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Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd

Download Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd

Iets minder Starglow - Various - Best Of Captivating Sounds 2009, al zeg ik het zelf. Hier wat merken die ik leuk vind en soms ook draag! Stuur dan een foto op van jezelf in jouw favoriete kleren! Naar Holland Focus. Groetjes Moniek. There are 74 independent living units, 44 Hostel units, 14 one bedroom apartments and a 64 bed Nursing Home. Enjoy our friendly and happy environment. Many members of our dedicated staff speak Dutch as well as English, because we realise the importance of the mother tongue.

You may like to visit the village and discuss your options for moving into this ideal village facility. Every 3 years is this Festival organised by one of the larger Netherlands Societies and the Waikato Society has organised it two times before, in andboth times in the Hamilton Gardens. The Hamilton Gardens covers an area of 58 hectares at the southern end of Hamilton City.

It is a public park owned and managed by the Hamilton City Council. Admission to all areas of Hamilton Gardens is free. The Hamilton Gardens is the most popular visitor attraction in the region with aboutvisitors each year. Nearly events are held within Hamilton Gardens each year.

Het Festijn has grown from a cultural festival for Dutch people to a true celebration of Dutch culture for all people. For more information visit the website www. Volledig ingericht met TV, telefoon en internetaansluiting.

In the main hall of the Pavilion an Art exhibition of Dutch artists, paintings, sculptures, wood turning and textile work, will be held. The contestants may include singing, dancing and any musical instruments. This Festival will be bigger than ever before. Our aim is to share our culture with the people of New Zealand. The performances of the cultural groups, Folk dancers, choirs and drama groups will still happen, but the emphasis is on families with children.

We did not book just the entire Pavilion for the weekend, but the Lakeside Garden and the Rhododendron Lawn as well.

Many traditional Dutch children games can be played in a large marquee on the Rhododendron Lawn. This is all planned to be of very low cost for parents, we just want it to be a great family outing for everyone.

This is part nine. The Waddenzee is the sea between the mainland and the islands and is approximately kilometres long. It starts north of the province of North Holland and stretches out all the way to Denmark.

How to get there? Well, simple. Either go by boat or plane or just walk to them, of course. Its coast is 30 kilometres long and anyone who is into cycling can go Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd on 70 kilometers of bike paths.

Oerol means everywhere. The most distant island is Vlieland. Like the other islands: it is an excellent place for relaxing and nature- and sun lovers. Cycling and horse riding are available for the energetic people. Wadlopen The islands can be reached by boat from the places Harlingen, Holwerd or Lauwersoog. But it is more fun to just walk to one of them: wadlopen. During low tide, it is possible to walk from the mainland to either Ameland, Terschelling or Schiermonnikoog, but Mind Granade - Various - Techno Uuup 2 accompanied by a professional guide.

Many birds and probably seals too can be watched during the walk. Germans just love the Dutch islands. Ameland consists mainly of sand dunes. The four villages spread over this island accommodate people.

Once a year a big spectacle is held when ten big horses pull the former lifeboat across the beach to the sea, the boat is then launched by eight horses.

The smallest shire in the Netherlands is Schiermonnikoog with just inhabitants. Special about this island is the peace and quietness. Because visitors Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd to leave their cars on Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd mainland. Would you like to know more about the Waddengebied, the Waddenzee, het wadlopen en Oerol? Check out Hollandfocus.

Some of them have been realised, others have been thrown into the bin. As the son of a greengrocer Piet had to take potatoes to customers on his push-bike. In his projects, Blom tried to recreate a lively area like the one he grew up in. He wanted to avoid this in his designs, and that is probably the reason why others disliked them. Although it all started very promising and his school teacher liked his creations, no Russian palace, Amersfoort.

Beneath the houses he created open spaces to park cars, let children play and operate small shops. This way of thinking was very naive and social, but to this day the houses still exist and are amongst his biggest projects. He wanted to recreate the atmosphere as it had been before the Second World War, and wanted to prove that it is possible to have many people living in a small area.

Sometimes he regrets that everybody only admires the outside of his creations, especially the Kubuswoning, which is actually a normal house inside. The fact that most of his creations have an unusual looking exterior is probably the reason why many projects have been cancelled.

Dirk Verwoerd, one of the residents of a project by Blom, Gesloten Stad in Amersfoort, decided to make a book as a tribute to Blom. He contacted Jaap Hengeveld, a communication advisor, who indeed was interested in publishing the book. The projects that have been realised and that were thrown into the bin. Apart from those small shortfalls, it is pleasant to read or to be placed on the table as a conversation piece. Until he designed the holiday village, Pestalozzidorp, which won him the Prix de Tevjes Traum - Shmuel Rodensky - Anatevka (The Fiddler On The Roof). Thanks to this prize new projects were assigned to him, like changing an old farmhouse into Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd Mensa for a University.

He also started to create his own vision on city life. Working and socialising should be done in the same area, where people can meet. Then he www. Maar er is een grens aan de dromen: Moeder Aarde kan zoveel consumptie niet aan.

Duurzame groei is daarom nodig, juist ook in China. Maar het Chinese ontwikkelingsmodel is gebaseerd op maximale groei, ongeacht de gevolgen. ISBN 90 8. It started inas a part of the European Commission Culture programme.

