești Vol. I / Anthology O, I Didnt Know I Was Looking For Love - Everything But The Girl - British Summertime, 015 - James Saunders - #[unassigned], Il Était Une Fois Dans LOuest CEra Una Volta Il West - Ennio Morricone - Il Était Une Fois Dans, Sugar Minott - Dance Hall We Deh, Behind The Lines - Genesis - Duke, X-guita - Various - Monographic 14: Musica Excentrica, Κι Αν Φύγεις - Ζανέτ Καπούγια Συμμετέχει ο Δάκης - Θα Στο Πω

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  7. Nov 17,  · Hello from Germany This is one of the best blogs I found in the web.I like german minimalelektroniks;NDW;New thrash.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo you for all these downloads. By the way This for Michael from France. I ve to sell the "NEW WAVE GERMAN CLASS X".I come around the next few days and have a look if he´s interested. 4/12/ PM.

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