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Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles

Download Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles

Future, "Crushed Up". It was hardly a reinvention from what made Future an undisputed A-lister over the second half of the s, but in this case, no reinvention was necessary. Sech feat. The suggestion: What Jenny wants, Jenny gets. Tierra Whack, "Only Child". Tame Impala, "Patience". The result? Clocking in Episode 7 - The Beatles - Anthology (DVD) just over two minutes, the song will have your head spinning by the time it's over.

Despite being about the emotional roller coaster of late-night phone calls that was teen love in the s, the lead single showcased the audible joy the sisters had reworking songs they wrote in Domine Jesu Christe - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Kuijken Kwartet - Requiem Kv 626 (SACD, Album) school.

Blake Shelton, "God's Country". His powerful vocal delivery only adds to the memorable ode to the South alongside hand-clapped rhythms and dusty guitars. Snow, "Con Calma" Remix. But the Katy Perry version, which helped propel the song Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles No. Big Thief, "Not". Burning through that three-minute solo, Lenker draws strength from the experience of nearness, both to others and to the earth. Who knew a braces-wearing teenager was capable of piledriving the rap game before his 18th birthday?

Miley Cyrus, "Slide Away". It has all the makings of a headline-inspired hit; commentary on a very! In a time where everything is public, Cyrus controlled the narrative in the best way she knew how. Sharon Van Etten, "Seventeen".

Frank Ocean, "In My Room". Shaed, "Trampoline". Shaed's been having dreams, and inmany of them came true. Topping the Alternative Songs chart and peaking at No. But with that real-life verisimilitude, the gorgeous-but-queasy ballad becomes practically overwhelming, Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles emotional swell as head-swimming as its woozy synths and weeping strings.

You won't find many songs on albums by indie singer-songwriters this decade that feel this raw, this confessional, this private -- let alone on one of the year's biggest pop blockbusters. Doja Cat feat. Tyga, "Juicy". But such is the allure: even on the Tyga remix, Doja is in full control. Clairo, "Bags". Ed Sheeran feat. Justin Bieber, "I Don't Care". Lizzo, "Juice". Is she an outsider making mainstream inroads, or an underground talent tweaking their sound to fit in on Top 40?

Is the juice she speaks of orange, or apple?! Ultimately, when the result is as irresistibly immediate and durably relistenable as this, who cares about any of that? The singer-songwriter born Melina Duterte flexes her production chops in heady waves of guitar and percussion, beautifully entangled, like constellations streaming by.

A perfect dream of the open road. Harry Styles, "Watermelon Sugar". Fans are desperate to dissect the meaning behind Gee Baby - Al Campbell - Gee Baby/Where Were You? sticky-sweet song -- Styles has neither confirmed nor denied that it's, well, carnally charged -- but why read too far into what is just a simple pleasure to listen to?

Like the title suggests, Jepsen croons about all the thoughts swirling around her mind as she begins a steady fling: "I think I'm coming alive with you. Dua Lipa, "Don't Start Now". Subscribe to The Traditional Music Library mailing list. Visit us on FB. Let It Snow! We all knew we were in for something quite experimental.

Continuing the orientation of Jones' previous release Warm LeatheretteNightclubbing is a pop album that forays into new wave [9] [10] [11] and dance[2] [12] while in terms of rhythm it is, ostensibly, a reggae record.

A post-disco album, [16] Nightclubbing features a distinct and unprecedented sound that also incorporates rockfunk and post-punk music. The "languid reggae-influenced" tracks allowed Jones to showcase her singular vocal style, characterized by low alto singing and a Jamaican style of vocal delivery — "that of 'chatting' over onto tracks" — within a framework of androgyny. Cole Rachel, writing for the same publication, argued that Jones succeeds not by the power of her voice, but by the power of her persona, writing: "As she would go on to prove in later efforts, it was the monolithic force of her personality—imperious, feral, queer in the truest sense of the word—that would make these songs so compelling.

She is, to put it simply, impossible to ignore. The original version of " Libertango " was discovered by Jones's boyfriend at the time, artist Jean-Paul Goudeand the video for the song was filmed on the outdoor terrace of Jones's penthouse apartment on 16th Street in New York.

The song also features a verse sung in French: the text was translated for Jones by Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles girlfriend, actress Nathalie Delonfor which Delon received a writing credit.

The remaining three new compositions on the record were all co-written by Jones. Jones's friend, singer Dana Mano, came up with the song's new title, which inspired the two women to write a set of suggestive lyrics for the track. Jones admitted that "Art Groupie" was highly autobiographical as many of her boyfriends had been artists and she was attracted to the whole art scene. She is shot with her signature flat top haircut and her chest bones showing; her dark skin confers upon the image a violetblue-black colour.