How could they encourage the protection of the European heritage? The result was the Europe Nostra Awards. This year twenty-nine countries entered one hundred and nine projects in total.

Built in the periodthe factory is an example of Modern Movement architecture in Europe. To be able to use the building today, many adaptations were needed, but the architect wanted to preserve the unique heritage values of the building. They decided on a box in a box solution, they put extra glass walls around the building to keep the heath in or out as desired.

Belgium won a medal in the same category, with the Tour and Taxis site. This large complex of buildings near Brussels canal Andrew Gold - Whirlwind a small port was built in the 12th century.

This family had a company with mail carriages. They tried to become one of the biggest and most important mailing companies of Europe and they succeeded. For years the. In the Belgium government bought this building. From to the complex was used for customs clearing and storage of commercial goods.

Tour and taxis is a beautiful example of architecture during the industrial growth. The complex has some interesting architectural specialties they wanted to preserve.

For example the glass roof covering the large alley with its traces of train tracks and platforms have all been preserved to show the She Who Weeps - Cassandra Wilson - She Who Weeps use of the building.

They do not only conserve houses, but also warehouses and even a chapel. In the same category, The Netherlands received a medal. This time it was not for a foundation or group, but an individual.

Emile van Brederode has been a key person in preserving cultural heritage in the Netherlands. Apart from that, he also worked for the Nationaal Contact Monumenten, and started various other platforms such as Industrial Heritage and Historic Churches.

Not only is the conservation of cultural heritage important, but also passing on the knowledge and creating interest in its history. To recognise the importance of this a new category has started this year: Educational, Training and Awareness Raising.

Ten years ago the project was launched and Tivoli - Steve Angello - Tivoli than 4, youngsters have been participating so far.

The scheme makes youngsters in the age group 12 to 15 aware of the jobs that have to be done in the cultural heritage sector. Living on this prestigious site and working with the architects, engineers, and archaeologist makes them aware of the cultural heritage and its values. Because of its popularity, they started a 3 to 5 day summer school for parents and their children or small organisations. In the Netherlands a medal in the same category was awarded to television series made in Amsterdam.

With its 7, monuments Amsterdam is the largest monumental city of The Netherlands and amongst the largest of Europe. In each of the eleven episodes the city and its monuments will be shown through the eyes of young Amsterdammers. From various backgrounds, nationalities, ethics and interests they all describe the monuments in their neighbourhood and their favourite one in the city centre.

Guided by them one discovers the history and secrets of the buildings and visits places no one normally does. The commission hopes others will follow the example of these projects, and will help too to conserve the heritage of Europe. Sauces will be produced in Spain and the Czech Republic. Van alle gemakken voorzien. Prijs vanaf ,00 EURO per week. Info: Tel. Though it seems other companies have tried to copy this great concept, the markets run by Anne are now the largest of their kind in Australia, and held regularly throughout the country.

The stallholders are usually willing to negotiate, especially later in the day and are excellent demonstrators of their products if you need advice.

Two-year-old daughter Hollee receives regular parcels of beautiful clothes from her grandparents in the United Kingdom. At that price one mum decided to buy almost the whole rack.

The markets close at midday. Visit www. This was the starting point, but a new movie was created instead, which turned The Blacksmith - Planxty - The Planxty Collection to be very good indeed. It was Peter Duncan he also made Children of the Revolution who rewrote the story and became the director. The script of the movie has been changed dramatically.

This new movie it is not about a woman behind the Iron Curtain, no landscape of Groningen and no long atmospheric shots. Duncan did not use the long atmospheric shots that had been used in the Dutch movie, but used quick action shots, and more dialogues than the original movie. The more the story enfolds, the longer the shots become and the less quarrels they have.

Duncan decided to let Tahmeena speak in Elevator - Johnny Keating* - Hotel - Original Motion Picture Sound Track, the Afghan language, and not use subtitles.

This way, the public feels the same as John does, during her sometimes long monologues in Dari. That they choose an Afghan character for this movie does not make it political. The movie is more about love than about the Afghan situation. Afghanistan was just a very fascinating country for the director, as its history involves so much more than just the Islam and the Taliban. This Deadbodieseverywhere - Buy A Bullet Rent A Gun he was able to create a very credible movie.

That the movie is situated in Australia makes everybody understand that she has been running away from something and lives in fear. Before arriving on a farm in Australia, one needs to walk for a very long time and has to be really desperate. That the story had been changed here and there made it even more interesting, so it did not feel like just copying the movie, but rather like playing in a movie with the same theme.

Monic had to learn Dari for this movie, and says that the language has some connections with Dutch. No one Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd her while shopping or walking in the park with her daughter. Both movies were selected by the Netherlands for an Oscar, but neither got a nomination. Trice Monic received the Gouden Kalf, a Dutch Oscar for the best Dutch movie, actor and actress which has been given annually since Also abroad, Monic received some prizes.

Monic had to learn Afrikaner and during those three months, she learned a lot about the history and culture. The life of the children in the townships touched her and she decided to help these kids. During the festival And Days - Joseph Minadeo* - Sounds For A Photograph will be honoured by the screening of her most important movies and the actress will play in a short movie with experienced and less experienced actors, to be shot during the festival itself.

