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Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection

Download Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection

Louis Armstrong and His Friends. The Best Of Louis Armstrong. The Jazz Collector Edition. C'est ci bon: Satchmo in the Forties. The Great Satchmo. Disney Songs the Satchmo Way. Satchmo in Style. Happy Birthday Louis! Satchmo: A Musical Autobiography. Ain't Misbehavin'.

Swing Legends: 24 Classic Hits, On the Sunny Side of the Street. Louis and the Good Book. Louis Armstrong. Ken Burns Jazz: Louis Armstrong. A Portrait. The Essential Louis. Satchmo Serenades. The Very Best of Louis Armstrong. Hello, Dolly! The Katanga Concert. Ambassador Satch. Cocktail Hour. Oh Didn't He Ramble. Carnegie Hall Concert.

It's Christmas Time. Jeepers Creepers. Jazz 'Round Midnight. The Very Best Of. V-Disc Recordings. The Gold Collection. Priceless Jazz Collection 3. A Portrait Of. Swingin' Hits. I think it was Joe Darensbourg who mentioned that Shu's father was friendly with Joe Glaser and Glaser got him into the All Stars for a one-year almost to the day stint.

Shu was something of a bopper but he could also swing, as he often proved during his long partnership with Gene Krupa. However, Shu wasn't much of a showman and it could be a little disturbing at Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection to see Louis and Tyree smiling so broadly and having a ball and Shu next Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection them unable to even muster a fake grin.

In the end, it's his playing that matters and he plays great. And then there's Pops. What The End Of The Line - Metallica - Death Magnetic In Europe be said about Pops? Well, for one thing, this is one of the great last stands of his chops. A month later, he had dental surgery and some new bridgework put in his mouth.

He took six weeks off to recover but his chops were never quite the same. He might have been in some pain in East Berlin, but my goodness does he blow like a man possessed. He also looks tired when he's not in the spotlight with good reason: he was tired. Any footage--or even concert recordings--of Louis in the s, man, he's a ball of fire.

But in the s, he started Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection more trouble hiding how tired he was, something a few reviewers spotted in this period, especially since in certain venues--like in East Berlin--his resting spot consisted of three chairs ON STAGE behind the piano!

As always, "the warmth is there," as Pops liked to say about his longtime theme song. Indiana - I've used this clip in presentations before because by this point, two of the normal complaints about Louis were, "Oh, no, not 'Indiana' again!

Yes, Armstrong had been leading off with "Indiana since around but my goodness is it an exciting opener and his trumpet sounds superhuman. I remember the first time David Ostwald saw this at a Satchmo Summerfest presentation I did inhe remarked that because of the camera angle, Armstrong's trumpet looked like a bazooka on his shoulder, as he launches those high notes to the heavens.

Safe to say that if you did come for "Dolly," it would only take a few bars of "Indiana" to KNOW that this man was still a great trumpet player. Black and Blue - As I mentioned, this is the climax of my book so this performance has special meaning to me.

I've been showing it at lectures for six years and it almost always makes the room tear up. The tempo is so slow, his vocal is so full of hurt "I'm RIGHT inside" and the trumpet lead at the end is so emotion, I don't know what else to say about it. On the hourlong edit of Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection concert, the end would always cut to the Louis clapping for Billy Kyle's feature, which always took some of the Too Much Coffee - Opposite Plans - Evening (File, Album) out of it.

The complete concert finally allows us Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection appreciate Pops taking a very deep bow. He knew what he accomplished. Louis's s versions of the old warhorse were epic but after his heart attack inhe cut it down to about 90 seconds of fury, usually featuring his clarinetist.

Here, Shu who lowers the mike just in time! He looks VERY happy to be able to still hit it on the nose! This is one of my favorite Kyle features because when he dug into these medium-tempo pieces, he could really swing like a mother, pumping out Lionel Richie - Angel bluesy, two-handed offerings I'm no Billy Kyle but his medium-tempo features have always been a big influence on my own piano stylings.

Shaw and Barcelona are in the pocket and when Barcelona switches from brushes to sticks, watch out! However, Kyle is overshadowed on this video by what's going on directly behind him. Armstrong, Glenn and Shu occupy three chairs to take a little break, have a sip of water and some smokes.

Goodness knows they deserve it but there's something about seeing Pops decompress like that that's almost unnerving at first.

There's no smile, no reacting to the music. He looks down, he wipes his brow. He looks like a boxer in between rounds of a ferocious fight. This is hard work. He's not "coasting" as some critics claimed and still claim and for a few minutes, the toll of Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection all is right there for us all to see.

For the rest of the broadcast, the director occasionally flashes over to the band relaxing but on this Gettin Betta - Pat Travers - Putting It Straight (8-Track Cartridge), it's almost an obsession. And a valuable one at that, too. Also, much has always been made of Louis looking weary backstage, then walking through the curtain and coming alive. You can see that time and again throughout the concert and it's really something to marvel at.

Hello, Dolly! I already wrote about this in my 50th anniversary Shine It All Around - Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation - Robert Plant And The Strange Sensatio on "Dolly" earlier this month as it's long been one of Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection favorites.

Everyone's having a ball, the trumpet playing is as full-toned and spectacular as you can imagine and each successive encore is more and more infectious. Also, remember that no Louis Armstrong records were even available in East Berlin before Pops got there so the reaction of the crowd is fully the reaction Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection the man on the stage.