InDazed included the album cover in an article dedicated to their "favourite Armani cult crossovers. Although Armani became known for deconstructing the suit, removing the over-the-top padding and offering a relaxed option to formalwear in American Gigolothe cover for Grace Jones' iconic album Nightclubbing plays up with the angles like nothing else before it.

Hailed as a pioneer of the androgynous look, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth and a flattop haircut, complemented by the padded shoulders of an Armani jacket, the avant-garde singer's album cover became known for years to come.

Writing for DIYSimon Russell Beale listed the album cover as one of the greatest of all time, highlighting Jones' "smouldering noir-bisexuality". Grace is a work of Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles herself, as are the covers for Island LifeSlave to the Rhythm and Living My Lifebut best of Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles is the louche image of Nightclubbing by Jean-Paul Goude, part Tretchikoff 's Green Ladypart the best advert for smoking you've ever seen.

According to Barry Waters of The Pitchfork Review"Jones' singular appearance and meticulously crafted presentation made her a natural fit for the burgeoning music video medium, especially in its early, experimental days. The latter — a montage of still photography, concert footage and music videos — "asserted [Jones] as an astute visual artist" and was nominated for Best Long Form Music Video at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards.

Nightclubbing became Jones' chart breakthrough and remains one of the greatest commercial triumphs of her entire career. The album brought Jones from being a former disco diva with a Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles cult following but dropping sales figures to an international star with mainstream chart success.

It later formed the basis of her groundbreaking concept tour A One Man Show. Universal Music Group re-released the album on vinyl in Release of a two-disc deluxe set, containing most of the 12" single versions of singles, plus two unreleased tracks from the Nightclubbing sessions, occurred on 28 Apriland Jones enjoyed a UK top 50 chart placing the following week — her first since The lead single from the album was " Demolition Man ", written by Sting.

The single was not a commercial success and did not chart, although would later become one of Jones' signature songs. It secured top 20 positions in several European countries and became another signature song for Jones. It met with a great success on the US club market, but turned out a modest Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles in Europe upon original release. The song would re-emerge in Europe in as a major success, especially in the UK, where backed with " La Vie en rose " it became one of Jones' highest-charting singles in that country.

The final single off Nightclubbing" Walking in the Rain ", was a minor chart success. In the UK Adrian Thrills The Siren - Blutengel - Omen NME said, "I spent an otherwise-miserable weekend afternoon with the sound of Grace swirling around my little earphones, grooving on songs effortlessly Lovable - Mickey Finn* & D.J.

Randall* - Studio Mixed but put together with a jeweller's eye for detail", and stated that the musicians "combine to etch out a shifting, soulful surface, an exotic ice-water backdrop for Grace's vocal veneer", noting that "the only times Grace Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles ill-at-ease are as she swops Trenchtown patois with, presumably, the sharp-lipped Sly and then tries to rock out on Sting's 'Demolition Man'".

The incredible thing is that it all gels together so well — the common denominator is the danceability, which lasts all the way through: changes in tempo and pace only help to sustain the energy level.

Never before and never since has a precisely chipped block of ore been so seductive. He was unmoved by Jones' own songs and said while the covers on Warm Leatherette were superior to the originals simply because of her "weird force of personality", she could not match "Use Me" and the title track.

Nightclubbing continued to gather favorable reviews with the release of the deluxe edition in Andy Beta from Pitchfork labeled the album's reissue as "Best New Reissue", describing the album as "the record that further cemented her iconic status in pop culture". He also stated: "She treats each cover not as a singer tackling a song, but as an actor inhabiting the skin of a role".

Its sound, a sublime mix of reggae, funk, new wave and disco, was as arresting as its cover image The "front line" of Wills' orchestra consisted of either fiddles or guitars after In Decemberafter several band members had left the group, and as World War II raged, Wills joined the army at the age of 37, [36] but he received a medical discharge in According to one source, he appeared in a total of 19 films.

After leaving the Army inWills moved to Hollywood, moving into a rented house in September, [40] and began to reorganize the Texas Playboys. He commanded enormous fees playing dances there, and began to make more creative use of electric guitars to replace the big horn sections the Tulsa band had boasted. For a very brief period inthe Wills band included 23 members, [38] and around mid-year he toured Northern California and the Pacific Cant Stop The Thing We Started - Bryan Adams - Vol.