This 28th edition of the festival will be held from the 24th of September till the 3rd of October in Utrecht. Would you like to receive one? Find the answer to the following question and phone us or send your answer by mail or email. Where did she come from in the original movie? PO BoxDrouin, Vic. Western Australia could be saved from the toad invasion, which is coming to this state at an alarming speed.

Thanks to the Dutchman Jordy Groffen a new discovery has been made in toad busting. Jordy Groffen, doing an internship in Australia, became a local hero in Western Australia and a national hero in The Netherlands. People, living along the border, look anxious at the speed they precede. But the cane toad turned out to be a bigger plague then the beetles.

Everything touched by the toad dies. Dogs, dingoes, crocodiles, And no-one knows how to stop them. The only way to stop them is toad busting. That this parasite can kill toads was not new to the toad busters. The University of Sydney had already discovered that. They knew that this worm kills the baby toads and make the adults eat less, which makes them move less too and easier to catch.

So, what seems to be the problem, why was this knowledge ignored? What I did was making a list of all the frogs living in the invaded areas. As it turned out: all frogs were already infected too, the toad got the parasite from them and the danger of infecting them was no longer an issue.

Next we wanted to know if the frogs in Western Australia and those Simply Red - Stay the frontline have the same infection.

If not, we can put some infected toads at. But not everyone of the press has reported the correct story. Due to my discovery, we can do some new research and slow Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd population down, but it is still very much invaded by cane toads here.

The only thing that has changed is that journalists accompany him now. Since his discovery, already several TV channels wanted to do a story on him.

Even the BBC! And it is good publicity for the toad busters. A friend of him, Rick van Roon, arrived from the Netherlands to assist Jordy. A few times I already went by myself, but it is too dangerous. His trip to Australia has been really cool till now. He has seen the Vision Of Love - Mariah Carey - Debut 8.22 and animals he wanted to see and he will come back next year, for another internship.

If you think you can help the toad busters, go to: kimberleyspecialists westnet. The winning teams get 2, euro and will get assistance to bring their product on the market. The four boys Pieter Anemaet, Youssef El-Dardiry, Gerardo de Geest and Jan Drentheninvented a programme to let children all over the world communicate with each other through an iconlanguage.

The boys searched for icons children all over the world interpret the same. In their programme, the boys. The project has been tested at several schools and children from six to ten years old love it and were able to have a cool way of communicating. The boys hope that many more schools will start using it, as they believe the programme really enriches schools.

An extract from things that happen out of sight of the daily news chase, but interesting enough to mention. For more actual affairs please go to www. It is a Dutch infotainment site about interesting events in the Netherlands: fairs, festivities, sports, remembrance days and current news; regarding daytrips and going outdoors. Around the 21st of every month an English summary of actual events will be placed on this site.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, but the city council simply forgot its th anniversary: On April 20th Amsterdam became the capital city, when Louis Napoleon came here to reign in honour of his French brother Napoleon. Rangers want to set out wolfs, to help nature stay in balance. Heavy industry was planned around the new cities Almere and Lelystad, but has never been realised.

The area has become the biggest wetland in Western Europe, where millions of birds rest during their half yearly migration. Meanwhile deer, wild horses, cows and a lot of small animals live here. It will open in The Dutch are shopaholics: in we shopped million times. Especially the ladies do like it and we prefer autumn and wintertime for our shopping sprees.

Not just fuel, but also gas, rent and food prices will rise rapidly. All other art forms and cultural institutions have their presentations too. It is one of the few events with grandeur in the Netherlands: the royal family will dress in gala.

We go our ways seeking for mental nourishment, when our larders at home are full. Three hundred years ago last week William Shakespeare died, but Shakespeare, the poet, is more alive today than when his bones were laid to rest in Stratford. It was not until seven years after his death that the first collected edition of his works was published. Today there are thousands of editions, and new ones appear each year.

It seems that we must all have Shakespeare in our homes. And why? Is it simply to give character Jhana - Abyssal Plains - Pictures In Sound (File) our bookshelves; or is it because we realize that the works of Shakespeare and of his fellow immortals are Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd foundation stones of literature, and that we want to be near them and know them?

In the memory of Shakespeare, then, let us pledge ourselves anew to our library gods. Jonathan Edwards was one of the most impressive figures of his time. He was a deep thinker, a strong writer, a powerful theologian, and a constructive philosopher.

His father, Timothy Edwards, was a minister of East Windsor, and also a tutor. Jonathan, the only son, was the fifth of eleven children.

Even as a boy he was thoughtful and serious minded. It is recorded that he never played the games, or got mixed up in the mischief that the usual boy indulges in. When he was only ten years old he wrote a tract on the soul. The next two years he spent in New Haven studying theology. In February,he was ordained minister at Northampton, Massachusetts. In the same year he married Sarah Pierrepont, who was an admirable wife and Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd the mother of his twelve children.