Most of those in attendance probably didn't know about "Dolly" but once you watch a performance like that, how could you not flip out? When I celebrated Louis's history with this tune a few years ago, I got more reactions to Shu's version than Louis's. I'm not saying it's better than what Pops did on it, but it will surprise you if you don't know what to expect from Shu.

He's got his own sound, he knows how to play the melody, he gets to show off his technique on the double-time section and at one point, he gets so bluesy, you can hear Arvell Shaw groan in approval. And as a bonus you get Pops shooting the lights out with that gorgeous Eubie Blake melody he immortalized 35 years earlier. Doesn't get much better from a feature standpoint and again, the tremendous ovation Shu receives is completely earned.

Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection know some Armstrong devotees who are a little cool on Jewel because she was so young, beautiful and polished, it was a striking contrast to the earthy nature of Velma Middleton. Also, she never did anything with Louis so she always seemed like her own woman. I'm a Velma nut but I never minded Jewel as she could clearly sing and had a lot of fun on stage. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to see a LOT of Armstrong fans revising their opinions on Jewel in the comments on the video on my Facebook page.

Sometimes, you have to see someone in action to really appreciate the total package. The way she reacts to Kyle's too-fast kickoff tempo on "Lover" is funny and if "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" is a bit theatrical, no one can deny that she sings the shit out of it. Jewel's cheerleading was a little obnoxious on the famous Goodyear version but she's much more tolerable here, getting everyone to clap along.

Eddie Shu also loosens up, hitting a home run with his clarinet The Blue Up?

- Now Tyree's solo. Pops sounds wonderful at the start but like almost all post versions, he chooses to end with a singalong vocal, still effective if not quite as exciting as the old three-chorus solo. Interestingly, at the minute mark, Armstrong calls an intermission. In the early days of the All Stars, Pops would do two sets, usually an hour each. By the mids, he's make the first set top heavy, usually coming in at minutes and then doing a short minute second set. In the mids, he reversed it, doing 43 minutes here and 75 minutes in the second set.

Take a break, then, because it's intermission! OK, ready for more? This was another number Armstrong spent years crafting a "set" solo and once he got it, he didn't change it. But by the s, as he started having difficulty executing some of the more fleet-fingered phrases, he'd begin to improvise. This solo is almost has lots of different touches than the Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection save the usual "That's My Home" closing quote and it's a knockout, another one fans mentioned to me in the various messages I received about this concert this month.

And the rideout has Louis reaching for--and hitting--some higher notes than normal. He's ready to blow! This is a fun performance, with a great vocal from Pops, some riotous trombone from Tyree he wasn't as blustery as Trummy but he could whoop it up and that ridiculous upper register final lead playing from Pops. This one stayed in the book until at least but Funny Vibe - Living Colour - Pride wasn't able to go that high after the dental work, making this the last peak version of "Hussar.

The tempo is turbospeed but doesn't throw Louis off as he just sounds as relaxed as ever, focusing on hitting the high hard ones on the Rot - Nationalgalerie - Kein Wunder rather than any flashy phrases Eddie Shu barely gets out of the way after his solo with Pops breathing down his neck! Blueberry Hill - With those trumpet specialities out of the way, it was time for Pops to treat himself to an all vocal number, "Blueberry Hill.

I admit, sometimes if I'm not in the mood, Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection skip "Blueberry" when listening to a concert recording rare, but it has happened.

Why not add your own? Log in to add a Tiger Rag - Louis Armstrong - The Magic Collection. More Louis Armstrong Lyrics. Lyrics Mack the Knife Lyrics. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. User does not exist. Incorrect Password. Remember Me. Join Now! Louis Armstrong With the Big Bands. Castle Pulse.

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Sonoma Entertainment. Louis Armstrong St. Louis Armstrong The Armstrong Box. Louis Armstrong Serenades, Vol. Rare Jazz Music Ltd. Louis Armstrong Satchmo Swings. Golden Sky Records.


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  1. Aug 01,  · New Mosaic Records Box Set Redefines Louis Armstrong’s Legacy. August 1, by: The Magic of Louis Armstrong’s Later Years, has to be heard to be believed. Armstrong later boasted to an interviewer about the performance: “And ‘Tiger Rag,’ you ain’t never heard ‘Tiger Rag’ in your life like them cats, the longer they.
  2. Dec 20,  · Tiger Rag - It's tough to follow something so heavy and "Tiger Rag" might seem like it's coming from another planet but it's still fun. Louis's s versions of the old warhorse were epic but after his heart attack in , he cut it down to about 90 seconds of fury, usually featuring his thrash.akinoragavironkalas.infoinfo: Ricky Riccardi.
  3. Louis Armstrong Gold Collection: Louis Armstrong: 1 — Louis Armstrong's All Time Greatest Hits (6 song cassette) Louis Armstrong: 1 — Stockholm Louis Armstrong: 1 — The Love Songs: Louis Armstrong: 1 — The Wonderful Louis Armstrong: Louis Armstrong: 1 — Tiger Rag: Louis Armstrong: 1 — Tiger Rag: Louis Armstrong: 1 — What a Album: Ella and Louis, I've Got the World on a String, Porgy & Bess, Satchmo In Style, Ella and Louis Again.
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