1 with 21 pieces in the orchestra. According to Opry policy, drums and horns were considered pop instruments, inappropriate to country music. Neither were allowed to use their drummers at the Opry. Wills' band at the time consisted of two fiddlers, two bass fiddles, two electric guitars, electric steel guitar, and a trumpet. Wills's then-drummer was Monte Mountjoy, who played in the Dixieland style. Wills battled Opry officials and refused to perform without his drummer.

An attempt to compromise by keeping Mountjoy behind a curtain collapsed when Wills had his drums placed front and center onstage at the last minute. Famous swing orchestras in California realized that many of their followers were leaving to dance to Bob Will's Western swing. Because he was in such demand, some places booked Wills any time he had an opening, regardless of how undesirable the date.

The manager of a popular auditorium in the LA Basin town of Wilmington, California: "Although Monday night dancing is frankly an experiment it was the only night of the week on which this outstanding band could be secured. Many of these recordings survive today as the Tiffany Transcriptions and are available on CD.

Wills and the Texas Playboys played dances throughout the West to more than 10, people every week. They held dance attendance records at Jantzen Beach in Portland, Oregon; in Santa Monica, California, and at the Oakland California Auditorium, where they drew 19, people in two nights. Actor Various - Le Top Radio Framboise Vol.2 Eastwood recalled seeing Wills when he was 18 or 19 or and working at a pulp mill in Springfield, Oregon.

Appearances at the Bostonia Ballroom in San Diego continued throughout the s. Still a binge drinker, Wills became increasingly unreliable in the late s, causing a rift with Tommy Duncan who bore the brunt of audience anger when Wills's binges prevented him from appearing.

It ended when he fired Duncan in the fall of Having lived a lavish lifestyle in California, Wills moved back to Oklahoma City inthen went back on the road to maintain his payroll and Wills Point. Turning the club over to managers later revealed to be dishonest left Wills in desperate financial straits with heavy debts to the IRS for back taxes that caused him to sell many assets, including mistakenly the rights to "New San Antonio Rose". Afterradio stations began to increasingly specialize in one form or another of commercially popular music.

Wills did not fit into the popular Nashville country and western stations, although he Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles usually labeled "country and western". Neither did he fit into the pop or middle of the road stations, although he played a good deal of pop music, and was not accepted in the pop music world.

He continued to tour and record through the s into the early s despite Masters Of The Ungentlemanly Art - Monitor Your Transitions fact that Western swing's popularity, even in the Southwest, had greatly diminished.

Bob could draw "a thousand people on Monday night between andbut he could not do that by Entertainment habits had changed. The article quotes Wills as saying "Rock and roll? Why, man, that's the same kind of music we've been playin' since !

We didn't call it rock and roll back when we introduced it as our style back inand we don't call it rock and roll the way we play it now. But it's just basic rhythm and has gone by a lot of different names in my time. It's the same, whether you just follow a drum beat like in Africa or surround it with a lot of instruments. The rhythm's what's important. Even a return to KVOO, where his younger brother Johnnie Lee Wills had maintained the family's presence, did not produce the success he hoped.

After two heart attacks, in he dissolved the Texas Playboys who briefly continued as an independent unit to perform solo with house bands. While he did well in Las Vegas and other areas, and made records for the Kapp Records label, he was largely a forgotten figure—even though inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in A stroke left his right side paralyzed, ending his active career.

He did, however, recover sufficiently to appear in a wheelchair at various Wills tributes held in the early s. A revival of interest in his music, spurred by Merle Haggard 's album A Tribute to the Best Damn Fiddle Player in the Worldled to a reunion album, teaming Wills, who spoke with difficulty, with key members Money - Pink Floyd - Pulse the early band, as well as Somewhere There Is Someone - Lou Monte - Five Classic Albums Plus Singles.

Wills' style influenced performers Buck OwensMerle Haggardand The Strangers and helped to spawn a style of music now known as the Bakersfield Sound. ByWills recovered sufficiently to travel occasionally and appear at tribute concerts.

Inhe participated in a final reunion session with members of some the Texas Playboys from the s to the s. Merle Haggard was invited to play at this reunion.


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  3. This CD includes their two original albums - We Are the Chantels & There's Our Song - plus bonus tracks. Here is the complete Five Keys singles from to thrash.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo 58 of them on a 2 cd set! 58 tracks. FIVE KEYS - Greatest Hits Six classic albums by the Flamingos, digitally remastered and enhanced for superior quality now all.
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  5. Lou Monte, born Louis Scaglione on (April 2, – June 12, ), was an Italian-American singer best known for a number of best-selling, Italian-themed novelty records which he recorded for both RCA Records and Reprise Records in the late s and early s. Monte's first big hit came in.
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