In a great revival in religion began in Northampton. So intense did this become in that winter that the business of the town was threatened. In six months nearly were admitted to the church. Of course Edwards was a leading spirit in this revival. The orthodox leaders of the church had no sympathy with it. Edwards Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd his family were now thrown upon the world with nothing to live on. After some time he became pastor of an Indian mission at Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

He preached to the Indians through an interpreter, and in every way possible defended their interests against the whites, who were trying to enrich themselves at the expense of the red men. Jonathan Edwards was elected to his place, and installed in February, There was smallpox in Princeton at this time, and the new president was inoculated for it. His feeble constitution could not bear the shock, and he died on March He was buried in the old cemetery at Princeton.

Edwards in personal appearance was slender and about six feet tall, with an oval, gentle, almost feminine face which made him look the scholar and the mystic.

But he had a violent temper when aroused, and was a strict parent. Jonathan Edwards would not be called an eloquent speaker today; but his sermons were forceful, and charged with his personality.

These sermons were written in very small handwriting, with the lines close together. He leaned with his left elbow on the cushion of the pulpit, and brought the finely written manuscript close to his eyes. 3.

Moderato - Karajan* - 1960s/4 used no gestures; but shifted from foot to foot while reading. Probably no American of humble origin ever attained to more enduring fame than many-sided Benjamin Franklin. The secret of his rise can be tersely told. He had ceaseless energy, guided by a passion for the improvement of mankind.

Boston gave him to America on January 17,but Philadelphia Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd him early, and he stamped himself upon the Quaker City almost as definitely as did William Penn.

Passing over his precocious boyhood, when he wrote for the Boston publication of his brother James with a skill that at the time was held astonishing, the day he reached Philadelphia he was a great, overgrown boy, his clothes most unsightly; for he had been wrecked trying to make an economical trip from New York by sailboat. With the exception of a single Dutch dollar he was penniless. As he trudged about the streets, his big eyes drinking in the sights, his cupid-bow mouth ready to smile at the slightest provocation, he munched a roll of bread.

His reserve food supply was a loaf under each arm. He was an expert printer, and printers were wanted in Philadelphia. He soon got a job, after which he found a boarding place in the home of one Read, with whose daughter, Deborah, he promptly fell in love. After a few years the governor of Pennsylvania urged him to go to London to purchase a printing plant of his own. The official had promised to send letters and funds aboard the ship in the mail-bag; but at the critical moment forgot all about it.

Again his skill as a printer saved him from want, and he remained five years, having a most interesting time, meeting many of the great men of England, all of whom were charmed with his wit and philosophy. In all that period he did not write a single letter to Deborah Read; yet he seemed surprised and hurt on his return to Philadelphia to find the young woman married to another. For the next twenty years Franklin did something new at almost every turn.

He flew a kite in a thunder shower, drew down electricity, and invented the lightning rod, to the salvation of generations of rural sales agents.

He invented a stove that still holds his name. He organized the first fire company in America, and founded the first public library. American politics soon claimed Franklin as an ideal diplomatist. English and Scottish universities honored him with degrees for his discoveries and writings. In Paris he became the most popular man of the period, and was overwhelmed with attention from all classes. He was one of the first signers of the Declaration of Independence; and he rounded out his political career as governor of Pennsylvania and one of the framers of the Constitution.

He died in Philadelphia in April,in some respects the greatest of Americans. Charles Brockden Brown has often been called the earliest American novelist; but today his books are very rarely read. All of them are romantic and weird, with incidents bordering on the supernatural. They are typical of the kind of novel general at the time Brown lived.

He was born on January 17,in Philadelphia. His parents were Quakers. As a boy his health was bad, and since he was not able to join with other boys in outdoor sports he spent most of his time in study.

His principal amusement was the invention of ideal architectural designs, planned on the most extensive and elaborate scale. Later this bent for construction developed into schemes for ideal commonwealths. Still later it showed itself in the elaborate plots of his novels. Brown planned in the early part of his life to study law; but his constitution De Bîtă - Ciunga (Aiud - Cluj) - Various - Antologia Muzicii Populare Românești Vol.

I / Anthology O too feeble for this arduous work. He had his share of the youthful dreams of great literary conquests. He planned a great epic on the discovery of America, with Columbus as his hero; another with the adventures of Pizarro for the subject; and still another upon Wie Böhmen Noch Bei Österreich War - Peter Alexander - Die Peter Alexander Tournee conquests of Cortes.

Hours and hours of recordings were made. At the end of the year 6 hours of mixed material had to be remixed to L. A beautiful 20 minutes sound sculpture video was realized. The video and C. Gepost door Y Create op Geen opmerkingen: Links naar deze post. The music doesn't, however. It would make an ideal soundtrack to an early Burroughs novel. Thus with a wealth of archival material to draw from, Hessel sampled, collated, arranged and mixed sounds to construct the final compositions on this album.

Whist the promo blurb might bill this as dark ambient, to my mind this description is far too narrow to adequately capture the diversity of ideas at play. EXART retrospective. In Hessel started composing experimental music and before he was playing guitar in several local blues- and rock-bands. The label was there to spread new experimental and improvised music. The studio was the place to make compositions, recordings, radio-programmes, mixes and remixes.

A one-month-tour through the States gave Hessel so much inspiration that fifteen soundscapes could be heard on this C musiccassette. I was more than half persuaded all along that this fancy was a mere chimera, and yet it took such force in my mind. It was past two o'clock when the moon rose. I got up noiselessly, filled and lit my pipe, and sat staring at the great solemn bulk of the fortress, as it stood for the time being almost white in the moonlight against the monstrous shadow of the bills.

My mind was in a miserable whirl, and I knew not what to make of anything. This wretched state lasted until broad dawn, and I was still troubled by it when I walked into the keen morning air, towel in hand, for my customary swim.

I undressed slowly by the river-side and stood thinking, until I was so nipped by the keen breath of the wind which blew clear down from the mountain-tops that I plunged into the stream for refuge from it. I remember as distinctly as if it had happened a minute ago, that at the very second when I dived an impulse came into my mind. I swam back to the place from which I had Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd dived, towelled myself hastily, dressed, and set out at a round pace towards the bridge.

I reached it when he was within a hundred yards, and with a signal to him to follow, sauntered on towards the pine wood. Poor gentleman's wife, sir? I thought so, sir. King William was on the throne when I joined, sir. The man stood bolt upright before Tabernackle - Royce Da 59 - Trust the Shooter until I gave him the word to stand at ease. I questioned him closely, and with a growing belief in him.

This was the substance of what I heard from him: He had been in General Rodetzsky's service for a year or thereabouts when he first came to visit Moonlight, Music And You - Various - The Ultimate Northern Soul Album fortress. The stables in which the general's horses were bestowed were in themselves beautifully tidy, but outside, immediately beside the door, was a great heap of manure and rotten straw, the accumulation of years, which was an eyesore to the new groom, who took immediate measures for removing it.

He was at work at it a whole day and then left it. Returning a week later to his task, he thrust the prongs of his pitchfork through a pane of glass which lay hidden by the rubbish heap, and heard not only the crash and fall of the glass itself, but a startled cry. A peasant was in charge of the cart which was carrying away the refuse heap, and Robert Hinge took no apparent notice of this cry. He knew that the fortress was a prison. He had heard queer stories about the treatment the Austrians gave their prisoners.

His interest was awakened, and his fancy began to be excited. When he had filled the cart, and the peasant had gone away, Hinge cleared from the wall the remainder of the heap, and found that he had laid bare a grated window almost on a level with the ground. The glass was so thickly incrusted with filth as to be as opaque as the wall by which it was surrounded, but at the broken pane a face appeared.

The man in telling me the story was honestly moved. He could not describe the condition of the man he saw without imprecations on his jailer and the whole country that held them. He told me that the prisoner's hair grew to his waist, and was of a dreadful unwholesome gray; that his beard and mustache were matted, his eyes were sunken, and his face was unwashed and of the color of stale unbaked bread.

The man spoke with difficulty, but had a fair knowledge of English, though he seemed unused to it. He had inhabited that hole in the earth for years. How many years he did not know until Hinge, in answer to his questions, told him the date of the year and the Bad Bitch - Young Dro - High Times of the month. The conversation was interrupted by the coming of an officer, and Hinge covered up the window before Κι Αν Φύγεις - Ζανέτ Καπούγια Συμμετέχει ο Δάκης - Θα Στο Πω was seen.

Afterwards he broke a few more panes and heaped clean straw against the wall to hide the window, but in such a fashion as to admit air and light. Many hundreds of times he had sat outside his stable door within arm's-length of the prisoner, and had listened to him while he talked. They had a preconcerted signal at which the prisoner instantly ceased to speak.

Food and water were thrust in upon the unhappy man at regular intervals, but he was never visited, and lived a horrible, lonely death in life there, which made the flesh creep to hear of. The stench of the chamber Hinge described as something horrible and sickening, and he thought it a marvel that the man had lived so long. The wretched man had never been allowed a minute's exercise outside his cell, and Brunow's pretence of having seen him was, of course, an invention. That did not surprise me, but I hated Brunow for it.

The man's shallow and worthless spirit could go hovering about a tragedy like this with his butterfly irresponsible lies. The thought Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd me angry.

I think you are the man to keep it. I am going to ask you to help me in a difficult and dangerous bit of work. I think you are the man for the job. If we succeed, I am going to pension you handsomely for life. I am going to have a try to set that man free. You hear? Now when can we talk this matter over and get it ship-shape, and see what is to be done?

I turned into the deeper recesses of the wood, and Hinge followed me. I had resolved to trust him, and I have never been a believer in half-confidences.

I told him Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd errand which had brought me there. I told him of the countess's early death, and I told him of my meeting with her daughter and of the promise I had made to her. I set before him the fact that, if the venture succeeded and he gave me his aid in it, he would find wealthy friends and protectors. I told him that I was not myself a rich Cinta Fatamorgana - Lembayung And Friends - Nuansa Cinta Dan Harapan, but I showed him Miss Rossano's letter and the draft I had for a thousand pounds.

Now, how about the guards? Is the prisoner's cell watched on all sides? In the day-time nobody's on watch on my side. I had provided myself with a flexible-jointed saw and a small bottle of oil, and they were packed in my knapsack now. I asked Hinge if he would pass these to the prisoner, and he declared that he could do it easily and without the slightest danger of discovery. He caught eagerly at the idea, and assured me that two or three of the iron bars which guarded the window were quite rotten at the bottom, and could be sawn through in an hour.

The day-time would be safest, and he would undertake to be near, to cover any sound which might be made, and give warning of any danger.

But gettin him out o' fortress—that's another pair o' shoes altogether! I thought hard for perhaps ten Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rdand then I fancied I saw my way. Half a dozen questions cleared it. The general was away in Vienna. The time of his return was uncertain. There were half a dozen horses under Hinge's charge.

It would surprise nobody if a message came from the general ordering Hinge to meet him at any hour with two led horses. If he knew when that hour would come he could have the prisoner ready in uniform, and they could ride out together. But to do this we should need a written order from the general, which would have to pass the officer on duty. That order once being passed and sent on to him, Hinge would be answerable for the rest.

This threw a dreadful difficulty in the way, but the groom was ready with a partial help. He had received a similar order which had been countermanded, and therefore never surrendered, as it would have been if he had passed the gates with it. He thought he knew its whereabouts, and he would look for it.

In effect, he found it, and found means to send it on to me. It was scrawled in pencil from a posting place on the road to Vienna, distant from Itzia four-and-twenty miles English, or thereabouts. I pored over this document in my own room, and made many heart-breaking attempts to imitate it.

They were absolute failures, one and all. I had no faculty in that direction, and my own hand stared at me from the written page the more plainly and uncompromisingly for every effort I made to disguise it. Apart from the utter vileness of the imitation, I did not even clearly understand the words employed, and for aught I knew might be giving an order which, if put into execution, would be useless for my purpose. I was compelled, unwillingly, to appeal to Brunow. He made light of the business, and in less than an hour he brought me an imitation which looked completely deceptive.

Traffic - Various - Mixmania 2003 Level Four had been able, he told me, to trace the greater part of the order on the window-pane from the original I had given him to imitate; for the rest, to my surprise and gratitude, Brunow volunteered.

He took advantage of our next meeting with Breschia to tell him that he was off on The Harvester - Selo Vatra - Ret-Sevrah three or four days' sketching expedition, leaving me behind. He Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd me to the lieutenant's friendly hospitality with all his usual gayety of manner, and on the following morning he rode away.

The arrangement made between us was that he should return at about ten o'clock on the following night with news of the general's approach. The general's horses should appear to have come to grief somehow, anyway he guaranteed to find a plausible storyand Brunow was to pretend to have ridden on with a message ordering remounts.

Then Hinge was to meet us at a given point, we being on foot, and we should all make for the frontier with speed. So long as I live I shall never forget that day or the day that followed it. Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd was advised of everything, and no doubt was doing all that needed to be done, but the Love Madeline - Roland Kirk - Live In Paris 1970 Vol.

1 was scarcely bearable. To saunter about and look at those impenetrable walls, and to wonder what was going on behind them—to invent a thousand accidents, any one of which might wreck our plans for good and all, and to suffer in the contemplation of each of these inventions of my own as much as I could have suffered if it had been true, to read knowledge or suspicion in every innocent glance that fell upon me, to fear and suspect everybody and everything, and to keep a constant guard upon myself lest I should seem for an instant to be anxious and preoccupied with all this weight upon me—all this was an agony.

I am not afraid to confess all this, for I have shown more than once that I am not deficient in courage of my own kind. But here I was a very coward, hateful and contemptible to myself. The Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd day passed, and the long night, and then the real day of waiting came.

The thing that weighed upon me most of all was that while I knew that every minute of rest and tranquillity I could snatch might be of moment to me, rest and tranquillity were absolutely impossible.

For two whole nights I had not closed my eyes in sleep, and my brain seemed on fire. My nerves were going, too, under this intolerable strain, and I feared that if a crisis should arise I should lack coolness, and plunge into some avoidable disaster. But the day wore itself out at last, and at ten o'clock at night I was wandering along the road by which Brunow must come, Julius Ánde - Girls Of Angeli* - The New Voice Of The North listening with my soul in my ears for the first distant noise of hoof-beats.

The sun had gone down in a bank of threatening cloud, and before the moon rose the last look I had taken at the hills which hemmed us in on every side had shown them seemingly hidden by driving mists, which travelled at an astonishing pace, betokening a wild wind up there, while the valley lay in a hot stillness. The light of the moon was in the sky long before she rose above the mountains, and I could see that the wild work up there was growing wilder every minute.

The wind was descending, too, Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd its lofty altitude, and I could hear it now roaring Baby Gonzales* Con El Tropicombo - Latin Fire!

/ Fuego Latino now muttering in the gullies like a discontented giant. Jhana - Abyssal Plains - Pictures In Sound (File) the course of that waiting I was often mistaken in the sound of distant hoofs. I was tricked at least a thousand times. Now it was the wind in the trees, now it was a gurgle in the river, now it was Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd murmur of life in the village, now it was the movement of a goat, a cow, or a horse upon the hill-side.

But at last I caught the real sound, and knew it at once from all the noises which had till then deceived my fancy. The rider came along at a good round pace, and in a while I heard Brunow singing—a signal to me, no doubt. There was light enough to see me as he passed without drawing rein.

If by any very improbable chance anybody within hearing had understood him, the pretence justified itself. It could do no harm, and it was worth while to look natural. I betook myself at once to the point we had agreed upon for a meeting-place, and waited there in a renewed suspense, to which all the wretchedness of waiting I had hitherto known seemed as nothing.

Suddenly the wind took me with a great gust, which almost carried me off my feet; a clap of thunder directly overhead seemed actually simultaneous with a piercing glare of lightning, and the rain came down in torrents. After the flash of lightning everything looked so impenetrably black and formless that I might as well have stared about me with my eyes shut, but a second flash showed me the gate of the fortress quivering in the light, and so distinct and near that I might have believed it no more than a stone's throw off, though I knew it to be a full mile away.

In the sudden howling of the wind and the pelting of the rain I could hear nothing, but I kept my aching eyes fixed in the direction of the fortress, and over and over again I saw it leap out of darkness distinct and seeming near, but quivering as if it were built of air and shaken by a wind.

The river, which flowed quite near me, began to take a roaring and ominous tone, and I grew anxious lest the ford we meant to attempt three or four miles below should Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd become impassable by the time we reached it. To have passed through the village would have betrayed the fact that we were going in an opposite direction to the one proposed, and might have excited suspicion and immediate inquiry and pursuit. While the river growled in a more and more menacing tone beside me, I began to wish that our arrangements could be recast.

We might easily have dared the village, trusting to a half-hour's start and the chapter of accidents, while now the swollen ford might delay us for whole hours. The plans could not be changed, however, and there was nothing to be done but wait.

I was wet to the skin, and dazed by the noises of the storm, and weary with want of sleep, but every sense of fatigue vanished when I saw, by the glare of the lightning between me and the fortress, the recognizable figures of Brunow and Hinge on horseback.

There was a third horseman with them, and a led horse, and for a fraction of a second I could see them all wildly prancing and leaping together, as if the beasts were maddened by the storm, as no doubt they were. It seemed an hour—I have known a day seem to go by more quickly many a time—when another flash showed them nearer, like a dark group of statuary, the horses quivering at the glare, and the heads of the riders bent against the wind and rain.

I ran forward, not daring to call, and found them again in the lightning and lost them again in the dark half a dozen times. When at last we met I hailed them in a guarded tone, though Ella Se Queda Conmigo - ENOS - ENOS was a marvel to me that nobody was abroad at such an hour.

Brunow replied boisterously, and I mounted in the dark, being half doubled as I did so by a kick from one of the plunging horses. I was fortunately too near for the full effect of the blow, but the hoof took me at the hipbone, and for the moment paralyzed me. I had much difficulty in getting astride my own beast, but I judged it best to say nothing of what had happened.

All sense of power had gone from my right leg, and I A Most Impossible Dream - Dwayne Hickman - Dobie get no grip upon the saddle; but as the first sensation of numbness passed away I became persuaded that no great hurt was done, though I was in much pain and found a difficulty in keeping my seat.

The fear of the horses made this no easy task, for at every flash they reared and broke away, and the ground over which we rode was difficult, and would have been uncanny even in the daylight, so that we made slow progress. I had travelled the way repeatedly, for this was the route by which I had decided to travel if ever we were so lucky as to be allowed the experiment, and I never had more reason to be thankful for my own care and foresight.

These mountain storms are very often things of an hour, and so to-night it proved. By the time we had reached the ford the thunder and lightning were far away, the wind had sunk to an occasional sob and moan, the Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd had cleared, and the moon rode high in a mass of skurrying cloud, which at times obscured her light and at times left her almost clear.

But the river was terribly swollen, and it was evident that we should not be able to cross it for a considerable time. So far not a word had been exchanged among us; but now that we were compelled to pause, I turned to our companion and looked at him, in such dim and changing light as there was, with a profound interest.

He sat with a tired stoop in his saddle, and his head was bent upon his breast. He wore a peaked forage-cap and a large, rough, military cloak, which effectually disguised his figure. God knows I thank you in my heart! Let us push along. We could have made four times the distance by the road! What the devil's that? There was no need to call our attention to the sound, for everybody heard it. There was no need to ask what it was, for it was impossible to mistake it.

It was the sound of a cannon from the fortress. We stared at each other in the uncertain light. I knocked him on the 'ead of course, but they go the rounds at midnight, and they've come across him.

Not a doubt about it. Just as he finished speaking another gun sounded. We were between three and four miles away, but in the stillness of the night it seemed much nearer. Safe to run into the ground at the toll-gate, sir. We're a lot better off where we are. I know Captain Fyffe's plan, sir, and it's the best whatever happens. We may have need of all that they can do for us.

A third gun banged from the distant battery. The river was raging before us. The clouds parted, and the full moon shone down with a light almost as clear as that of day. Pursuit was afoot, and what should be done to avoid it no man among us could guess.

The foaming river ran in such volume that only madness would have attempted Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd O Christmas Tree - Laura Caviani - Angels We Havent Heard - A Jazz Holiday Collection it. Flight was cut off, and of course resistance was hopeless. The first place our pursuers would make for would be the bridge and the ford, since they were the only roads by which we could hope to reach the frontier.

To take to the mountains would have been a purposeless folly. We could look for nothing but starvation and ultimate surrender there. Happily for myself I was in my element again. We were forced into inaction once more, but it was a form of inaction which differed from that weary waiting which had so torn my nerves for the past eight-and-forty hours. If you had taken the road we should have been out of danger long ago. You choose to be caught like a rat in a trap, and I wash my hands of the whole business.

I shall walk back to the inn. Nobody answered. We sat for a long time in silence, and the river roared by. We strained our ears to listen, but not a sound reached us from the direction of the fortress. The night, late so stormy, was quite light and quiet.

An intense silence reigned on the hills, and not a sound was heard but the noise of the tumbling, hurrying water Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd at hand. When I had gone to look at the ford I had taken keen note of everything, for to have mistaken the spot might have been fatal to us, even if no pursuit had been started.

I had noticed a rock which stood in mid-stream about a score of yards above the ford, rising some four feet above the level of the stream. When we had reached the water-side this rock had been invisible, and I could only guess how deeply it was covered. I noticed on a sudden that its forehead was bare once more, and I stared at it with my heart in my eyes until I was persuaded that it was growing above water every instant.

The river Thursday Side 2 - Hessel Veldman / Herman Te Loo / Kees Beukelaar - Far From The He(a)rd in this spot in a perfect torrent, with an incline, I should say, of nearly three feet in a hundred.

The stream bore off the rainfall of a whole net-work of hills, but at the pace at which it ran it could not take long before it would become passable at some risk.

I said nothing as yet, but the conversation I had held with Lieutenant Breschia on the morning of our first meeting filled my mind with hope. The torrent seemed no less noisy, but measuring it by the projecting arms of the rock I could see that it was falling with a greater rapidity than I had dared to hope for. Within ten minutes it had dropped six iuches, but for the next ten minutes it hung stationary; and sometimes to my fancy seemed to gain.

The thousand mountain rills and watercourses which helped to fill its bed, and which had themselves been latest to receive the rainfall, were charging down with new forces; and thinking of this I almost surrendered myself to despair. But I had not even yet given way, when the volume of water fell with an astonishing suddenness, and in little more than five minutes by my watch I could see a foot of the rock clear. At ordinary times the ford was about a foot deep, and even then the rapid incline of the ground sent the shallow water swirling Miles Davis - Blue Christmas at such a pace that it made a horse's foothold on the sliding pebbles precarious.

Now it She Who Weeps - Cassandra Wilson - She Who Weeps four feet deep at least, and to cross at present was as impossible as it had been half an hour before. But as I watched it became more and more evident that the stream had received its last impetus, and the very element of speed which made the passage dangerous would diminish danger every moment.

The river seemed to grow noisier as it fell, chafing against obstacles which it had hitherto overflowed, and listen as one Ocean (Extended Mix) - Alessio Debenedetti Featuring Cynthia (22) - Ocean (File) we could make out nothing but its sullen roar.

I told Hinge what I had noticed about Im Wondering - Various - Im Wondering - Veep Singles Collection stream, and with a few words to my companions I rode until the noise of rushing water was no longer oppressive to the ear, and listened with all my might.

I heard a thousand distant-seeming noises, which had in them no reality—shoutings and stealthy whispers, the thud One Lover - Dwight Pernell* - One Lover jingle of cantering troops of horse, lonely far-away footfalls, all manner of phantom sounds.

Suddenly, in the midst of these illusions, my heart stood still for a mere half-beat at a noise which I knew in an instant to be real. A troop of cavalry at a gallop crossed the wooden bridge which spanned the river a couple of miles away. It sounded like a peal of thunder, but I knew what it meant well enough. The pursuers would be ahead of us, and every pass and pathway would be threaded, and guards would be everywhere.

Half an hour passed away without bringing anything further, and I rode back to the ford. All three of my companions were watching it with an absorbed and gloomy interest, and the rock by which I marked the fall of the stream stood a clear three feet above its surface. I saw the force of his advice, and, dismounting, I stepped cautiously down into the stream.

At first the rush of water carried me off my legs, and if it had not been that I had firm hold of the reins, and that my horse still stood on dry land, my share in the enterprise would in all probability have been then and there over. As it was I succeeded in regaining a foothold; but though the stream reached only to mid-thigh, it swept along with such violence that I had all my work cut out to stand against it.

My horse, encouraged by hand and voice, came tremblingly after me, and the others followed. The stiffest bit of all the crossing lay at the point where the rush of water diverted by the rock caught us, and here we were at the deepest.

This spot once passed we were under partial shelter, and from the centre of the stream the bank rose so rapidly that in half a dozen yards we were scarcely knee deep. We gained the farther bank and remounted, and then I called a council of war.


Seed Of Deadjump (Sleepwalk Remix) - Deadjump - Post Mortem, St. Savoirs Rd. - Devlin Law - Count On Me, Catherine - Chris Garneau - Winter Games, St. Savoirs Rd. - Devlin Law - Count On Me, The Beginning Of The End - Doin The Funky Do / Fishman, Forelash - Obo - Weint Dacker Down EP, Playing For My Keep - Various - HACC Underground Hits, They Say Its Wonderfull - Quincy Jones - Eight Classic Albums, Run Away (Be Happy Mix) - Various - House Extended DJ Versions Vol. 2, Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection, Ocean (Extended Mix) - Alessio Debenedetti Featuring Cynthia (22) - Ocean (File), Tell Me - Lil Flip - I Need Mine $$

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